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Make Money At CVS !!!! 9/13-9/18

Here is the shopping trip at CVS where you can get MORE back then you spend!!! It is a GREAT transaction to get you started shopping at CVS and leave you with enough Extra Bucks to use next week and never have to spend a lot there again!

Buy These Items:

1 Alive Multi Vitamins for Women $9.99 (Receive $9.99 Extra Bucks back)
1 Nivea Mens Body Wash $4.99 (Recieve $4.99 EB) Make sure you choose the scent that has the tag that says you get $4.99 Extra Bucks back-there are other scents that are part of a different sale!
1 Bag of Brachs Candy Corn $.99.(Receive $.99 Extra Bucks)
Tylenol Precise $5.99 (Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks back)

You may be thinking...I don’t need any of this stuff..True, but someone you know might, or you can use the extra bucks to get what you want and need for free, or save the extra bucks for next weeks sale and there may be something you want and you can get extra bucks back for that and never have to spend your money again. A lot of what I buy at CVS and Rite Aid I give away because I get it for free. Just buying the Extra Buck items with your extra bucks and coupons each week you end up with more and more Extra Bucks each week. Sometimes when they have sales on milk and eggs, I use my Extra Bucks on that so it doesn’t come out of my regular shopping budget.

$22.04 BEFORE coupons. Use these;
$4 off $20 purchase (register your CVS card at CVS.com and they will email it to you)
$ 1 off Alive Vitamins PRINT HERE
$1 off Nivea Mens Body Wash Red Plum 8/29
$2 off Tylenol Precise PRINT at CVS.com
$2 off Tylenol Precise Manfacturers Coupon PRINT HERE

Pay $12.04 and Receive $17.97 Extra Bucks!
$5.93 Money Maker!!
(I had $10 EB, and $.99EB from last weeks diapers and gum, so I paid $1.05 and made $16.92!)
Then when you get another $4 off $20 you have enough Extra Bucks for a FREE Transaction!! OR you can divide your Extra Bucks.
If you have any Questions let me know!

Here is the link to the CVS ad in PDF format that you can print out. It has pictures of the items listed.

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