Cinco de Mayo Deals Through May 2!

Are you ready for Cinco de Mayo? Don’t worry- here are the best deals for your Cinco de Mayo menu… and YES I mean MENU-as in making it yourself and not spending all the money of going out to eat!

Cinco de Mayo deals by store-these deals are through MAY 2. So if they don’t seem good enough, then the next deals start May 3, and I will update those for you as well!

Here are my thoughts on buying meat for your event!

Raleys – I am shopping at Raley’s on Monday because of the $5 deals, but I will be buying these items;
Pork Shoulder Roast (bone-in) $.99lb 
Here is the Carnitas Recipe I am using HERE  If there are any seasonings you do not have, try buying them in bulk so you don’t have to buy whole bottles of spices you may not use very often or ever again.
MONDAY May 1, 2lb Bags of Shredded Cheese $5!

*Not the best for meat
LaVictoria Enchilada Sauce and Salsa $2
Rice-A-Roni (Spanish Rice) $.79 each
Guerrero Soft Taco 10ct. or Fajita Flour Tortillas 20 ct.$1.99 w/ad coupon
Safeway Corn Tortillas 30ct-Buy One Get One Free
Old El Paso Taco Shells $2
Joseph Farms 1lb Chunk Cheese $3.99
Tostitos Cantina Tortilla Chips $1.99 w/ad coupon

Smart & Final
85% Ground Beef $2.99lb
Pork Shoulder Roast $1.59lb
Large Salad Tomatoes $.59lb
Mission Tortilla Chips 20oz $2.50
Montecito Corn Tortillas 72 ct. $1.99
Mission Flour Tortillas 10ct $1.99

Foods Co
Beef Chuck Roasts or Steaks $2.77lb
I like this Chipotle Barbacoa copycat recipe-HERE
Whole Watermelon $.25 lb

Calidad Corn Tortillas 72 ct. $1.79

Sprouts-Through May 3
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.99lb
Beef Rump Roasts $3.99lb
Sweet Corn 10 for $2
Daisy Sour Cream 14-16oz $2
Sprouts Canned  Beans-Pinto, Black  $.99
25% off Sauces, Seasonings, and Shells!



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$5 Friday at Safeway 4/28!

It is $5 Friday at Safeway!

Kind of a slow day of deals, but if you are going anyways these are the items that are actually kinda sorta deals…

Quaker Cereals-Life and Capn Crunch 3 for $5

Tree Top Applesauce cups or pouches 3 for $5
Fritos and Cheetos 3 for $5
DiGiorno Pizza $5
Gallo Salame 12-15oz $5


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Join ME and Jessica from Blog About It All on Fox 40 News May 3!

If you are planning a Cinco de Mayo Party, or would like to-Stay tuned for the deals!!

I am going to be on Fox 40 News in the morning on May 3 with Jessica from!

We are going to show you how you can have an AWESOME FUN party with your family and friends-and spend SOOOOOO much less than just going to a restaurant!

If you can’t wait until May 3-its OK! I am going to be posting all the deals as I find them up until then!

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60% Off 1 Item at Michael’s TODAY 4/26 Only!


TODAY only-4/26 you can grab 1 item from Michael’s for 60% off!

You can use this in-store or online! Use this, or grab it HERE


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Easter Clearance is 90% Off at Walgreens!!

TODAY is the day! 90% off Easter at Walgreens Stores!!
I grabbed some Easter Baskets for $1 (already filled with toys and candy!) Lots of Candy, stuffed animals-and there were SO MANY toys that were 90% off as well! I didn’t grab any toys but there was plenty available! I wouldn’t wait long though (Unless PEEPS are your favorite-always LOTS of Peeps left!)

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$5 Target Gift Card With $20 Healthcare Purchase!

This week Target has a coupon in their ad-or that you can get by texting HEALTH to 827438

You can get a $5 Target Gift Card when you spend $20 in Healthcare! 
Includes: • Eye care • Diabetes • First aid • Pain relief • Cough & cold • Allergy relief • Family planning • Digestive health • Smoking cessation • Foot care • Nutrition & vitamins • Feminine & adult care

 Here are a list of coupons that you can print! 
Just get $20 worth of items-use the Target coupon-THEN use the coupons for your items! 
This is a great time for me to grab allergy medicine!
$1.00 off one Excedrin
$2.00 off one Claritin Reditabs
$4.00 off one Claritin Product
$3.00 off one Excedrin
$4.00 off one Florastor
$3.00 off one Align Product
$3.00 off one Non Drowsy Children’s Claritin Syrup
$3.00 off any ONE (1) Renew Life
$5.00 off one Culturelle Kids
$4.00 off one Claritin-D Allergy Product
$4.00 off one Claritin Children’s Claritin
$5.00 off one ClariSpray Nasal Allergy Spray
$3.50 off one Dynamiclear
$2.00 off one Flonase
$4.00 off one Flonase
$3.00 off one Vanquish
$3.00 off one JointFlex
$5.00 off 1 FreeStyle Precision Neo
$1.00 off any one size St. Joseph low dose aspirin
$3.00 off one FLONASE Sensimist
$3.00 off one Stopain product
$4.00 off one Claritin Liqui-Gels
$2.00 off one Zonnic Nicotine Gum or Mini Lozenge
$1.00 off one Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray Product
$2.00 off one Meta Appetite Control Product
$1.00 off one Clearblue
$0.50 off one Pepto-bismol
$1.00 off one Vicks NyQuil Product
$2.00 off one Meta Product
$0.50 off one Pepto-bismol
$1.00 off one Vicks Sinex LiquiCaps Product
$1.00 off one Vicks
$1.00 off one Vanquish
$4.00 off any 2 Mucinex products 28ct or larger
$3.00 off one Align Jr Product
$1.50 off one Align Product
$3.00 off one Align Adult Chewables
$0.50 off one Pepto-bismol
$1.00 off one Vicks VapoRub
$0.50 off one Pepto-bismol
$4.00 off one Children’s Allegra Allergy
$3.00 off one Allegra Allergy
$1.00 off one Excedrin
$5.00 off one Dulcolax
$1.00 off one Vicks DayQuil Product
$5.00 off one Allegra Allergy
$6.00 off one Florastor
$3.00 off one Allegra-D Allergy & Congestion
$2.00 off one PRILOSEC Otc
$1.00 off any 2 Pepto-bismol

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Who Has The BEST Prices For Easter Dinner?

Have you shopped for your Easter Dinner yet?

Here are the best deals on Easter Dinner Items at 6 different stores!

My #1 Choice-Smart & Final. They have the best price on ham, potatoes, and produce that I am actually using. 

My #2 Choice- TARGET.  Target deals, along with the $10 gift card when you buy $50 groceries makes it a close 2nd. Plus, if you need candy, gifts, and Easter decor and can get it all in one place, TARGET is a great spot. 


Spiral Ham $1.79 lb.
Beef Ribeye Roast $6.99lb
Butterball Turkey $.99lb
Steamfresh Frozen Veggies 3 for $5
Strawberries 2lbs $5
Stove Top Stuffin $1.29
Lindsay Olives $1.29
Claim Jumper Pies $5.99

Spiral Ham $1.77 lb.
Ribeye Roast $9.99lb
Whole Pineapple $2.50
Fresh Green Beans $1.49lb
9 Inch Bakery Lattice Apple Pie $6.99 lb.
2 Liters A&W, 7 Up, Sunkist $.89 each when you buy 4
5lbs Potatoes $2.50
Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Frosting, Brownie Mix $.99

Smart & Final

Farmer John Spiral Ham $1.57 lb.
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.59lb
2lbs Strawberries $3.49
Asparagus $.1.99 lb.
Pineapple $1.99 each
5 lbs Potatoes $.99
Watermelon $2.99
Del Monte Canned Vegetables $.59 each
2 Liters A & W, Sunkist, 7 Up $.79 each
Hawaiian Rolls 24ct $4.49

Pork Loin Roast $1.99 lb.
Standing Rib Roast $7.99lb
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.88 lb.
Farmland Bacon 12 oz. $2.99
Boneless Leg Lamb $6.99lb
Yams $.69lb
Brussell Sprouts $.98 lb.
Zucchini Squash $.98 lb.
Personal Watermelons $1.98

Spiral Ham $1.69lb
Tri Tip (untrimmed, any size package) $2.99 lb
Pork Spareribs $1.99 lb.
Fresh Green Beans $.88 lb.
Del Monte Canned Vegetables $1
Lindsay Olives $1.25
Sweet Corn $.50 each
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $2
Mc Cormick Spices 25% Off

$10 Target Gift Card When You Buy $50 of Groceries!

Spiral Ham $1.89 lb.
Frozen Turkey Breast $.99 lb.
Dozen Eggs $.99lb
Hawaiian Rolls 12 ct. $3
Stove Top Stuffing $1.25
Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes $1.25
Cool Whip $1.25
Claim Jumper Pies $5.49
Edwards pies $5.49
Campbell’s Condensed Soups $.89
Del Monte Canned Vegetables $.89
Pillsbury Brownie Mix $1
Betty Crocker Cake Mix $1
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $2
12 Packs of Coca Cola brand soda 4 for $12 ($3.99 each)

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$5 Off $25 Easter Candy and Decor at Target!

You can get $5 off a $25 Easter Candy and Decor Purchase at Target!

Not only will you get $5 off, there are plenty of coupons and Cartwheel offers you can use to get your total even lower

$1.00 off any 2 MARS Easter Items
$0.50 off one Snickers, Twix, Milky Way
Use $.50 off Tic Tacs from 3/19 SS -There are Easter Tic Tacs!

$1 off 2 Mars Easter from 3/12 Red Plum
$1 off 2 Starburst or Skittles from 4/9 SS

Cartwheel Offers-
M&Ms 25% Off
Cadbury Mini Eggs 20% Off
Starburst Jellybeans 20% Off
Mars Easter Egg Hunt Chocolate 20% Off
Peeps Marshmallow Dipped Delights 20% Off
Skittles and Starburst Tube Toppers 20% Off
Cadbury and Reese’s Eggs 10% Off
Tic Tacs 20% off
….and LOTS MORE!

Just get to $25 BEFORE coupons
Use the $5 off Easter Candy Coupon
Then use other coupons you may have
Then use your Target Cartwheel app with the offers saved that match your items!

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WIN FREE Movie Passes For The Summer!!

   Who likes FREE Movies!! 

When you buy M&Ms, Skittles, Starburst, and Wrigley Gum you can submit your receipt for a chance to win MOVIE CASH!

At Rite Aid this week these are $.59 each! 
I bought them on separate receipts and WON! So guess whose kids are going to the movies on Spring Break??? 

Make sure you buy the candy on SEPARATE receipts. If you are buying Starburst or Skitles there is a $.50/2 coupon in Sunday’s paper as well. 

Then take a picture of your receipt and submit it at

You can only submit ONE receipt at a time-then when you find out if you are a winner or not, you can submit the next one. I am at kids’ dentist appointments, so that is how I filled my time. It didn’t take very long for a response (about 5-10 minutes!)

You can only submit 2 per email address on the same day. 

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Buy One Get One FREE Slurpees at 7-11 April 10-16!

Spring Break Buy One Get One FREE Slurpees!

At 7-11 Slurpees are Buy One Get One FREE starting Monday April 10-April 16!!! Perfect for Spring Break-I just wish it was a little warmer outside (Even though the kids won’t care!!!)


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