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Get Your Rainchecks!!




I have heard from lots of people how frustrating it is to read about all of these good deals, and then when you go to the store, they are out of the really good stuff. I can tell you this-GET A RAINCHECK. I actually don’t mind at all getting a raincheck, because then there is not this URGENCY that I have to hurry up and get a deal before they run out. There are some deals that are like that, but the more you start stocking up, the less you need things. Most of the time, I wait until Saturday to do my shopping. Yes, most places are oout of the really HOT coupon items, but I buy the items I had rainchecks for from the weeks before, and get my rainchecks for later. Often, the stores have restocked by Saturday and they have the items again.  Sometimes, even if it is an item I do not want, I get a raincheck anyways because there might be a really good coupon for it by the time it is back in stock!

Here are the raincheck policies for each of these stores CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens..

CVS will give you a raincheck for their in ad sale items. They will also give you a raincheck for their Extra Bucks. CVS Rainchecks never expire, so you can use them anytime after the sale (Just remember to use it before your coupons expire!)
So if you go in there and they don’t have it, ask for a raincheck and you can go back and get it any time you want!
Sometimes if I don’t make it to a store in the beginning of the week, I stop by on Saturday and just get rainchecks for the items they are out of. Sometiems a better coupon comes along.

Rite Aid will give you a raincheck for their sale items as well. They try to encourage you to come back on Friday when they get their next shipment in, but I just tell them I might not be able to do that. They will give you a raincheck with the ad price with the amount of +Up Rewards you should get for the purchase.
Then when you redeem your raincheck, they lower the price of the item by the amount of the +Up Rewards! In most cases, this works out better because you spend less out of pocket, the downside is you do not get any +Up Rewards for later.
1-800-RITE-AID is their phone number and they can answer any questions you have as well.

Walgreens is my LEAST favorint store. They rarely have all the items they have advertised in stock, and they do NOT raincheck their Register Rewards. They will only raincheck their sale price. So, if you really want something at Walgreens, you have to get there early on Sunday or find one that stocks up on sale items (let me know if you ever found one!)



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ALL Laundry Detergent Deals This Week!


All Laundry Detergent is on sale at CVS and Walgreens this week. It is a better deal at Walgreens, but it depends on where you are shopping. 


Buy 1 All Laundry Detergent $6.99, get 1 Free
Use 2-$1 off All from 4/10 Red Plum (you can use a coupon on the free one!)
Pay $4.99 for 2
=$2.50 each!


All Laundry Detergent $3.99 each
Use $1 off All from 4/10 Red Plum
=$2.99 each

Since there are not any Extra Bucks or Register Rewards attached to the sale price, you can get rainchecks at the stores when they run out and get them later if you want. 



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Cheap Rimmell Makeup at Target!!




Right now on there is a $2 off Rimmel Make Up coupon!! There are eyeshadows for $2.49 and Mascara for $2.99 at Target! These also go on sale for 50% off at Walgreens, and other drugstores! Print them while you can-2 each computer! These are great for Easter baskets, gift baskets, give aways, teenage girls. I always pick up the make up when it is a good deal like this whether or not I use it or my daughter does, because between the two of us we can find someone who does!
The Coupon says “Available at Walgreens” but it is a manufacturer coupon that can be used at ANY store! 

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New Candy Coupon on



Right now on there is a new $1 off 2 Mars Easter Candy Coupon! You can use this to get FREE Snickers Eggs at Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS until Easter!

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Scott Paper Towels $.41 a roll



You can get Scott Paper Towels for $.41 a roll at Walgreens this week. Here is how;

Scott Paper Towels 6pk $5
Use $1 off From Walgreens Coupon Booklet (in store)
Use $1.50 off Scott Paper Towels Printable Coupon
Pay $2.50 for 6 rolls!
=$.41 per roll!

**There are not any Register Rewards with this deal, so if you find that they are out when you go, ASK FOR A RAINCHECK! The Walgreens coupon is good all month!!


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Walgreens Trip 3/31



Ok, I know it is a little late in the week for the Walgreens deals, but I am hoping they have restocked from the other coupon shoppers! Walgreens is my least favorite drugstore, but I am going to be near one tonight after the coupon class, so I will see what I can do…

To read the Full list of Walgreens deals, go HERE

What I am going to do (and what I usually do at the Walgreens) is just bring my coupons for their sale items (I usually have my binder in the car if there is something I missed) then if they have the items in stock, I get them. If there are items that they are out of that do NOT have register rewards, then I get rainchecks. Since there may be an issue of how much they will have in stock, and the fact that you can only use one coupon per item with Register Rewards, etc. I am not going to think of all the transactions I would do because if they are out of something, it would mess me up. So, here are the coupons I am bringing with me-

$2 off 2 Mars Easter Candy -The Snickers Eggs are $.29 so I should be able to get 7
$2 off Folgers Coffee-printable coupon no longer available. Folgers is $2.79
$.50 off 1 Nescafe Tasters Choice from 2/13 RP-these are $1 each, with a Register Reward when you buy 2 or more
$1 off Chinet Printable Coupon-These are Buy One Get One Free
$.55 of Skintimate or Edge Shaving Gel 3/27 SS
$1 off Colgate Toothbrush 3/27 SS
$1 off Rimmel Cosmetics 3/27 RP (they are 50% off this week)
I also bring my make-up coupons with me to drugstores in case there is a good make-up clearance going on!
Walgreens Friends and Family 15% off coupon HERE.

If anyone goes and get a good picture they want to share, let me know!!!




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15% off at Walgreens Tomorrow!



I am so happy because I was putting off going to Walgreens, but now that I get 15% off`I’m going! Anyone coming to the coupon class tomorrow, I am going to go right after. Hopefully they will have something in stock I have coupons for!!

TEXT SPRING TO 21525 and they will send your coupon to your phone (my choice)
Or print 15% off Walgreens march 31st Only

I will get my shopping trip together, and post it in the morning-if you go before me, save me something!

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Folgers Coffee 11.3oz $.79 at Walgreens!

At Walgreens this week Folgers Coffee size 11.3 oz is $2.79 (Limit 2). Here is the link fro $2 off Folgers Coffee Printable Coupon 3oz or higher! You can donate these or give them away if this isn’t your brand or you don’t drink coffee!!!


**Since this is a regular sale item without any Register Rewards, you can get a raincheck if they are out. The expiration date on the coupon is 4/27!

**This is on sale for $2.99 at Rite Aid this week as well, and they had LOTS in stock!

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What is FREE at Walgreens?



  There are four different things at Walgreens this week that are FREE after Register Rewards. Now, unless you have previous Register Rewards, you will initially have to pay for your first transaction. After that, you use (roll) your Register Rewards to pay for your next transaction.

Transaction #1 -Tena Serenity Pads $9.99
Plackers Flossers $2
Use $2.50 off Tena Pads Printable Coupon
Pay $7.49 and get $10 Register Rewards and $2 Register Rewards
=$2.51 Profit

Transaction #2-Celadrin Inflame Joint Health $10
Use $10 Register Reward from Transaction #1

You can then buy the Neuragen, or use the Register Rewards for the other deals at Walgreens!

For more deals and transaction ideas, view the full post…




Kettle Chips are 3 for $4
Buy 3, Use 3-$1 off from 3/20 Red Plum
=$1 for 3 bags ir $.33 each!




Reach Floss and Reach Crystal Clean Toothbrush $.99 with in ad Coupon
$1 off Reach Floss Coupons are in the Floss Section at Safeway
or $1 off from
Buy 2 Toothbrushes Get $1 Register Reward
Buy 3 Toothbrushes Get $2 Register Reward



There are not any Register Rewards for the eggs, but this is a really good price. They are $1.69 at Target and $1.98 at Raley’s. I usually do the deals at Walgreens and use my Register Rewards for the Eggs when they are a low price.

You can buy the items that have Register Rewards as many times as you want, in separate transactions. They do not have a club card to track your purchases. Just remember that you can only have one coupon per item, so if you are going to use your Register Rewards AND a coupon, you have to put in a ‘filler’ that you do not have a coupon for (eggs, cheap candy etc) to make your transaction work.
Also if you are using your Register Rewards to buy other items with Register Rewards, DO NOT use The Register Rewards for the Flossers to buy Flossers, or you will not get your Register Rewards the 2nd time. They have to be spent on different items to get the RR. So you can go back and forth with the Tena and Celadrin, but you have to have another ‘non coupon’ item to buy the Tena if you use a coupon AND a Register Reward to pay.


Walgreens Register Rewards is my least favorite reward system compared to Rite Aid and CVS because of having to add ‘fillers’ and making sure I do not have too many coupons etc. So just make sure you have your stuff in order and buy the right amount of items each time, or it might be very frustrating.


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Walgreens Deals 3/13-3/19-FREE Right Guard Deodorant and Body Wash!

Walgreens has Right Guard Deodorant and Body Wash Buy One Get One FREE!  That means with a Buy One Get One Free coupon, you can get 2 for FREE! Here is what to do-


Buy 1 Right Guard Deodorant and 1 Right Guard Body Wash
Use Buy One Get One Free Right Guard 3/13 Red Plum
=Both for FREE!

**This is a regular sale item without Register Rewards, so if they are out of these when you go in, GET A RAINCHECK. Walgreens will give rainchecks on their ad items that DO NOT contain Register Rewards or in-ad coupons.



Buy 2 Irish Spring Deodorants 2 for $6
Use 2- $1 off Irish Spring Deodorant 3/13 Smart Source
Pay $4 and get $4 Register Reward
=FREE for 2!





Purex Complete Fabric Softener $4.99
Use $2 off Purex Crystals 3/13 Smart Source
Pay $2.99 and get $2 Register Rewards
=$.99 each



Dial Liquid Hand Soap $.99 with in ad coupon
Use $.35 off 3/13 Red Plum
=$.64 each



No Nonsense Basic Pantyhose $.79 with in ad coupon! These are good for backups!








Buy ArthArrest Topica Analgesic $9.99
Pay $9.99 and get $9.99 Register Rewards



Buy $10 of Revlon Product and get $3 Register Rewards-all Revlon is 40%
Use $1 off from 3/6 Smart Source-Prices Vary



Clearasil Face Wash $5.99, with $2 off $3.99
Use $2 off Clearasil Printable Coupon
Pay $1.99 and get $2 Register Reward

 The best way to take advantage of all of these deals is to do it in multiple transactions~ View the full post for an example on how to spend less money to get all the deals!

Transaction #1
Buy 1 Arth Arrest Cream $9.99
Pay $9.99 get $10RR back

Transaction $2
Buy 2 Irish Spring Deodorant
1 Clearasil Face Wash
1 Purex Crystals
1 Dial Soap
2 Right Guard Deodorants
2 Right Guard Body Washes
Subtotal $27.58
Use Coupons and $10 Register Reward from Transaction #1
Pay $1.65 and get 1-$4 RR, and 3-$2 Register Rewards
=$6.65 Profit

In 2 Transactions you get $38 of products for $12.

You can then use the $6 to buy more items by doing the same thing over again, but you cannot use your Register Rewards on the same item that you received the Register Reward for.
Example-if you use your $4 RR from the Irish Spring to buy Irish Spring, then you will NOT receive another Register Reward. You would have to use the $2 RR.

ALSO, the worst part about shopping at Walgreens-Walgreens only allows ONE coupon per item. What that means is, if you buy 2 more Irish Springs and want to use your Irish Spring Coupons AND your Register Rewards, you have to add another item (called a filler) so that you have as  many coupons as you do items. The best thing to do is to add 2 Right Guard Items since you only need 1 coupon for those 2 items.

If you see any other really good deals, PLEASE leave a comment!!!!








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