Sams Club Fall Shirts for $11!


Ok-my biggest goal at Sam’s Club or Costco is to STAY OUT OF THE MIDDLE! But these were in the aisle right when I walked in so IT WASN’T MY FAULT..right? 

Anyways these were so soft, long sleeved-and FALL-so why not? I needed something for my TV segment anyways (sounds good right?)

These were $11.xx (forgot the exact amount) They had some Halloween ones too, but I went for what I could wear the most often!

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Make a Fall Wreath For $5 With Dollar Tree Items!

Who has MADE their own wreath before? NOT ME. But, I figured for $5 or so with these items from the Dollar Tree and some items I had from last year-I might just give it a try! Plus they had so many pretty choices of ribbon, mesh, and decor at the Dollar Tree that helped me go for it! I will post the picture if it doesn’t look like a kindergarten student made it!

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Cheap Fall and Harvest Decor at 99 Cent Only Store!!



Ok- The 99 Cent Only Store has SO MUCH Harvest Decor out!! I am so excited for Fall so that I can decorate!!!
Stay posted… I will be showing you my ideas in the next week or two on How to Decorate on a Budget and I will be on Fox Studio 40 Friday 9/21 at 11 am!






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Kellogg’s Cereal at Target Deal!

This week you can get 20% off Cereal with the Target Cartwheel Offer!


Kellogg’s Cereals are $2.69, so the deal would look like this-
Buy 4 Boxes of Kellogg’s Cereal-One would need to be Froot Loops Wild Berry
Use 20% off Cereal Cartwheel Offer
$3 using $3 off when you buy one Froot Loops Wild Berry
=$5.60 or $1.40 per box!

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Pop Tarts Deal at Target!

  Here is a great deal on Pop Tarts at Target-even without coupons-using the Target Cartwheel!

Pop Tarts 8ct. $2.09
Use 30% off Target Cartwheel
=1.46 each!

OR- there are Buy 2 Pop Tarts and get 1 Pop Tarts Splits FREE (up to $2)
OR- $1 off 3 Pop Tarts

Or you can print Pop Tarts Coupons HERE

Here is what I did-$2.09 each
4 Pop Tarts SPLITZ
4 Pop Tarts Vanilla Milkshake
4 Pop Tarts Gone Nutty
Used 30% off Pop Tarts different Target Cartwheel Offers
Used 2-Buy 2 Pop Tarts get SPLITZ Free ($2 off)
Used 2 $1 off 3 Pop Tarts printable
=$11.55 or $.96 each!

Even less if you have more than one computer, you can use more $2 off coupons instead of the $1!
Buy 3 =$6.27

-30% Cartwheel =$4.38
$2 off when you buy 3=$2.38
=$.79 each!

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$25 Date Night Challenge-Or $100 Month Date Night Challenge!

Ok so Date Night was starting to be a little…non existent in our house. We were just busy-then we would go out and spend too much, then we were trying to save money, then we were busy-and it pretty much goes up and down and schedule changes, kids, grandkids, etc

My husband and I prepare a budget each week, and I decided to put $100 for a Date Budget. It could be bigger, or smaller-but if I didn’t do something we would be skipping it because it really takes effort to be consistent in dates.


Here is an example of how we did our first $25 Date

Chile Colorado (SOOO GOOD) My husband got Steak, Chicken, and Shrimp Fajitas

I used Groupon and bought a Vallejo’s Groupon ( I used 20% off code) and it was $13 for a $30 Groupon.  We ordered about $33 of food and it was $5 more plus tip! So we did that for $25!

We also have Movie Pass Membership where we pay $9.95 a month for 3 movies. I take that out of our Entertainment category out of our budget. So we went to the movies and saw Crazy Rich Asians -which was great!

Date #2-My husband planned it, and I told him to stay in the $25 range.
He totally copied me! At first a was a little mad about that, but I had a REALLY great time!

He got the Logan’s Roadhouse Groupon for $12 (Use SUPER20)
We paid

My husband and I are doing the Keto diet, so he got a steak dinner and I got a chicken meal. I love Caeser salad and chicken and grilled veggies keeps me where I should be.  If you aren’t on a diet-they have the BEST rolls!!! Plus their burgers, entrees, salads are all around the $14.99 range.

After Logan’s we went and saw the movie SEARCHING-It was a GREAT movie-I held my breath the entire time too!!!

So this week-it is my turn to plan, and it won’t be a movie or a Groupon deal-so we shall see what happens!




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Costco Gourmia Air Fryer 5 Qt Only $49.99-Works Great-Here is My Review!


I have been hearing from everywhere it seems about how much I need to get an air fryer. Well- nothing motivates me like a great deal!

This Gourmia Air Fryer 5qt was $49.99 at Costco. I saw it there and decided to do some research-this is basically $30-$50 less than one at any other store for this size!!! 

I of course tried bacon for my first try- and then I was hooked!

I put the bacon in, I kind of swirled it for fun because I saw an instagram post where someone made it look cool  (Mine did NOT look the same) 
I set it for 350 for 10 minutes and it came out perfect and not all greasy-you could just pick it up and eat it!! 
The basket was very easy to clean out after too!

I am excited to do some pork rind coated fried chicken next! I will keep you posted!


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Download the Shopkick App For Your Weekend Shopping!

Have you downloaded the Shopkick App yet??? 

  1. All you have to do is open the app as you walk into the stores listed and “kicks” are added to your account!
  2. Some stores offer extra kicks for scanning selected items in the store! This is a great way to keep kids busy if you have to bring them with you!
  3. If you connect your credit card or debit card to your app, they will also give you kicks per $ that you spend!

It is pretty easy to earn a Starbucks, Target, or other gift card that you choose!



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Money Saving Tips on School Lunches!


I have 5 kids at home (and a husband) that all pack their lunches to go. And-some of them have activities right after school, so if I don’t want to end up driving through somewhere because they are “starving” I really have to plan ahead. 

Here is how I plan for school lunches. I am not saying this is the only way, but I do suggest seeing if any of these tips work for you-or use them to get you thinking about your schedule and how you can be creative to save a little extra money each month!

#1. Go to the 99 Cent Only Store. 
I used to NOT like this store at all, and thought it was a little dirty actually. I don’t know how or when, but I went in there and found Lunchables 2 for $.99 and $.99 for the Uploaded Lunchables with the drinks, and I have been checking back ever since! 
I don’t have one really close to  my house, but when an errand causes me to drive by one I STOP!
I have found the Lunchables, but I have also found Kraft Shredded Cheese, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, P3 Snacks, Oscar Mayer Lunchmeats, Wonder Bread, Honey Maid Graham Crackers, Tree Top Applesauce… and the fun part is-they have different items every time I go! 
So, I stop by there to grab the snack things, and maybe some items that I would have paid full price for anyways and it has cut my cost down greatly.

#2. Costco and Sam’s Club Specials
I have a Costco and Sam’s Club membership because I was gifted them-otherwise I would not have both. 
Every month they have their SPECIALS! When the specials include chips, ziploc bags, fruit snacks, ANYTHING that my kids eat that I usually buy full price-I buy it!
I also grab my milk, eggs, shredded cheese, cream cheese and anything else that is a good deal (bonus tip:STAY OUT OF THE MIDDLE AISLES!!! It is a trap!!! ) I do not follow my own advice very well on that one!
I buy produce here as well, carrot sticks, celery, grapes, and string cheese and then they are the healthier items my kids can bring as well. 

Save $1.50 on any ONE (1) Sargento® 24 Pack String and Stick Cheese Snack (Available at Walmart)

#3 Print Coupons, Watch Sales, STOCK UP!
Once a week, I print out coupons of items that I use or want to buy-even if they are not on sale at the moment.  I have them ready in a little coupon holder that I use so that when they go on sale (or I have to buy them full price) I at least have the coupons with me. When they are on sale-AND HAVE A COUPON– Buy all you can!!!! 
If you can STOCK UP (watch expiration dates) when they are on sale, and hopefully use coupons– this will save you from extra trips and paying full price!

Save $1.00 when you buy ONE any flavor/variety Cascadian Farm™ product listed: Granola Bars • Protein Bars • Oatmeal Squares
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Office Depot and Office Max have Great School Supply Deals!

Office Depot has these items for the lowest price too!

$.50 Pencil Sharpeners
$.35 Paper Folders
$1 Mechanical Pencils 6 ct.
$.25 Notebooks

$1.50 Bic 12 ct. Pens
Use $1 off coupons from 8/26 Newspaper
=$.50 each!

Highlighter 4 ct. $3

Grab extras if these are items your kids/students need later on in the year because they will be full price!

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