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$2 off Challenge Tuscan Butter!

The $2 off Challenge Tuscan Butter Coupon on Facebook has been reset! They are $1.99 at Raley’s FREE, or $2.49 at Safeway right now! I bought some of this the last time this coupon was available. It is a spreadable butter that has garlic and herbs in it. It makes good garlic bread!


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Sunday Coupon Preview 2/20

This Sunday is going to have some really good coupons! HERE IS THE LIST! The one I am most excited about is the $3 off the Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets!!!! They will be on sale at CVS next week!! There will only be ONE Red Plum insert though. So if you want more coupons, or there are only a few coupons that you really want, you can always order them from a clipping service. I have done that before to get extra coupons for the items that I really want to stock up on. TheCouponClippers.com and MyCouponHunter.com are good. You can order some on Ebay, but just to warn you I got fake coupons on there before so check the comments first.

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FREE Brownies at Raley’s!

Today through Sunday you can get These 4ct. Bakery Brownies for FREE when you spend $20 at Raley’s or Bel Air! All you need to do is print the E-Coupon! You do not have to actually spend $20, your total just has to be $20 BEFORE using coupons. Here is an example how to get your FREE brownies for less~Buy 6 Boxes of Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta $1 each
2 Bags of Doritos $5
2- 2ltrs. of Pepsi Max $.99 each
2 bags of Kettle Chips $1.69
2-Mission Flour Tortillas Soft Taco Size $1.25 each
2 Avocados $2
4ct Brownies from Bakery $3.99
Subtotal $24.85

Use these coupons~
FREE Brownies when you spend $20 (use this coupon first)
6-$1 off Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta 1/23 Smart Source 1/30 RP or 1/2 SS
Use 2 FREE Pesi Max when you buy Doritos PRINT HERE (These may take off $2.09 instead of the $.99)
Use 2-$1 off Kettle Chips
Pay $12.88 for ALL!
(If your Pepsi Coupon takes off $2.09 it would be $10.68, I am going to try this today and update.)

So you don’t have to do this same transaction, but I just wanted you to see how it can be fun to see how little you could pay to get the FREE item. On weeks when there are better deals I have done this for less. If you find any other great deals at Raleys to get the FREE brownies, leave a comment!

My total before coupons was $30.12! I paid $9.72 out of pocket. When they scanned the Free Pepsi Max coupon it only took off $.99~but the kids were excited about the new Pizza Doritos. Also, the brownies were HUGE and super rich, I cut them in half for the kids and they still couldn’t eat them! Good thing I bought milk too!

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