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Great Deal For Scandia Tickets on Groupon!


The Scandia deal is back on Groupon again!!!

I have a big family -and even if I had a smaller one-I am looking for ways to still do things but not spend as much!

I love checking Groupon out before I do things. This weekend we wanted to do something with the kids, and I saw the Scandia Groupon. 
$13 for 24 Tickets! (Regular Price:$23.75)
What does that get you-

Miniature Golf -9 Tickets
Go Karts 5 Tickets
Bumper Boats 4 Tickets, or 2 for a 2nd Passenger
Pirate Ship 5 Tickets
Big Slide 1 Ticket
Roller Coaster 6 Tickets

You can buy 4 Groupons for  Scandia. I bought 3, and ended up with 72 tickets and spent$39. Everyone got to do 3 or 4 different things, so it really worked out well!!


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