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Have Your Tried CravOn Never Fried French Fries??



I was asked if I would try the NEW to Northern California CravOn Never Fried Frozen Potatoes and share with you!

Of course I said YES! I was super excited when I received FOUR Bags of different potatoes, a spatula, silicon glove, AND a baking pan-so of course I have a positive review!

Tried the CravOn diced potatoes-baked them and added them to our eggs and sausage breakfast burritos.
Use the Crinklle fries with chili on them for chili fries!
Then the other varieties were use with burgers, and another meal.

These did NOT taste like the OreIda fries and similar like we have purchased before. They do taste different.-they tasted REAL! i was shocked to see that there was that much of a taste difference. They tasted like potatoes that were in the shapes that we were used to, but I definitely feel better serving these to my kids that the others.  They also are half the fat!

The best part??

Here is a $2 off Coupon for you all to try them!!!

$2 off CravOn Never Fried Frozen Potatoes!!

I checked their website and they are in SaveMart and Food Maxx so far. Can’t wait for them to be everywhere!!!

Here is the CravOn Facebook page-there is a $1 off coupon there too!


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Sam’s Club Members–Join Mindfield and Earn Cash and FREE Items!



Anyone a Sam’s Club Member? I just signed up and wanted to share with you!!

Join Mondfield Internet Panels!


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