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Foods Co

Foods Co Buy 4 Save $4 Deals!



Here is my photo from my trip to Foods Co yesterday! There were some great items included in the Buy 4 Save $4 sale! I had some good pictures too, but I have not been able to find my phone yet! It is dead “somewhere” Isn’t it funny how when you can’t find your phone people say “Where were you when you used it last? , and Where did you leave it??” DUH-If I knew that, I would have my phone!!!!

Palmolive Dish Soap $1.78
Use $.50 off from 4/14 RP
=$1.28 each
I bought these lavender ones that were not part of the deal, but were on clearance for $1.73 because they were prettier. The coupon is good for 14oz or larger, and they have the 14oz size for $.98, which would make those $.48-but like I said, these were prettier, and buying 4 and putting them in my stockpile means I won’t have to concern myself over dish soap later.

Febreze Aerosol $1.78
Used $1.50 off from 5/19 RP
=$.28 each

Downy Unstoppables $2.98
Used $2 off from  (exp 5/31)
=$.98 each

Secret Deodorant $1.28 
They were the larger size, so I grabbed 2. Even without coupons, it was cheap enough to just grab 2 fro the stockpile for my daughters. I hope to get a better deal from a drugstore on the Dove Deodorant later.

Cascade Dishwasher Packs $2.48!!!!
Used $.50 off from 5/19 PG
Even witout a coupon, this was a deal!! 

Oral B Toothbrushes, Crest Glide Floss, and  Crest Toothpaste INCLUDING 3D Vivid $1.48
Used $1 off Toothbrushes (I didn’t need floss) but there are $1 off , and $1 off Crest in the 4/29 PG
=$.48 each

So. I spent $18 on this picture, so that will pretty much be my Summer Stockpile stash for this week. I didn’t really see anything that was stockpile worthy at the drugstores, and I am pretty behind on the matchups, housework-AND FINDING MY PHONE!!! 

The Buy 4 Save $4 sale goes for TWO WEEKS so I expect by this weekend they will be out of a lot of the stuff, but will replenish by next week. THey only give rainchecks on the items that are pictured in the ad. 
If you are a Walmart Pricematcher, I would order $1.50 off Febreze Aerosol coupons, and pricematch them at Walmart because there was not a great selection at FoodsCo. Only 1 or 2 scents. Then you can have a variety-just a suggestion if you really want to stock up-$.28 is awesome!




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