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Get Ready for Rite Aid 1/30!! List of what you need!

 Ok, I just looked at the Rite Aid ad that will be coming out next week. WOW! We can get so much stuff there if we have the right coupons!! Since there is so much, I figured I would post this because you might want to get ready now so you can shop before they run out!!  Here are the BEST deals and what you need~
Items with *** mean that they are part of the Buy and Save Promotion going on. If you spend $100 (pre-coupon) on participating products, then you get a bonus $20+Up Rewards. With the sales this week, it should be very easy!

***Stayfree Buy One Get One Free
Use Buy One Get One Free Coupons up to $6 1/9 SmartSource ~There were printables for this, but it says up to $3 and they are priced $3.99.
=FREE (you will have to pay the tax)

Coricidin (Flu medicing for High Blood Pressure) $5.99 with $4 +Up Reward
$2 off from Coupons.com
Pay $3.99 get $4 back

***Colgate Total Toothpaste $2.99 with $2 +Up Reward
Use $1 off from 1/16 SS, and 1/30 SS

Gilette Fusion ProGlide Razor $9.99 with $5 +Up Reward
Use $4 off 1 from 1/30 Proctor and Gamble insert or 12/26PG exp 1/31
Pay $5.99 get $5 +Up back

***Bic Razor Packs for Men and Women $6.99 each Buy One Get One Free
Use  Buy One Get One Free from 1/9 SS
=$3.50 for 2 packs!

***Halls Cough Drops 2 for $3 with $1 +Up When you buy 2
Use $1 off 2 1/2 Smart Source
use $.50 off Halls from Rite Aid Video Values Jan, and Feb
Pay $1 and get $1 +Up

***Huggies Diapers $8.99
Use $2 off from 1/23 SS
Use $2 off Feb. Video Values

***L’Oreal Make Up~Buy $15 get $5 +Up Rewards
Use $5/2 1/2 RedPlum
$1 off 1 1/30 RP
$2 off 1 L’Oreal Eye makeup 1/23 RP
=Price Varies, but this will get you +Up Rewards AND goes towwards the Buy and Save so it is a good time to grab some make up!

Dixie Plates Buy One Get One Free $3.99 each
Use $3 off 2 from Rite Aid Video Values
=$.50 each

Chex Mix 2 for $3
use $1 off From Safeway Coupon book (if you didn’t use them at Walgreens)
$.50 off Chex Mix from Rite Aid Video Values

~ You can get a $5 +Up Reward when you spend $15 on products on the page with the Chex Mix and the paper plates, so you may want to look at that!

KY Products are Buy One Get One FREE with a $5 +Up Reward when you buy 2
$4 off 1 1/30 Smart Source
$2 off 1 1/30 Smart Source
There is also a Video Value Coupon for this

There are a lot more deals, but these are the best ones in my opinion. If you are new to shopping at Rite Aid, you can watch the Video Values by Adperks to get the extra Rite Aid coupons. You watch short videos and get extra coupons. you can also earn $4 off a $20 purchase! Easy to do this week! If you just bought one each of the Buy and Save items here you would come very close to the $20 +Up Reward! Let me know if you find anything else really good!!!
To do this transaction, get these items (you can get as many as you want, just get the right number of coupons to match the number of items you buy) This is my list as an example~

4 Stayfree
2 Chex Mix
2 Coricidin
2 Colgate
1 Gillette Pro Glide Razor (Limit 1)
2 Dixie Plates
2 Halls Cough Drops
2 Bic Razor Packs
1 pack of Huggies
L’Oreal Make Up if wanted

Use these Coupons
2 BOGO Stayfree Coupons
2 $1 off Chex Mix
2 $.50 Chex Mix Video Values Coupons
2 $2 off Coricidin Coupons
2 $1 off Colgate COupons
1-$5 off Gillette Razor coupon
$1 off 2 Halls Cough Drops
$.50 Video Coupons
1- $3 off Dixie Plates Video values coupon
$2 off Video Values coupon
$2 off Huggies
$4 off $20 Video Values coupon
*I am bringing my L’Oreal Coupons, and I will decide there if I want anything.

Now, I am not going to buy these all in one transaction. You buy some, then you use your +Up Rewards to buy more, then those +Ups to buy more. That is called rolling your +Up Rewards. Here is an example~

Buy 1 Gillette Razor,2 Halls Cough Drops
Use coupons
Pay $6.99 get a $5 +Up, and a $1 +Up

2 Colgate Toothpastes and 1 Coricidin
Use coupons, use $5 +Up and $1 +Up from transaction #1
Pay $1.97 and get a $4 +Up, and 2-$2 +Up

Then Buy 4 Stayfree pads, Huggies, Dixie Plates, Chex Mix, 2 Bic Razor packs, and 1 more Coricidin
Use coupons, and $4 off $20 , 2-$2 +Up, and $4 +Up 
Pay $1.47 + tax  and get $4 +Up Reward


Now you have a $4 +Up Reward, you can buy the make up now and get $5 +Ups back, or save them for later.
But you got about $90 of products for $11! And if you bought multiples of the Buy and Save Items, you also may earn the $20 +Up Reward so you get back more than you spent!!!

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Free Fries at Wendys!!!

 The FREE Natural Cut Fries at Wendys Coupon is Back!! If you have printed this before, you can print it again! Make sure you print it twice. There is no purchase necessary!

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Printable Coupons at Coupon Network!

Here is a website that you may  not know about yet. It is by Catalina~ the wonderful machine that gives you extra coupons~and they have some good coupons right now, and they don’t change very oftern. There is a $2 off 3 Huggies Wipes (any size) You can buy the travel size, or whatever size you need. It is a better coupon than the $.50 off in the paper.They also have a  $1 off 3 Lean Cuisine Meals Coupon.

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Jan 28~ $2 off Tuscan Butter Facebook Coupon!

If you go to the Challenge Butter Facebook page, you can print a $2 coupon for the Challenge Tuscan Style Butter! When this coupon was available before, Safeway had them on sale for $1.99 and I got them free! So print it out, and hang on to it for the right sale!!

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