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Target Halloween, Fall, and Football Clearance!


50 % Off Halloween Decor, Costumes, and Accesories!
30 % Off Candy and Food!

Yes-it will go lower-but the selection will decrease as well.  If there is something that you want-even though it could get to 90% off-I would grab it at 50% and not feel bad. 
YES it will probably be 70% off by Monday, but I have waited a few times and then GONE- and I wished I paid 50%. So, it is your choice. If you don’t care and you just want to grab some cheap deals-WAIT-it will get lower. 

Not only was the Halloween on sale for 50% off-but I found all of the Fall Dollar Spot items for 50 % off too! 

So much of this stuff I bought full price-so I was glad to grab a few more because next year it will be less to buy-and I know it will match!

They also have all of the Football, Game Day, and Sunday Funday stuff on clearance!
I got enough stuff to do a Super Bowl party, fun prizes for my youth class, and some stocking stuffers for my boys!



These pot holder and towel sets were $3-50% = $1.50 each! I grabbed lots of those because I prefer these potholders over the gloves and we go through them fast!

LOTS of socks were in this bin too, making them $.50 each . I love socks so I bought so many! 

Of course, different stores will vary.

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Red Vines and Sour Punch Straws Only $.34 Each at Target With Cartwheel and Checkout 51!

Grab 2 Boxes of Red Vines and 2 Packs of Sour Punch for $.34 Each at Target!

Here’s how ==>

Buy 2 Red Vines $.99 each
Buy 2 Sour Punch $.99 each

Use Target Cartwheel 15 % off Offer for Sour Punch and Red Vines

Pay $.84 each

Submit for $1 Cash Back for 2 Sour Punch from Checkout 51
Submit for $1 Cash Back for 2 Red Vines from Checkout 51


=$.34 each!


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Oreo Candy Bars Snack Size Only $.90 at Target With Checkout 51 Cash Back!

Here is a great deal on Halloween Candy- or  candy in general!

Oreo Snack Size Candy Bags $2.66

Buy 5 Bags
Add 10% off to your Target Cartwheel App
Pay $12.00

Submit for $1.50 Cash Back per bag from Checkout 51 (up to 5 bags)
Receive $7.50 Cash Back

=$.90 per bag -no coupons needed!

If you have not dowloaded the Checkout 51 App yet- you can get a $5 Bonus by using this link and starting now!!!


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Halloween Costumes Buy One Get One 50% Off at Target!


Looking for an easy way to buy multiple costumes?


At Target ALL costumes are Buy One Get One 50% Off!!

They have costumes for all different price ranges too. I also found that if you have some accessories of your own, you don’t have to buy the more expensive costume!

Example- Super Heroes
My son has a Captain America Shield and Mask already from his toys!
There is a costume that is higher priced that comes with it, or there is a less expensive costume that doesn’t. If you have the extra items, buy the least expensive!

Also, if your kids aren’t going to wear the mask of an outfit because they will be outside walking around,  you can buy the costume that is $10 less!

**Costume Tip**
Costumes will get marked down drastically after Halloween-and even go to 90% off. This is the best time to buy them! Especially if you have kids that play dress up. 
Super Heroes are ALWAYS popular, so they won’t go out of style-plus a new Avengers movie will be out soon. Girls costumes like princesses and butterflies are great CHRISTMAS gifts for little girls! So plan ahead you will be so glad you did next year!

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Kellogg’s Cereal at Target Deal!

This week you can get 20% off Cereal with the Target Cartwheel Offer!


Kellogg’s Cereals are $2.69, so the deal would look like this-
Buy 4 Boxes of Kellogg’s Cereal-One would need to be Froot Loops Wild Berry
Use 20% off Cereal Cartwheel Offer
$3 using $3 off when you buy one Froot Loops Wild Berry
=$5.60 or $1.40 per box!

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Pop Tarts Deal at Target!

  Here is a great deal on Pop Tarts at Target-even without coupons-using the Target Cartwheel!

Pop Tarts 8ct. $2.09
Use 30% off Target Cartwheel
=1.46 each!

OR- there are Buy 2 Pop Tarts and get 1 Pop Tarts Splits FREE (up to $2)
OR- $1 off 3 Pop Tarts

Or you can print Pop Tarts Coupons HERE

Here is what I did-$2.09 each
4 Pop Tarts SPLITZ
4 Pop Tarts Vanilla Milkshake
4 Pop Tarts Gone Nutty
Used 30% off Pop Tarts different Target Cartwheel Offers
Used 2-Buy 2 Pop Tarts get SPLITZ Free ($2 off)
Used 2 $1 off 3 Pop Tarts printable
=$11.55 or $.96 each!

Even less if you have more than one computer, you can use more $2 off coupons instead of the $1!
Buy 3 =$6.27

-30% Cartwheel =$4.38
$2 off when you buy 3=$2.38
=$.79 each!

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Target- Save $15 When You Buy $50 of Household Items! Grab $100 of Items For Only $30

Here is what I ended up with at Target using the $15 off $50 Household Item Coupon!
I spent $31 for $100 of stuff, so I was pretty happy-especially because I was able to get all things I actually use!

Transaction #1 $15.60
4 Ziploc Containers $2.72 each
2 Ziploc Sandwich Bags $3.19 each
3 Finish Dish 12 ct. $3.79 each
2 Finish Liquid $3.89 each
6 Renuzit $.99 each
1 Spray’n Wash $2.89 
2 Dawn Soap $.99 each

Make sure your subtotal is $50 -BEFORE TAX. 
Then use the $15 off coupon from the ad, or it is in the Target Cartwheel App.

Use these Carthweel Offers
5 % Off Ziploc
20 % off Spray’n Wash
10% off Renuzit
20% Off Spray’n Wash

Use These Coupons-
$1 off 2 Ziploc Bags
$1 off 2 Ziploc Containers
$1 off Spray’n Wash
$3 Finish Quantum Tablets from 7/29
$2 Finish Liquid from 7/29
2 FREE Renuzit when you buy 6 from 8/5 RP
$1 off Spray’n Wash from 8/5 SS

I spent $15.20 on this transaction!

4 Kaboom- I grabbed 4 that had $1 off coupons ON them $3.99
2 Ziploc Bags $3.19
2 Finish  $3.89
1 Dawn Soap $2.49
6 Renuzit Cones $.99 each
4 Spray n Wash $2.89
Subtotal $50.11

Use $15 off $50 Purchase

Use these cartwheel offers

25% off Kaboom
5% off Ziploc
20% off Spray’n Wash
10 % off Renuzit
$.50 off Dawn Dish Soap

Use These Coupons
$1 off 2 Ziploc
4-$1 off Kaboom ON the bottles
$1 off Spray’n Wash from 8/5 SS
$2 off Finish
2 Free Renuzit Cones when you buy 6

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Hi-Chew Candy Only $.61 at Target!

Still have those $1 off Hi-Chew Coupons from 7/8 SS? 

These larger bags of Hi-Chew are $1.61 at Target!
Use $1 off coupon
=$.61 each!

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Plan Ahead For Your 4th of July Shopping!

Do you find yourself running out and making a big shopping trip for your 4th of July BBQ? 

Why not plan ahead and grab the items you need as they go on sale! Then you won’t have to pay full price on anything!

First, make a list of items you may need. Here are some items that will go on sale between now and then

  • Meat-Ribs, Chicken, Steaks, Hot Dogs, Tri-Tip
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo
  • Chips
  • Charcoal
  • Pasta for pasta salad
  • Salad Dressing
  • Posicles and Ice Cream
  • Paper Plates, Napkins, Cups
  • Baked Beans

Second, look for coupons for any of these items you may have. If you don’t have any-grab a couple of extra Sunday newspapers (From the Dollar Tree) for the next few Sundays. There will be coupons for many of these items-Keep them handy! Also, look for
Printable Coupons for items you may be buying each time you shop.

Third, as these items go on sale for the lowest price-grab them! Then you will be prepared ahead of time and spend less money than you usually do.

I will also keep you posted as to where and when to buy the items for the best deals!!

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14 Items For $4.14 Using Sales, Coupons, and Ibotta Cash Back!

I went shopping at Safeway and Target today and wanted to share the Ibotta items I bought.
There are 2 Ibotta Bonuses available $2 when you redeem 10 rebates and $3 when you redeem 11 rebates.
Here is what I ended up with  and you can see if it is worth it to you..

Tic Tac Gum $1.17 I bought 1 of each flavor, and 2 watermelon
Use Cartwheel 30% Off offer
Use $.50 off Tic Tac Gum from
Pay $.30 each
Redeem $.25 Cash Back on Tic Tac Gum Watermelon, Spearmint and Mint.

Hubert Lemonade $1.49
Submit for $1 Cash Back on 2 Hubert Lemonade (not free, but really good!)

Neutrogena Body Wash $4.99
Submit for $2 Cash Back on Neutrogena Clear

Total Spent $9.17
Cash Back From Ibotta $4

Truvia Packtes 40ct. $3.49 x2
Use 2 $1.50 off Truvia added to Safeway Card

Submit for $1.10Cash Back from Ibotta 

Fage Yogurt $1
Submit for $.75 Cash back from Ibotta

Runa Energy Tea $1.50
Submit for $1 Cash Back from Ibotta

Tazo Tea $1.50|
Submit for $.55 Cash Back from Ibotta

High Brew Coffee $2-I had a $.50 tearpad coupon
Submit for $1 Cash Back from Ibotta

Organic Girls Green Tea $2.99 ( I bought 2)
There was a $1 hangtag coupon on the item
Submit for $2 Cash Back from Ibotta
Total Spent at Safeway $11.97
Cash Back from Ibotta $7.50

And I received
$2 Bonus for completing 10 offers
$3 Bonus for completing 11 offers
$.50 Bonus for Level 1 Teamwork!

Total Spent for 11 offers  $21.14
Cash back from Ibotta $11.50 + $5.50 for Bonuses
=$4.14 for all items!

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