Dec 28~ Expiring Coupons….Clearance Items.

As I was going through my coupons I noticed that there were so many expiring on the 31st. I really hope that means that we will be getting a bunch this Sunday. Anyways, I just wanted to share on a few things of what to do with your expiring coupons.
First of all, Target will usually accept expired coupons a week or so after they have expired, so you don’t have to be so quick in getting rid of them. They are the only store that I have been able to do this. My Target did not have much Christmas candy left over though, since I have so many of those left.

Also, last months Proctor and Gamble inserts do not expire until the 31st, and we already have the new one, so there are lots of opportunitites to use those coupons together-especially at the drugstores this week.

The other thing is GIFT SETS. I have heard that the Gillette Razor gift packs were marked down in stores, and with the $4 off coupon you can get a really good deal. When the Gift Packs get marked down, you can use one coupon for the gift pack as well. I got some really good deals in the summer using the Venus razor coupons on summer sets that had lotion, razor, and shaving gel, so be on the lookout in the cleaerance areas! I usually take the items out of the gift sets and add them to my stockpile as single items.

Also if you have the Safeway Thanksgiving coupon books left, those expire on the 31st too. A Walmart employee let me know that the Glade candles are marked down to $1.17 so with the $1 off they are $.17! Plus if there is anything you want to stock up on with those, Winco has some of the best prices for the cake mixes and brownies ($.38 each after coupons!)

If anyone knows of any ‘must do’ deals before the year is up, leave a comment!!!


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Dec 28~ $1 off Jergens Coupon=FREE travel size at Target!

  Print $1 off Jergens Coupon, and the travel size will be FREE at Target.($.97).There is also the Jergens Natural Glow travel size for $1.99 (which I recommend). I like these to carry in my purse or to use with gifts, especially in the summer!

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Dec 28~Athenos Greek Yogurt FREE at Walmart, or $.25 at Target!

   Here is a $2 off 2 Athenos Brand products.coupon. This coupon does not picture it, but it includes Athenos Greek Yogurt! I have read that it has been found for $1 at WalMart, and $1.25 at Target, so either way, this is a GREAT deal for Greek Yogurt!!!

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Dec 28~New Target Coupons from Red Plum! Huggies Wipes, Diapers, and Toilet Paper!

Here is a link to some great TARGET coupons on Red Plum. It is $1 off Huggies Diapers, $1 off Huggies Wipes, $2 off Scott toilet paper, and $2 off Cottonelle toilet paper.
You can pair these coupons with manufacturer coupons for even better savings!
$1 off Huggies Wipes Target Coupon
$1 off Huggies Diapers Target Coupon
$2 off Cottonelle Target Coupon
$2 off Scott Tissue Target Coupon

Use with these manufacturer coupons;

$1 off any Scott Tissue Coupon PRINT
$.50 off 1 Cottonelle any size PRINT

*I just went to Target, and saw that the Scott Toilet paper is $3.99, so with both the Target and manufacturer coupon, it will be $.99 for the 4 Rolls.



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Dec 27~Buy One Get One Free Little Caesers Pizza!!

    From December 26-28 Little Caesers is offering Buy One Get One Free  $5 Pizzas with coupon! They will allow 1 coupon per person! Print Buy One Get One Free Little Caesers Coupon. You may want to call ahead and make sure your location is taking them. I just called the one by my house, and they are-so that is an easy lunch!!

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Dec 27~ Rite Aid This Week-Just pay tax on all this!

Here is a picture from my shopping trip at Rite Aid today, and here are the matchups of coupons so that you can do the same if you would like!
Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner $3.50ea w/$1 +Up Reward when you buy 2
Buy 8, and use these coupons-
4 Buy One Get One Free from PG 11/28
2 $3 off 2 from PG 12/26
Pay $8, and get $4 +Up Reward Back
=$.50 each

Oil of Olay Body Wash $5.99, Oil of Olay Hand Lotion $5.99-Olay Products Buy one get one 50%off..make sure they ring up the LOTION FIRST!!! Then the Body wash will be discounted-then use these-
$2 off Oil Of Olay Body Wash 12/26 PG
$2 off Olay Body Wash from Rite Aid Coupon Book From Pharmacy
Free Lotion when you buy Body Wash 11/28 PG
=$1 Money Maker!

Gilette Clinical Mens Deodorant $7.99
$3 off Gilette Clinical from 12/26 PG
$3 off Gillette Clinical from Rite Aid Coupon Booklet
Pay $1.99 and receive $3 +Up Reward
=$2 Money maker!

Gilette Fusion Proglide $9.97 with $5 +Up Reward
Use $4 off from PG11/28 or 12/26
Pay $5.97 and get $5 +Up
=$.97 each

Day Quil, NyQuil $5 each with $2 +Up Reward
Buy 2 and use these Coupons
$3 off 2 Nyquil from 12/26PG or 2 $1.50 off Day Quil or NyQuil from 11/28PG
and use FREE PUFFS Coupon from PG 11/28 (Priced $.97)
Pay $7 and receive $4 +Ups
=$3 for 2 NyQuils and Puffs

Nivea Lip Care $2 each
Buy 10 and use these coupons-
5-Buy One Get One Free
2-$2 off 2 Nivea Lip Care
Pay $6 and get a $10 +Up Reward
=$4 money maker!!

Gilette Men’s Deodorant 2 for $8 with $3 +Up Reward on 2
Buy 2
Use Buy One Get one Free from 12/26 PG
Use $2 off from 11/28PG
Pay $2 and get $3 +Up Reward
=$1 money maker!

Sundown Vitamins and Supplements Buy One Get One Free with $2 +Up when you buy 2
Buy 2 I bought 2 that were $5.99
Use $3 off 2 Sundown Vitamins PRINT
Use $1 off Sundown Vitamins January Adperk Coupon
Pay $1.99 and get $2 +up Reward
=2 for FREE! (they have some that are lower priced than $5.99)

Olay Bar Soap $3.49 packs Buy One get One 50% off
Buy 2
use 2-$2 off Olay Body wash or Bar soap 12/26PG
=$.88 for both

There are 3 reasons why I bought so much Pantene and Olay prodcuts, even though I did pay a minimal amount out of pocket..

#1 There is a $20 Rebate when you buy $50 worth of Venus, Pantene, Olay, and Covergirl Products. In this picture I bought $45.35 of products that qualify, I have another receipt that has the rest on it. So I will send in the receipt from those transactions to get $20! PRINT rebate form here!

#2 Rite Aid is giving a $20 Reward when you spend $100 by January 22. This does not have to all be in one purchase! On the bottom of your receipt it will tell you how much you have accumulated. If you pay with your +Up Rewards, it does not add to the total, but if you use coupons, it does count them as your spending amount. I earned $68 from this purchase!!!

#3 I was only 29 points away from reaching the Gold level with my Wellness card, and I wanted to use enough coupons in my transactions because they take the coupons off as dollars spent. So, I didn’t really need the NyQuil or the bar soap-or most of it really, I just wanted to use the most coupons this week since the points start over on the 1st!

So for this picture the subtotal was $119.00, and I spent less than 10% of that, only because I had to pay tax!!! I still have $21 in +Up Rewards left!!

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Dec 23~Coupon Memories-Cool Gifts???

I was able to give gifts to more people than ever this year because of using coupons and saving items to give away. As I was pulling stuff out, I was remembering the different shopping trips where I got some really good deals. One of my favorite coupon memories were going to CVS and getting FREE Sobe Life Waters EVERYDAY for a week! Then all the Secret and Olay products with the Proctor and Gamble Coupons!! After Christmas I can share some more, but some of them involve some things I have not given away yet!!
I would love to hear if anyone has a story of how they gave stuff away this year with their coupon usage, ( I know the gists that I have received from fellow couponers have been SO FUN!!) or your favorite coupon memory of the year…I want to post them since I will be busy during the holidays, and because there are a lot of people that are starting with the coupon thing in the New Year. I think it will inspire others to give, and save, and see the benefits. So leave a comment, or send me an email, or a picture with an email and I will post it!! Diana@pantryoverflow.com

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Dec 23~ Free Glade Aerosol at Winco!

I ran into Winco to get some cheap cake mixes and brownies…CLICK HERE for that scenario, but if you have any of the $3 off 3 Glade Holiday Coupons left (they were on tearpads at Safeway earlier). This will give you 3 for free! If you do this, then the coupon will take off $1.96, so they have to enter the coupon manually.

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Dec 22~ Kandoo Wipes for $.65 at Target

Well, I actually ran out of diapers and wipes. That was a huge bummer. I thought for sure some great deals on wipes would have come around again, but I can share with you what I did instead.
These Pampers Kandoo Wipes are $1.65 for 42**and they are flushable-(Great for potty training accidents!),
OR- 72ct. Pampers and Huggies  wipes were $2.39 (3.3 cents per wipe)*

Kandoo Wipes 42ct $1.65
used $1 off Kandoo wipes any size 9/26PG exp 12/31
=$.65 each (1.5 cents per wipe)

If anyone knows the Walmart price, let me know! OR any upcoming diaper deals!

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Dec 22~ Rite Aid 50-60% off Sale!!

Rite Aid is having a great sale until Christmas if you need anything last mintue. I got an artificial tree with lights for $7.99! Gifts are 50-60% off as well as the Christmas decorations! 

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