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HOT NEW Printable Coupons For Summer Stock Up Items!!!

  NEW printable coupons make for some HOT Summer deals right now! You will want to print these before they are gone!!

$1 off 2 Capri Sun Printable Coupon
Capri Suns are $1.99 at Safeway
After Coupon=$1.49 each!
*They may even go lower before the coupon expires!

Also $1 off 2 Kool-Aid Jammers 10ct!

$1 off 2 Kraft BBQ Sauce
These go on sale at Winco, Foods Co, Foods Source for $.68 quite often, so this is a GREAT coupon!

$.75 off 2 Kraft String Cheese
These are Buy One Get One Free at Safeway right now!

$.50 off 2 Kraft Singles
Kraft Singles are $3 each at Raleys this week, when you buy 2 you get FREE Hamburger Buns
=$5.50 for 2 Cheeses and Buns!

$.50 off Chex Mix
Chex Mix is $1 each at Savemart
=$.50 each bag after coupon!

$1 off 2 DeliFresh Lunchmeat
1 off Oscar mayer Carving Board Lunchmeat
f you use these at Safeway before June 20-you will get money back in the form of a cataliina coupon-
Buy 3 get $2, Buy 4 get $3 Catalina for your next purchase
*Or, the Delifresh is $3 each at Raley’s this week=$2.50 after coupons

$1 off 1 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip
On Sale at Foods Co this week for $2.98
=$1.98 after coupon!

$1 off 2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
On sale at Savemart for $1.69 each
=$1.19 each after coupon!

Many of these Cheese and Dairy items are included in the Spend $15 get $5 back Dairy Month Promotion at Safeway!

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$1 off 2 Kraft Salad Dressing
$1 off 1 A1 Steak Sauce
$.50 off 2 Kraft Shredded Cheese
$.50 off 2 Kraft Cracker Barrell Cheeses
$.50 off 2 Knudsen Sour Cream


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Start Planning Now to Save on 4th of July Items!

Do you find yourself rinning out and making a big shopping trip for your 4th of July BBQ? 

Why not plan ahead and grab the items you need as they go on sale! Then you won’t have to pay full price on anything!

First, make a list of items you may need. Here are some items that will go on sale between now and then

  • Meat-Ribs, Chicken, Steaks, Hot Dogs -See best prices to stock up at HERE
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo
  • Chips
  • Charcoal
  • Pasta for pasta salad
  • Salad Dressing
  • Posicles and Ice Cream
  • Paper Plates, Napkins, Cups
  • Baked Beans

Second, look for coupons for any of these items you may have. If you don’t have any-grab a couple of extra Sunday newspapers (From the Dollar Tree) for the next few Sundays. There will be coupons for many of these items-Keep them handy! Also, look for Printable Coupons for items you may be buying each time you shop.

Third, as these items go on sale for the lowest price-grab them! Then you will be prepared ahead of time and spend less money than you usually do.

I will also keep you posted as to where and when to buy the items for the best deals!!



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What is the Best Price to Stock Up on Meat?

Summer is here, and if you have a BBQ-you need MEAT!!

Here is a list of the BEST prices to stock up on meat-as well as what is on sale THIS week.

If you can buy extra when it is on sale, you won’t have to pay full price later!!

Stock Up Meat Prices

  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.99lb or less
  • Boneles Skinless Chicken Thighs $1.99lb or less
  • Chicken Breasts, Thighs, Drumsticks (bone-in) $.99lb or less
  • Pork Chops $1.99lb or less
  • Tri Tip $3.99lb or less

**London Broil $2.99 or less
 Instead of buying ground beef , ask the butcher to DOUBLE GRIND your London Broil (or any other cut of lean beef that is on sale) and ask them to trim the fat off as well. Then, when you make your burgers they will stay the same shape as you made them! You will LOVE this!

  • Top Sirloin Steaks $3.99lb or less
  • Hot Dogs $1 per pack (sometimes less with coupons!)
  • Beef Hot Dogs $2 per package
  • Pork Ribs $1.49lb
  • Pork Roast $.99lb
  • New York Steaks $4.99lb
  • Rib Eye Steaks $4.99lb

This weeks Meat Stock up deals 6/12-6/18

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts and/or Thighs $1.99lb
Rancher’s Reserve Rib Eye Steaks $5.99 (a little higher than stock up price, but when you buy $35 you get $5 back and $75 you get $15 back
Ball Park Beef Hot Dogs $2.50

Tri Tip WHOLE Roast $3.99lb
*These are 10-18lbs, but you can ask the butcher to cut your into various sizes of roasts, slice some for sandwiches, and add marinades and rubs at NO CHARGE!

Pork Spareribs $1.77lb
Tri Tip Roast $3.77lb
80% Ground Beef $2.29 (Friday-Sunday Only)

Foods Co
Ball Park Hot Dogs 16oz $1 each




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Best Grocery Deals and Coupon Matchups Week of 6/12-6/18!!


Best Deals and Coupons for Raley’s and Bel Air 6/12-6/18



Best Deals and Coupons for Savemart 6/12-6/18


Best Deals and Coupons for Foods Co 6/12-6/18


 Best Deals and Coupons for Safeway 6/12-6/18


Best Deals and Coupons for Sprouts 6/12-6/18


Check for new coupons before you shop!


Red Plum
Smart Source



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Get Ready to Stock Up on Condiments!


Summer is the season to stock up on condiments! This is the time to buy Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Pickles, Relish, Mayo, Hot Sauce, Salad Dressing and Mustard while they are at the lowest prices! When you see them on sale AND have a coupon-STOCK UP!! Buy enough so that it will last you until the next stock up season so that you never have to pay full price!! 

Stock up price on Condiments-$.50-$1!

Here are the condiment coupons you may have already from previous inserts of coupons-

If you have the coupon inserts with these coupons-keep them handy-you will find these on sale now and in the weeks until July 4th. When the sale hits-buy as many as you need for awhile!

With coupons and sales, you should be able to fill your pantry with all of the condiments you need for the rest of the year at the LOWEST prices.  Make sure you check the dates on the items if you are buyig multiple items to make sure you will use them before the expiration dates. Most of these items last over a year, so make sure you get yourself enough to last until the next stock up season!

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Do You Use Propane or Charcoal?


For your Summer BBQing-do you use Charcoal or Propane? 

Best Deals on Propane

  • Refilling your current Propane Tank-Approx $14 at Chevron
  • Exchanging your Propane Tank for a Prefilled Tank at Chevron (Blue Rhino) or Walmart has cages of them in front of the store.
    Here is a $3 Blue Rhino Rebate Coupon.

Best Deals on Charcoal-

  • Walmart-Print $1 off Kingsford Charcoal Coupon
  • Lowes and Home Depot-around the holidays (4th of July is next) They offer a VERY good price on Charcoal-usually double 20lb Packages for around $7.99

Planning on getting a grill and undecided? 

Pros of Propane

  • Heats up and ready to use quickly
  • Starts up by pushing a button!
  • Easy to clean-no ashes or charcoal to clean out

Pros of Charcoal

  • The Flavor-you just can’t get that smoked flavor cooking on a gas grill!
  • Cost-Charcoal grills cost less, and using charcoal will cost less if you stock up on a good deal!
  • Heat-If you are cooking something for a long period of time slowly then a charcoal grill is a good choice

If you do not have your own grill and only think of grilling occasionally, you can always go to a park where they have grills and BBQ there! Then you dont have to buy a grill, propane, or a large amount of charcoal!

             Does anyone else have any BBQ tips to share? Please leave a comment!



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