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Jan 10~ Free Sample of Crest Whitening Strips

I have seen coupons for these, but never really wanted to spend the money to see if they were worth it. If you are the same, Go HERE to fill out a form to get a FREE sample in the mail!

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Jan 10~ Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens Raincheck Policies


I have heard from lots of people how frustratingit is to read about all of these good deals, and then when you go to the store, they are out of the really good stuff. I can tell you this-GET A RAINCHECK. Here are the raincheck policies for each of these stores as well as there stocking schedules…
CVS will give you a raincheck for their in ad sale items. They will also give you a raincheck for their Extra Bucks. CVS Rainchecks never expire, so you can use them anytime after the sale (Just remember to use it before your coupons expire!)
So if you go in there and they don’t have it, ask for a raincheck and you can go back and get it any time you want!
Sometimes if I don’t make it to a store in the beginning of the week, I stop by on Saturday and just get rainchecks for the items they are out of. Sometiems a better coupon comes along.

Rite Aid will give you a raincheck for their sale items as well. They try to encourage you to come back on Friday when they get their next shipment in, but I just tell them I might not be able to do that. They will give you a raincheck with the ad price with the amount of +Up Rewards you should get for the purchase.
Then when you redeem your raincheck, they lower the price of the item by the amount of the +Up Rewards! In most cases, this works out better because you spend less out of pocket, the downside is you do not get any +Up Rewards for later.
1-800-RITE-AID is their phone number and they can answer any questions you have as well.

Walgreens is my LEAST favorint store. They rarely have all the items they have advertised in stock, and they do NOT raincheck their Register Rewards. They will only raincheck their sale price. So, if you really want something at Walgreens, you have to get there early on Sunday or find one that stocks up on sale items (let me know if you ever found one!)


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Jan 10~$1 off ONE Hall’s Cough Drops Coupon=FREE at Target!

    Here is the link for $1 off any Halls Cough Drops. If you pair this with the $.50 off Halls Target coupon, you can get them for FREE, or save them for CVS next week. I don’t really need cough drops, but last time I got them for free I bought the mouth refreshing kind that were strawberry. They were cool to have inchurch instead of  mints, and they were sugar-free!

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Jan 10~Free Milk at Safeway when you buy 4 Kelloggs!



When You buy 4 Kelloggs Poptarts or Cereals, you get a Catalina for a FREE gallon of milk. Tuesday (1/11)is the last day of this offer, but there are a few ways to do it.

Buy 2 Cinnamon Pecan Special K Cereals $2.50 each
Buy 2 any kind of Special K Cereals

2-$.70 off Cinnamon Pecan Special K-Kelloggs.com
1-Buy One Get One Free Special K Coupon
Pay $3.60 for all 4 and get a catalina for FREE milk.
I just brought the milk up with me and when I got the catalina, I used it right away so I did not have to make a special trip. The milk coupon is good for any mi8lk up to $4. I bought the Lucerne brand for $3.29.

Also Safeway has an in-ad Coupon for Kelloggs Raisin Bran, Apple Jacks, and Pops for $1.77 each
On Kelloggs.com there is $.70 off Raisin Bran Coupons
or if you printed the $1.50 off 2 Kelloggs cereals (no longer available)

You can do this
Buy 4 Raisin Bran
use in- ad coupon
use 4 $.70 off Raisin Bran
Pay $4.28 and get FREE milk Catalina!


At Kellogs.com, there is also a Save $1 on 3 Pop Tarts. The Pop-Tarts are $2.99 Buy One Get One Free. If you can print multiple coupons, it would look like this-

Buy 12 Pop Tarts
Use 3-Save $1 on 3
Pay $15 and get 3 Catalinas for FREE milk
-Also if you find the kind with the movie codes still, you can get 2 FREE movie tickets if you get different flavors.

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Jan 10~ Money Making Special K Cereal Deal at Rite Aid!!

This week Special K Cereal is Buy One Get One Free at Rite Aid!! Here are links to print Buy One Get One Free Special K Cereal! The coupon is good for up to $4.49, and the cereal is $4.79, so you have to pay the $.30 for your 2 boxes, BUT the best part is–You get $1 +Up Reward EACH box you buy!! And you can print 2 Coupons per computer-here are the 2 different links!
*If your Rite Aid is out of cerel, ask when they will get more, AND get a raincheck. You can still get the cereal BOGO at a later date.

Print Buy One Get One Free Special K Cereal
Print Buy One Get One Free Special K Cereal

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