Dec 20~ Cool Deals at Rite Aid This Week!

I went to Rite Aid today, and these are some of the deals that I found…
Most of the Toys, Games, and Puzzles are 25% off with a $2 +Up Reward for each one you buy!
These Harley Davidson Cards were $2.24 with a $2+Up so they were $.24!
The Pick Up Sticks Games were $1.94 after the discound with a $2 +Up, =FREE!! They had other handheld electronic games and little toys for stocking stuffers that would come to $2-$3 too.

Poppycock snacks are $1.99 with a $5 +Up Reward when you buy $15 worth.
I bought 8 and use 8- $.75 off
paid $9.92 and got $5 back=$.62 each!

General Mills Cereals are 2/$5 with a $2 +Up when you buy 2
Buy 2, use $1 off 2, and get $2+Up=$1 per box.
(Some cereals are $1 at Safeway, but there are WAY more choices at Rite-Aid)

Clearasil Products are $5.49 (face wash, wipes, creams, etc)
Use $2 off from the ad
Use $2 off Clearasill Product (print here)
Pay $1.49 and receive a $2 +Up Reward!
=$.51 profit!!!  Good way to build up your +Up Rewards and a stockpile!

If you go to Rite Aid and find anything else that is a good deal (especially for a Christmas present or stocking stuffers,) let me know!!!


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For those of you who buy your newspapers on Sunday for the coupons, there will not be any coupon inserts in the Sunday paper this weekend. However, if you want to see all the ads, you may still want to buy 1 for the references.

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Dec 16~ Free Oreo Cakesters when you buy 2 Oreos!

Free Oreo Cakesters with the Purchase of 2 Oreo Cookies!! I am going to save this and hope Rite Aid will have some kind of +Up Rewards deal for these!

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Dec 16~Free Razors at Walgreens!

Buy 2 Razors and use 2 $2 off from the 12/12 Smart Source=2 for FREE!!

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Dec 15~ The Best Deals at Raleys and Bel Air 12/15-12/26!

This week’s Raley’s and Bel AIr ad rund from 12/15 until 12/26, so you have lots of time to take advantage of the FREE Coffee Mate! Here are the other deals I found this week too. (Not that many…)

Coffee Mate Creamer $.99 Limit 2
Use $1 off 1 Facebook Coupon
Use $1 off 1 Safeway Coupon Book
Use $.55 off 11/14 RP

Johnsonville Breakfast Suasage Patties or Links $2.99-FREE dozen eggs when you buy 2
Use 2 $.55 off Johnsonville Sausage
=$4.88 for 2 sausage and 1 dozen eggs

Jimmy Dean Skillets 18oz. $2.99
$1 off Jimmy Dean Product
=$1.99 each

Mission Tortilla Chips $1.59

That is about all I see. You can get the E-Coupons HERE, On Friday you can get a FREE Raley’s Brand Microwave popcorn if you spend $10.


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Dec 15~ The Best Deals at Safeway This Week~

   Here are the best deals at Safeway this week!
It is really cool that each day they are having a great thing that you can stock up on!

Wednesday~ Oatmeal 42oz. $.99
Thursday~ 4lb. Bag of Frozen Chicken $5.96=$1.49lb
Friday~2 Liter Refreshe Soda $.49
Saturday~10lb bag of potatoes $.88

4 Day Sale 12/15-12/18

80% Ground Beef $1.49lb

In Ad Coupon Matchups-you can use a coupon from the ad WITH a manufacturer coupon

Digiorno Pizza $3.99
$1 off Di Giorno Pizza


CATALINA: Buy DiGiorno Pizza (multi-serve, no singles) between 11/29-12/16
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 Catalina ($1.00 savings per item)
Buy 3, Receive $3.00 Catalina ($1.00 savings per item)
Buy 4 or more, Receive $4.00 Catalina ($1.00 savings per item)

=$1.99 each!!!

Huggies Diapers $7.99
$2 off Huggies, or $3 off Huggies Pure and Natural SS12/14

Regular Ad

Brown and Serve Rolls $.99
Birds Eye and Steam Fresh vegetables
Use $1 off 3, or $.35 off SS 11/14
=$1.15 each

Cocoa Puffs, Trix, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.49 when you buy 4
Use $1 off 2 Print HERE or HERE
=$.99 each

Tillamook Cheese 2lbs $3.99 (you can freeze this too!)

Produce Sale
$.37lb Oranges
$.99 Celery
$.97 Green Beans

If you see anything exciting that I missed, leave a comment!!


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Dec 14~Coffee Mate $1 off Facebook Coupon Reset=FREE at Raleys starting 12/15!!


My husband just told me he wanted some for his tea! Coffee Mate is $1.50 at Target right now, and $1.99 at Safeway today. They are on sale often during this season, so this is a good coupon. This stuff lasts awhile in the refrigerator. I was out of milk so I used the Egg Nog flavored one for French toast for the kids and it was SOO good! So even if you don’t drink coffee, you can use it instead of milk in some recipes for a change of flavor. Print $1 off HERE

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Dec 13~ Taster’s Choice, Ovaltine, and Lipton Deals at Safeway!

Safeway has a buy 3 save $6 (mix and match) sale going on until Tuesday. You can get the Tasters Choice 20pks for $.25, The Lipton tea for $.99 and the Ovaltine for FREE! Here is how…

Ovaltine $1.99
Use $2 off PRINT HERE it is a PDF coupon, but it works fine at Safeway, I used it today. It is a family newsletter, so just print page 35 for the coupon, Don’t print the whole thing!!!!

Lipton Hot Tea, assorted flavors $1.99
$1 off coupons.com
=$.99 each

Taster’s Choice 20pk instant coffee-regular, vanilla, or hazelnut $.99 each
$.75 off PRINT HERE
=$.25 each

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Dec 13~Money Making and Free at Rite-Aid This Week!

Here are some FREE and really good deals at Rite Aid this week….

Halls Cough Drops 2 for $3 with $1 +Up Reward
Use $1 off 2 mfQ
$.50 Nov. Video Values
$.50 Dec. Video Values

Chips Ahoy snack size $.50
$.50 off Nabisco Cookies Video Values

Rite Aid Tape $1.49 Buy one Get One Free
+$1 +Up Reward on each one
Pay $1.49 and get $2 +Up Reward
=$.49 Profit!!

Hormel Compleats meals $1.99 with $1 +Up Reward
Use $1 off from Rite Aid Coupon Book

Eco Tools Facial Sponges $2.99 Buy One Get one 50% off
Pay $4.50 and get $5 +Up Reward
=FREE  there were other Eco Tools that were $1.99, but they were out. I am not sure if they will restock though.


The Blue Diamond Nuts were $3 each, and if you buy 4 (or $12 of baking stuff) you get a $3 +Up Reward.

I bought Pecans because they are $4.99 each at Target and I buy them alot so $3 is an awesome deal.
I bought 4
Used 2-$2 off 2 Blue Diamond Nuts
Paid $8 and got $3+Up Reward
=$1.25 bag

Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste $3.50
get $3.50 +Up Reward
=FREE ( I bought 4 and it gave me the +Up for each one)

Revlon Beauty Tools 40% off with $1 +Up Reward
Emery Boards $.75 Buy 2
Pay $1.50 and get $2 +Up Rewards!

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Dec 13~ Free Reese’s , Kit Kat and Hershey’s at Safeway!

At Safeway today and tomorrow, these candy bars are Buy 3 Get 3 Free. If you have 3 of these coupons, you will get 6 candy bars for FREE! Read more for other Safeway Deals.

Banquet Chicken Nuggets 2.99 when you buy 3

Use $2 off Banquet Chicken from Safeway book
=$.99 each


Honey Bunches of Oats 3 for $5
Buy 5, pay $8.34 and get a $4 Catalina back
=$.87 each

Monday 5lb flour $.59 each
Tuesday Chocolate Chips $.99 each (use $.50 off from safeway book)

Tasters Choice 20ct Hazelnut,Vanilla, or regualr instant coffee packs $.99 each
Use $1 off in a previous package you got, or buy 3 and Pay $2.98 and then take the coupons from inside and buy 3 more and pay $0!

Ovaltine-Buy 3 pay $1.99 each
Use $2 off 1 (PDF coupon so may not work)
or $1 off HERE
=Free or $.99!

Also don’t forget the chicken is $1.88lb. They offer free marinades or rubs as well in the meat department. I had some of mine done in teriyaki and some in fajita marinade. Then I put those in the freezer for another time!

If there is anything else that is a great deal we dont want to miss before the sale ends, leave a comment!

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