Target Dollar Spot Crafts For $1 and $3!


I am not sure how items that are $1 and $3 can add up to $40…. but the Target Dollar Spot had some SUPER CUTE Fall Craft items that just about convinced me that I could actually make something myself!!








Look at this burlap garland-$3 and then Orange Burlap Letters-$3
This should be easy right??? Well then how come 5 hours later as I am typing this I STILL haven’t decided what I am going to SPELL on this banner!!!






Well-these little pumpkins and this big white pumpkin should turn out OK since it is just a matter of sticking the embellishments and stickers on them…I am hoping. 

If you don’t see them on my Fall Decor segment of Studio 40 Friday- then you know they didn’t turn out. But at least it was only a few bucks right??





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