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Dec 28~Sunday Coupon Preview

 This Sunday there will be 4 coupon inserts!! To see a list of the coupons GO HERE
Also if you want to plan ahead, here is the schedule of what inserts will be in the paper for all of 2011!!!  GO HERE

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Dec 28~Stockpiling Wisdom-Not Hoarding..

  I was talking with a friend about what we were going to do with some expiring coupons, and how much of some things to buy without it being considered ‘hoarding’.
First of all-
Why should I be concerned about what other people think of my coupon usage and the amount of food I have in my home (which with all my kids what some people consider a lot, doesn’t seem to last so long!)- and
We were talking about cake mixes and frosting, and how much we should buy when we can get them for $.38 each. Since some of us got the Giant Cupcake and Donut pans, cakes are the fun thing, so here is how I figured out how many to buy..
*some of you may think this is extreme…
I am going to buy 30. Does that seem excessive? Well here is how I came up with 30.
9-one for each family member’s birthday
7-one for each kid if they bring cupcakes to a class, party, etc
12-one per month for a family dessert
2-any holidays or events I may need an easy dessert.
=$11.40 for cakes, and $11.40 for frostings

If I ran out and bought cake mix when I needed it and they weren’t on sale or I bought the cake mix for $.99 and the frosting for $1.29 which is pretty good anyways-
=$29.70 for the cake, and $38.70 for frosting

I am saving $45.60 PLUS a whole bunch of time by buying them ahead of time. The expiration dates are for September 2011 anyways!

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Dec 28~$.55 off 2 dozen eggs is back!!

The $.55 off 2 dozen eggs is back! Get it Quick! Save it for a $.99 a dozen sale! SmartSource.com (I used zip code 95835)

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Dec 28~’Like’ Tribe Hummus on Facebook for a $2 off coupon!

Here is the coupon to get FREE Hummus at Raley’s this week! Just click the picture! You have to enter the contest to get to the coupon link. It is a PDF coupon, so you can print as many as you want! What do you do with Hummus? Is it for  certain kinds of chips?? Since it is free I want to try it out.

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Dec 28~FREE Ronzoni Pasta and Hummus at Raleys and Bel Air~Plus Scenarios~

If you have the $1 off Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta coupons from 10/3 Smart Source, you can get FREE pasta at Raleys or Bel Air this week! Here is a picture of the coupon, and the ad! If you wait until Friday, you can get a FREE bag of Lays chips if you spend $25. The $25 purchase is BEFORE coupons! Also Tribe Hummus is FREE this week too with coupons. Here is the transactions I am going to do this weekend.

Transaction #1-If you buy $30 of Proctor and Gamble products listed,  you get $10 off your next shopping order..
4 Pantene Hair Care $2.99
1 Charmin 12 Double Rolls $7.99
1 Pampers Diapers $8.99
1 Pampers Wipes $2.99
1 bag of Lays chips
Use these coupons-
$3 off 2 Pantene PG 12/26, and 2 Buy One Get One Free Pantene PG 10/31
$.25 off Charmin PG 11/28
$1.50 off Pampers PG 12/26
FREE Lays chips when you spend $25! Raleys E-Coupon
Pay $21.20 and get $10 off next trip! PLUS use the E-Coupon to get FREE Lays chips Fri-Sun!

Transaction #2
10 Ronzoni Pastas
2 Bags of Doritos
4 Tribe Hummus
2 gallons of Milk $4.79
2 Gallons of Milk $4.79
1 Bag of Lays Chips
Subtotal $32.16
Use these coupons-
10 $1 off Ronzoni Pasta
$.99 Doritos E-Coupon
4-$2 off Tribe Hummus Coupons-Print!
Free Lays Chips when you spend $25 E-Coupon
$10 Catalina from Transaction #1
=$1.66 for ALL

Total Spent at Raley’s-$22.86, and that includes toilet paper, diapers, wipes, milk , chips, hair products,etc!!!

If you don’t have the same coupons, then you can mix and match to come up with your own scenarios. Really, the free chips is not worth it to me, but since I need diapers, wipes and toilet paper I feel better spending some money out of pocket and getting the other stuff with the Catalina.

If you come up with a better or different scenario, share it with us! I know not everyone needs diapers and wipes!

Update~ I did some shopping for a friend too, and here is what I ended up with at Raleys
Total Value~$216.86

I ended up doing the Proctor and Gamble Catalina deal 2 times~ I got 4 Pantene, 1 Tide, 1 Bounce, and 1 Charmin TP, and the free chips.
Then with the Catalina I bought the Star Olive Oil and got the Star Balsamic Vinegar Free with the e-coupon-I printed the $2 off from Allyou.com, more hummus, 3 cans of organic beans, 2 Bags of Doritos, and the Free bag of Lays.

It was fun, but it was so crowded and I am done shopping for the year!!!



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Dec 29~New Raley’s E-Coupons=FREE Lays, and $.99 Doritos!!

There are new E-Coupons released for Raley’s and Bel Air this week! The $.99 Doritos is going to be a favorite! There is a Limit 2, but the coupon is good all week. On Friday-Sunday if you spend $25 you get a FREE bag of Lays Kettle Chips. I am not sure spending $25 is worth the healthier chips…Go HERE to view all E-Coupons.

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