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Kraft Catalina Offer LIVE!! 8/19-9/15 ~Up to $10 Back!!


There is a GREAT catalina special going on now and lasting until 9/15 so we should be able to stock up on the participating items. There are also coupons for most items as well!

Buy 3-5 Products save $2 oyno
Buy 6-9 Products save $5 oyno
Buy 10+ Products save $10 oyno
~That is $1 per item back!! So VERY great deal with the right sale-

Here are the items included~

Crystal Light Cannister 8qt+
Crystal Light OTG 7ct
Gevalia 12oz (hope you printed the BOGO coupons!)
Kraft Deluxe Mac and Cheese
Kraft Dressings 16ozPrint $1 off 2 Kraft Dressings (I have $1.88 Just For U, so after coupon and Cat=$.38 each!)
Kraft Shreds 8oz
Kraft Singles 12ozPrint $1 off Kraft Singles ( I have $2.88 Just For U @Safeway so $.88 after Catalina!!) $2.50 @Walgreens and Savemart=$.50 each w/Q and Cat
Maxwell House 1-3lb
Mayo/Miracle Whip 12oz +
Mio 1.08oz-Print $1 off Mio
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh 7oz+PRINT $1 off Deli Fresh~I have a $2.49 Just For U price @ Safeway so after Catalina $.49 each!!
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs 16oz
Oscar Mayer Bologna 12oz
Oscar Mayer Completes 11.40z
Oscar Mayer Lunchables with Fruit
Oscar Mayer Lunchables Fun Pack
Planters Peanuts 16oz +
Planters NUT-trition 8.75oz
Velveeta Loaf 2lb+
Velveeta Shells and Cheese 12oz+~These should be a great price with $1 back! Priced @ $2.29 at Savemart

Includes-Safeway, Raley’s, Food Source, Walgreens, Food Maxx, SaveMart-I did not see Foods Co on the list, so if anyone has it work there, let me know! This promo is going on for awhile, so all these items we should be able to stock up on-especially at Safeway w/good Just For U prices!!

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HOT Kraft and Deli Fresh Coupons!!


Here are some GREAT Coupons to print!!

$1 off Kraft Singles

$1 off Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunchmeat

$1 off Mio

@Target-Buy 2 Delifresh or Kraft Singles $2.79 and get FREE Wonder Bread!
=$3.58 for Kraft Singles, Deli Fresh Lunchmeat and Wonder Bread!!


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