NOV 18~L’Oreal Make-Up at CVS~Great Stock Up Prices!!

                                        I have heard from more than one source that CVS had great deals on L’Oreal make-up this week. I found LOTS of make-up 75% off today. ( I checked if they had the OralB tootbrush-RAINCHECK) Anyways I took these two pictures with my phone to show a few of the things on sale. There were others too. Some items are only on certain shades, but $13.39 with 75% off comes to $3.32 and if you have a $1 off coupon you can do even better!

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Pantry Overflow New Look!

    If you have been on this website before, you may have noticed that I have a new look. My son actually started this website and my daughter has been working on this design for awhile now and she was just able to implement it. I am very grateful because without them this website would not be possible.
If you have any feedback and/or comments, please leave them for me, and if you know or see my kids-thank them!


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Stockpiling or Hoarding?? Part ONE


When talking to people about coupon shopping, stockpiling, and buying multiple items, a common thing I hear is “I don’t want to be a hoarder or anything like that.”  At first I kind of took it personal like people thought I was a hoarder or that I had a some kind of problem. But once I explain the difference in hoarding and stockpiling then most people understand how beneficial it is to stock up (stockpile) when things are on sale.

Stockpiling is ‘stocking up’ on items you use in your house when they are FREE or at rock bottom prices so that you do not have to pay full price when you run out. Then they are not needed items and you can start cutting your expenses  because you are spending less -because you need less. .

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Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner  is on sale for $3 at Rite Aid with $2 +Up Reward back, and I have $2 off coupons(which means I make $1 for each bottle I buy!). Now I have 10 coupons. This makes it possible for me to get 10 for FREE. Now, by getting 10 bottles of shampoo am I hoarding them? NO. There are four girls that use shampoo and conditioner in my house. That means we go through 2 shampoos and 2 condtioners  a month-48 bottles in a year. At $3 each, that is $12 a month. If I buy the 10 bottles and use my coupons getting them for FREE, then I have 3 months that I can cut my costs by $12. By the time those are gone, there will have been another sale for hair products,  and then I can repeat the process.
By doing the same thing with multiple products you use in your house, you can cut your expenses dramatically, eliminate running to the store to pay full price, and have the ability to spend money on produce, milk, and meat (or whatever you choose).

 **If you have said “I don’t want to be a hoarder..” Then most likely you will not become a hoarder!

Now, if shampoo and conditioner of another brand goes on sale and I have the same opportunity and do the same, and the same again with another brand, and another brand, and another brand-and end up with 100+ bottles in places shoved all around my house and my kids are using them as building blocks…that could be considered hoarding!




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2 FREE Tacos at Jack in the Box Nov.16 after 2 PM~No Coupon Necessary!

    Today after 2pm at Jack in the Box you can go in and get 2 FREE tacos. You do not need a coupon!

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Money Making Scenario with Herbal Essence at Rite Aid 11/14-11/20



Herbal Essence Shampoo, Conditioner and Stylers are $2.99 each with $2 +Up Reward when you buy 1. If you have this coupon from PG10/31 then you will pay $.99 and get $2 +Up Reward!

Herbal Essence Shampoo, Conditioner and Stylers are $2.99 each with $2 Extra Bucks when you buy 1. If you have this coupon from PG10/31 then you will pay $.99 and get $2 Extra Bucks

Either Store =$1.01 Money Maker!!!
Thanks KrazyCouponLady

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Vicativ Calcium or MultiVitamin Chews $1.99 at Rite Aid!

       Viactiv Calcium Chews are $8.99 at Rite Aid regularly. They are $3 off this week. Use your $2 Oct. Video Value Coupon, and $1 off from Viactiv.com, and you get a $1 +Up Reward! That comes to $1.99 each!

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What is FREE or REALLY cheap at Target! 11/15

I got lunch ready for the kids, and ran to Target and back in less than an hour! That includes the 10 minutes just to scan all of my coupons!! $114 for $25!! (I got more than what is in the picture!) Anyways I took this picture to show what I think were the BEST deals I got today. Some of the Coupons expire today, but at Target they have taken the coupons that are only a few days expired, so it is worth trying. Here is what I did…
Ritz Crackers and Wheat Thins $2
$1 off from 11/14
$1 off 2 Nabisco Crackers Target Coupon (exp 11/15)
=$.50 each

Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.19
Used $1 off 2 from Safeway $70 Coupon Book (exp 11/15)
Used $.50 off 2 Target Coupon
=$.44 each

Gas Ex $3.99
Used $3 off Target Coupon (Target.com)
$1 off Manufacturer Coupon 11/8 SS

Air Wick Candles $2.99
$3 off 1 Air Wick Candle 11/15 SS
*** These candles were NOT in the regular candle section, they were on an end display by the cleaning aisle..(I did not take them all either!) The candles in the candle and air freshener aisle are $5.99. There were 2 scents Cherry Vanilla, and Spice.

Cool Whip $.89
$1 off 2 from Safeway Book exp 11/15
$.50 off 2 Cool Whip Target.com
=$.14 each

Hello Kitty Band Aids-Travel Size 10ct. $.97
$3 off 3 Band Aid Products (this is an old coupon that exp. 11/30)


Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate $.99
$1 off from Safeway Thanksgiving Book

Kraft Shredded Cheese $1.80
$1 off 2 Kraft Items from Safeway Coupon Book exp 11/15
$1 off 2 Kraft Cheese Target.com
=$.80 each


Wesson Canola and Vegetable Oil $2
$1 off from Nov. Safeway Book

Pam Cooking Spray $2
$1 off from Nov. Safeway Book

Del Monte Canned Vegetables $.45
$1 off 5 cans of Del Monte exp 11/15
=$.25 each

There are lots more deals, and I am probably going to do the Buffet Server/Butterball deal when I have more time to shop. The Butterball turkeys that were in the store were priced $11-$15 if you were thinking of doing it too>


Turkey $12
Buffet Server $27
Stove Top Stuffing $3.16

$1 off Stove Top
$1 off Stove Top
$.50 off Stove Top Target Q
$4 off Butterball when you buy Stove Top

 Pay $35.66 get $15 Target Gift Card
=$20.66 for ALL!!

If anyone does this first, could you send me a picture????

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Highlights From Rite Aid Week 11/14-11/20

There are some GREAT deals at Rite Aid this week! Here is what I bought during my trip this morning. They were still stocking the shelves when I was in there (they were out of some other items I wanted) So, if I have a chance, I will go in there one more time this week.  Here is what I did…

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate $1.25 each, buy 4 get $1 +UpReward
Use 4-$1 off from Safeway Thanksgiving Coupon Book
pay $1, get $1 +Up



Honey Nut Cheerios 2/$4 $1 +Up Reward when  you buy 2 *other General Mills Cereals also
Use $1 off 2 from GM 11/14
$1 off 2 Video Value Coupon
Pay $2 GET $1 +Up
=$.50 each

Right Guard Deodorant Buy One Get One Free $2.99 or $4.49
Used Buy One Get One Free Coupon

Hersheys Bliss Candy Bags 2/5 with $1 +Up Reward
Used $1 off Hershey’s Bliss Video Values
Used $1 off 2 HErsheys Bliss Manufacturers coupon
=$1 each

Huggies Diapers $8.99 with $3 +Up
$2.00 off Huggies 11/14
$3 off Huggies Video Values (I alread yused mine)
Pay $6.99 get $3 +Up Rewards
=$3.99 each

Here was my transaction
8 Deodorants
2 Honey Nut Cheerios
Golden Grahams
Lucky Charms
2 Hersheys Bliss
4 Swiss Miss

$44.95 subtotal- Used $5 off $25 and coupons
Paid $10.99 (+tax) and got $8  back in +Up Rewards.
I used previous +Up Rewards and did not pay anything though.

When and if I go back, i was going to do the Colgate Toothpaste, Thermacare promo, and maybe get some Nature Valley Granola Bars. I will update tomorrow if they have them in stock tonight!

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Christmas Giving Idea~Using what you have

        This is a Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping Box. Flat Rate Means it is a Flat Rate of $10.70 for whatever you can mail in this box. It is not measured by weight. I have friends and relatives that live out of town/state that I want to include in my Christmas giving, but when you factor in a gift AND shipping it seems like it isn’t worth it sometimes. Well here is a picture of what I fit IN this box.
There was room for all of these items ($35 worth) plus room for cards, pictures etc. So what I did. was I got a few of these boxes for some people that I will have to mail gifts too, and as I get things for FREE or really great deals, i add them to their box. Then when the box is as full as I can get it, I add a card, some pictures, or anything else, and I address it and mail it for $10.70! The gift may not be a new sweater or cash, but giving the items that I can get good deals on, I am saving them their money and am able to get them a gift that is more than I would have been able to actually spend (or may not have even given a gift at all).  Depending on who you mail them to, you can do it by couple or family as well. If my family is all going to be at my grandma’s for Christmas, then I can just send all the boxes there and everyone will get theirs at the same time, and maybe they can trade with each other or something!

This was another idea I am working on too. I have a bunch of Christmas stockings that are extra because of family members being added, we had to change our stockings to match! Also they have cute ones at the Dollar Store too! The items that we get with coupons can be put in stockings to give away as well. You can save on wrapping pape,r ribbons, and time! I had the earlier post where I made some things into gift baskets, and that looks neat too. (With a stocking not everything has to match!).
Well, hopefully I have inspired someone to think about giving, and how to use what you have (or what you can spend less on). If you have any great ideas you would like to share, let me know so I can pass them on. If I come up with more, I will post them too. I just hate coming close to Christmas and being stressed, or wishing I could have gave more people gifts so I am trying to avoid that this year.

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Rite Aid Deals 11/14-11/20 FREE Deodorant,


Here are some really good deals for Rite Aid this week starting Sunday 11/14. According to a local Rite Aid, I was told that Monday nights are the best nights to shop for the in ad items (they have had time in the day to stock the shelves). I can’t shop that night, but let me know if you do and how it works out.

Right Guard or Dry Idea Deodorant {select varieties}
Sale Promo: Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Use Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon from 10/31 RedPlum insert
2 Free!

Gain Dish Detergent {10.3-11 oz.}
Sale Price: 89 cents
Use $1/1 coupon from 10/10 P&G insert

Aussie or Herbal Essences
{shampoo, conditioner or styler}

Sale Price: $2.99
Receive $2.00 +UP Reward
Use 50c/1 coupon from 11/14 RedPlum insert
= $.49

Colgate Total Toothpaste
{select varieties}

Sale Price: 3 for $6.99
Receive $2.00 +UP Reward when you buy 3
Use $1/1 coupon from Rite Aid Video Values Program
Also use $1/1 coupon from 10/31 SmartSource insert
And use 75c/1 coupon from 10/31 SmartSource insert
= $.75

Crest Toothpaste {select varieties, 6.4 oz.}
Sale Price: $1.97
Use $1/1 coupon from 10/31 P&G insert
Or ue 75c/1 coupon from 10/10 P&G insert

Blistex Lip Balm {1 ct.}
Sale Price: 2 for $3.00
Receive $1.00 +UP Reward when you buy 2

Lucky Charms or Honey Nut Cheerios
{select varieties}

Sale Price: 2 for $4.00
Receive $1.00 +UP Reward when you buy 2
Use $1/2 General Mills Lucky Charms Coupon
Or use $1/2 Honey Nut Cheerios coupon from 10/31 SmartSource insert


Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue {double roll, 4 pk.}
Sale Price: 2 for $5.00
Receive $2.00 +UP Reward when you buy 2
Use 50c/1 Cottonelle Coupon (IE) or (FF)
{use back arrow and print twice}

Ziploc Storage Containers {3 or 4 ct.}
Sale Price: $1.99
Use $1.50/2 Ziploc Coupon
Or use $1.50/2 coupon from 11/14 SmartSource insert

Or use $1.50/2 coupon from 10/10 SmartSource insert

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers ,Pull-Ups or Goodnites
Sale Price: $8.99
Receive $3.00 +UP Reward
Use $2.50/1 Little Snugglers or Little Movers Coupon
Or use $2/1 Little Snugglers Coupon
Or use $2/1 Little Snugglers or Little Movers coupon from 11/14 SmartSource insert
Or use $2/1 Pull-Ups Coupon
Or use $2/1 Goodnites coupon from 11/14 SmartSource insert
Or use $3/2 Little Snugglers or Little Movers Coupon
= $3.49!

50 Digital Prints
Sale Price using in ad coupon: $5.00

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