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Bel Air Raley's

New Coupon Book at Raley’s

  There is a new Coupon Book at Raley’s and Bel Air. This one was found in the frozen food section. It says March National Frozen Food Month with $20 of coupons inside!  Here is a list of what is inside;
$1 off 2 Dreyers 1.5qt or Fruit Bars 6ct
$1 off 2 Dreyers Shakes or Smoothies
$1 off 2 Nestle Drumstick
$1 off 4 lean Cuisine or Stouffer’s Entrees
$1 off 3 Hot Pockets
$.55 off 2 Raleys 16oz. frozen vegetables
$.55 off 1 Krusteaz Waffles
$.55 off 1 Eggo Waffles
$1 off 2 Chung’s Asian Food Products
$1 off 2 Alexia Frozen Products
$1 off any Michael Angelo’s Entree
$1 off 2 DiGiorno Pizzas
$.75 off 1 bag of Dole Frozen Fruit
$1 off any 18oz. InnovAsian Cuisine
$1 off 1 Jimmy Dean Sandwich
$1 off 1 P.F. Chang’s or Bertolli
$1 off 4 Michelina Lean Gourmet
$1 off 1 Freschetta Pizza
$1 off Jamba Smoothies
$1 off 1 Don Miguel item
$1 off 1 DiGiorno Pizza and Cookies, or Pizza and Appetizer
$.55 off any 1 On-Cor Entree

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What to do With All the Fruit Snacks?

   Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks are FREE at Safeway this week (Go here to read how), but how much should you really buy? And if you do buy all that you can, what can you do with them? Well, these things go on sale ALL the time, and there is usually a Catalina and I don’t run out before they go on sale again-which means, my kids do NOT get real excited about fruit snacks anymore.BUT, I still buy them. This is what I do with them, and what I am going to do.
-Give them away to my local church for the kids snacks.
-Send them with my kids when they go with friends, a park, a class, or anywhere
-Save them for EASTER to use in baskets instead of candy
-Give them to my neighbors who have kids
-Have them on hand for days when I have extra kids over
-Keep some in the car for times when I am running errands, or to prevent kids from asking for a snack
*Also I saw these today, the Simply Fruit Roll-ups, they actually have fruit snacks made of fruit!


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Rite Aid

Bumble Bee Tuna $.12 at Rite Aid

  For the month of March, Rite Aid has lots of items that give you the $1 +Up with each one purchased! Bumble Bee Tuna is one of those items.

Bumble Bee Tuna Chunk Light in Water $1.49 Buy One Get One 50%
Buy 2 and pay $2.24 and get $2 +Up Rewards
=$.12 each!

View the Full Post for the complete list of food items that have the $1 +Up Reward promo going on!


Monthly UPR

• Orberto Beef Jerky
• Motts Apple Sauce
• Del Monte Fruit Cocktail
• Del Monte Chunk Pineapple
• Sardines  ~These are $1.29 each, so if you have the 20% off it is a great deal if you can find them!
• Bumble Bee Tuna
• Febreeze
• Buy 3 Ziploc Products
• Fanciful Rinse $.50 +Up
• Irish Spring $2.00 +UP wyb 3
• Icy Hot $1.00
• Riceworks
• Riceworks Salsa
• Water Balloons $1.00 wyb 2
• Ocu Fresh $1.00

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