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Safeway $5 Friday Deals 12/7



$5 Friday at Safeway 12/7 looks REALLY good! If you go to Safeway.com and load these deals onto your Safeway card, you have until Sunday to get these deals!

Starbucks Via Coffee 6-8ct $5
=$.63 each coffee! (if anyone goes to a store that has the Peppermint  Mocha Vias, PLEASE leave me a comment or Facebook post, I did not see them at my store yet)
There is a $5 Starbucks Card Rebate when you buy 3-HERE

Lucerne or Open Nature Shredded Cheese 24-32 oz. $5
**Time to stock up!!!

All Laundry Detergent 100oz. $5
That is $64 Loads =
Use $1 off All from 12/2 RP
=$4.~$.07 per load (Limit 4)

Crisco Cooking Oil 48oz 2 for $5

The Snack Artist Mountain Trail Mix 2lbs!! $5

DiGiorno Pizza and Pizza and Sides $5

Tona Roma Ribs 1lb $5
Primo Taglio Ham, Turkey or Muenster Cheese $5lb
**This is a great deal considering a 7-8oz lunchmeat is $3-$4 this week. You can get the better stuff cheaper!

Safeway Trash Bags 18-50ct $5

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream 2 for $5 9$2.50 each)

Lysol Cleaners and Lysol Wipes 2 for $5
Medium Raw Shrim 41-50 ct $5lb
A&W and 7up 12 Packs 2 for $5


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