Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat-Carving Board, Naturals, and Del Shaved $1.99-LOOK FOR COUPONS!

Are you ready to start making sandwiches for the kids’ lunches again!! 
This week 7/25-7/31 Safeway has $1.99 Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat! It includes the Deli Fresh, Naturals, AND the Carving Board varieties!

I went to pick some up this morning and was thrilled to see these $1 off 2 coupons ON the package=$1.49 each!! How easy is that!

I hope you are able to find them in your store-mine had them on the Deli Shaved varieties. If not, $1.99 is still the lowest price I have seen in a LONG time!
There is a LIMIT of 4 per Safeway card per day for this deal. 

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Awesome School Supply Deals at Costco Through July 29!


If you (or someone you know) has a Costco membership-there are some GREAT deals on school supplies until July 29!

My favorite-40 ct Colored Ink Zebra Pens for $3.99! I am keeping that for myself actually…

Here are some other awesome school supply deals I found! The larger packs are GREAT for classroom donations!


Make sure you are following on Facebook! I post lots of finds like this while I am at the store, so you will see them sooner, and I have more pictures added too!




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You Can Buy Name Brand Items and Stick to Your Budget + My Top 5 School Clothes Shopping Tips!

Do you have kids that like name brands-but you can’t always buy them because of how much they are? 

I recommend shopping at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Ross. Sometimes you may have to look through the stuff a little more depending on your store, but I can always find name brands at a great price that my kids really like. Often, they will be cheaper than NON name brand items.

I also am a frequent visitor to the Vacaville Outlets, or the Folsom Outlets. When there is a Holiday -the next one would be Labor Day-they have major % off sales and you can really stock up on specific name brands there! If you are shopping before the holiday, the weekends will have the best deals.
My son got a pair of Kobe Bryant Nike shoes at the Nike Factory Outlet Store, regularly over $100, marked to $50-then he got 30%  off-so he paid $35 for them! He was SOOO happy!

I recently went to Marshalls and bought 3 back to School Outfits for my teen daughter for $57-brands that she likes too!
It is still 100 degrees out here so there is no way I am buying winter clothes yet- AND there were a LOT of Summer clothes on clearance! The same is true at most stores. 

1. Make a list before you shop! Go through your kids’ clothes and see what they have.
I got rid of shirts with stains or snags in them and then figured out that 1 son really didn’t need very much, so he got a new backpack, socks and another pair of shoes and he was pretty good! I also had the kids help me with the list. Then I find out what is important to them to make sure I am not wasting my money. Buying something that is a good deal is a waste of money of they won’t wear it. 

2. If you bought it during the Summer it is still NEW!
If you bought them new clothes for the summer-NOBODY AT SCHOOL KNOWS! Those clothes can be used as school clothes! 

I bought one daughter a bunch of shorts at an Old Navy sale, so she got a few shirts and shoes.  Then whatever I have already bought-I see what I can supplement it with. 

3. Prioritize.
One of my sons had a MAJOR growth spurt this summer and NOTHING fits him-even his shorts look short!! So, I bought him some shorts in some basic colors (some on clearance) and then only 2 pairs of pants because I have a feeling it won’t last long. He gets to keep his backpack from last year because he took care of it, so I spent the most money on him so far. (But his clothes he grew out of -fit another brother, so it helped in that area because I spent less on the younger boys.

4. Stick to Your Budget-and be Honest With Your Kids..
There are a few things my kids wanted that just weren’t in my budget this month to get everything.  This is what I told them. ” I can buy you these things on your list now, and then next month I can get you ________- another pair of shoes, or  2 more shirts-or whatever I can’t get now. ”  I have also told them ” I know you want these pants that are $5, I can buy you 1 pair of those, or 2 pairs that are $20 each..or whatever item they are wanting that is making the budget tight”
Sometimes one or two may be disappointed, but mostly it gives them something to look forward to because they know they are getting new stuff again next month. Often times the items are on sale for a better price too!

5. SOCKS and Underwear
They are on sale most places. I bought the packs of Under Armor socks at Marshalls. Those types of stores have Nike, Puma, and Reebok socks too. 
They seem to last longer and buying them there make them more affordable. 
If you want to stick to Hanes socks that come in the packs, they are packaged with BONUS pairs of socks during this time-plus they may be on sale at Target and Walmart for back to School.  The underwear also have the bonus packs right now too. 
I really HATE when they can’t find socks (which never makes sense to me) so I like to start the stressful time of the new school year with LOTS OF SOCKS! If your budget is tighter, you can hold off on these items until you buy your main items. 


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FREE Bic Pens at Target With $1 Off Coupon!

Did you get the newspaper this past Sunday??

If you did, there are $1 off Bic Product Coupons!

These packs of Black, Red, and Blue Bic Pens are $.99 at Target!

Makes them FREE with coupon!!!
You can also score them free at Staples too, but Target had plenty in stock!

Here is what the coupon looks like-

If you are headed to Walmart, Dollar Tree, or any other school this should get you free or cheap pens, mechanical pencils, and white-out too!



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Walmart is Stocked Up and Ready For Saving You Money on School Supplies!



Walmart’s aisles are FILLED with the bins of school supplies at STOCK UP prices!! Especially for the basics! 
TIP: BUY EXTRA! I know you may not want to spend the money now, but buying glue, crayons, and paper for less than $1 now-compared to 2-3x that later in the year can add up. Do what you can, but don’t regret it later!



Walmart has Crayola Colored Pencils and Markers for $.97 each. This is $.03 cheaper than anywhere else!

Lined Notebook Paper 150 sheets for $.82 is a GREAT DEAL-this is the item I did not buy enough of last year and had to buy a pack for $2.49 during the second semester! Definitely buying more this year at the beginning!

They also offer the “off” brands of supplies at a lower price too, but I personally like to start off with the name brand at the beginning-$.50 for Crayola Crayons-that is pretty hard to turn down!

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Clothing Coupons Students

Shoes For the Whole Family on Shoes and Backpacks at Famous Footwear!


 Do you have the Famous Footwear App? 

Right now the store is Buy One Get One 1/2 Off + with the app you can get $10 off of a $50 purchase!!

Every 100 points you get a $5 certificate too! 

Not only do I buy shoes there, but I have bought a Nike backpack for one of my kids there 2 years ago, and it STILL looks new! So you may want to consider buying a pair of shoes and a backpack with the coupon and sale! 

I love when I can get my kids the brand of shoes they want and pay WAY less than I wanted too!!!

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Shop the Office Max and Office Depot Back to School Deals and Get 5% Donated to Your School!

This was a pleasant surprise! After I bought backpacks and school supplies at Office Depot (or Office Max) they asked me what school my kids went to. 5% of my purchase will be donated back to our school!!!

I posted about it on our school PTSA Facebook page, and I encourage you all to do the same. It may have only been a few dollars but it all adds up-plus the more people find out about it the more you can receive for your school!

Also at the end of my receipt was a survey and after you complete it you get a $10 off of a $50 purchase coupon!

Office Max/Office Depot Deals-

All Backpacks 25% off
I bought these 2 backpacks priced $24.99

Then I stocked up on all the cheap deals they had!

Crayola Markers $1
Crayola Colored Pencils $1
Scissors $.50
Crayola Crayons $.50
Pencil Sharpeners $.50
Index Cards $.50
Colored File Folders $.15 each
Glue Sticks 4 pk. $.50
Glue $.50
Pencil Boxes $.50
Erasers $.50
Rulers $.25

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Save Money on Name Brand Groceries at 99 Cent Only Store+ Get Cash Back!

If you are not into couponing, or find it time consuming, etc-another way that I save money on lunches and snacks for the kids-99 Cent Only Store

I have found SO MANY name brand groceries for $1 that would be 3-4x that in the grocery stores. Lunchables with drinks, Oreos, Lunchmeat, bacon, Nutri Grain Bars, Cheez-Its, Graham Crackers and MORE! It is different almost every time I go in there-but that is the fun part!

Whenever I drive by one I try to stop so I can run in to see what great deals I can get! It was especially helpful for our summer beach trips-I ran in and grabbed $10 worth of name brand bread, lunchmeat, snacks and produce and it was enough for the day! With school lunches and the right finds, you can really stretch your money and have some great options!

Also, download the Checkout 51 App! There are always CASH BACK offers for many of the items they sell there. I have bought Wheat Thins, Triscuits, Good Thins, Graham Crackers-and received all the money back that I have spent!

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Printable Coupons For School Supplies and School Lunch Items!

Save $0.55 on any ONE (1) Sargento® Sweet Balanced Breaks Snack





Here are some printable coupons available for school lunch items!! 

Print them out now, and I will let you know when there is the best sales to use them!

Save $1.00 on any TWO Kellogg’s® Fruit Flavored Snacks
Save $1.00 any ONE (1) Babybel® Cheese & Crackers
Save $0.75 on any ONE (1) Sargento® Blends™ Slices
Save $1.00 on TWO (2) PHILADELPHIA Cheesecake Cups or Pretzel/Bagel Chips & Cream Cheese Dip
Save $0.50 when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor/variety Betty Crocker™ Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot™, Fruit Gushers™ or …
Save $0.50 when you buy TWO BAGS any 3.7 OZ. OR LARGER Chex Mix™, Chex Mix™ Muddy Buddies™…

Save $0.50 on ONE (1) Frigo® Cheese Heads® 8ct or larger Cheese Product






Save $2.00 on TWO (2) Foster Farms® Frozen Cooked Chicken
Save $1.00 when you buy TWO BARS any flavor EPIC® Performance Bar
Save $0.50 on ONE (1) Frigo® Cheese Heads® 8ct or larger Cheese Product
Save $0.50 when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor/variety 5 COUNT OR LARGER Nature Valley™ Granola Bars, Nature Valley™ Biscuits, …

Non- Food Items-
Save $0.50 on ONE (1) Kleenex® Wet Wipes (20 ct. or higher)
Save $0.75 on any ONE (1) Wet Ones® Hand Wipes, Canister or Singles (excludes 20 ct. Travel Packs)
Save $1.00 on ONE (1) 8 oz. or larger bottle of PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer
Save $0.50 on any (1) Premium BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages Product (excludes trial and travel size)
Save $1.00 on TWO (2) 1-2 oz bottles of PURELL® Portables Including Jelly Wraps

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