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Safeway-Jennie-O Turkey $1.64 for 20oz!


Here is a good deal at Safeway for March 25-28 that some of you may  be able to get-
Safeway has Jennie-O Ground Turkey Buy One Get One FREE (reg. price $6.29 each)
I have the Just for U price of $3.29, which means I will get it Buy One Get One FREE with that price!
=$1.65 for 20oz. (which is $1.21lb)

*if any of you did not get this deal, and want to get it, let me know(or I guess you can enter my phone number when you checkout!)
I have a lot of pasta and sauce, so I am going to get this to make meatballs with for the kids!

If you have not signed up for the Safeway Just For u program, you need to go to to register your card. Then you click on personalized deals and add them to your card. It is kind of a pain, but some of the deals will end up working out good like this one. I have a Safeway card, and so does my husband, and we BOTH have this price on ours. I print out my list and bring it with me if I can in case the register doesn’t give me the price. I have only had a problem ONE time with this.

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Safeway $5 off $15 Frozen Food Coupon is Back!!!

The $5 off $15 of Frozen Food Coupon is back in the NEW ad that starts Wednesday 3/23!!! I am so excited because today I was just thinking my freezer was getting a little empty! I will post some good frozen food deals as soon as I find some, but make sure you have this coupon with you before you go!

It means that you can get $15 of Frozen food for $10-and even less if you have coupons!!!!

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Frosted Mini Wheats and FREE Milk at Safeway!



Safeway has an in-ad coupon for Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cereal and Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal for $1.77. There is a
$1 off Frosted Mini Wheats with Fruit in the Middle printable coupon. You can get 3 boxes of cereal for $2.71
***Catalina Update-Other blogs are saying that you get a Catalina for FREE milk when you buy 3 Kelloggs Cereal. I was at a Safeway in Sacramento tonight, and I did not get the Catalina for FREE milk. I also did not get a Catalina for the McCormick Grinders if you saw that on KCL.
I got a refund for the McCormick (saw anotehr couponer there, and she did the same) I am going to call the Catalina people and see about the free milk and will update you.


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Safeway Deals! Free Reach Toothbrushes and FREE Trident Gum!

Here is a picture of some things I picked up at Safeway today.  I spent less than $5 for all of this!!! Here is what I did..





Reach Kids Toothbrushes $1.99
Used 4- $1 off Reach Toothbrushes and $1 off Reach Toothbrushes Printable
Received a $4 Catalina for buying 4 Reach Toothbrushes

Jell-O Temptations  $1.99
Used 4-$1 off and HERE
paid $3.96 and received $3 Catalina back
=$.24 each

Trident Vitality Gum Buy One Get One Free
Used Buy One Get One Free from 3/6 Smart Source
*Thanks Liliya!


Kraft Shredded Cheese with Philadelphia Cream Cheese -Buy One Get One Free
** I have a Just For U Price of $1.90, and I still get Buy One Get One Free
Used $1 off 2 Kraft with Philadelphia Cheese Printable Coupon
=$.45 each

I split this into 2 transactions and bought half and then used my catalina to pay for transactin #2. Hopefully you have the same cheese price with your Just For U account.


**While I was there I also got a FREE Blockbuster Express Rental~MONDAYFREE~ is the promo code-only good 3/14!


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Doritos 2 for $3 at Safeway This Weekend!

Friday through Monday (March 11-14) Doritos will be 2 for $3! If you printed the Buy Doritos and get a free 2ltr. of Pepsi Max Coupons when they were available, this will be a great deal!



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What to do With All the Fruit Snacks?

   Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks are FREE at Safeway this week (Go here to read how), but how much should you really buy? And if you do buy all that you can, what can you do with them? Well, these things go on sale ALL the time, and there is usually a Catalina and I don’t run out before they go on sale again-which means, my kids do NOT get real excited about fruit snacks anymore.BUT, I still buy them. This is what I do with them, and what I am going to do.
-Give them away to my local church for the kids snacks.
-Send them with my kids when they go with friends, a park, a class, or anywhere
-Save them for EASTER to use in baskets instead of candy
-Give them to my neighbors who have kids
-Have them on hand for days when I have extra kids over
-Keep some in the car for times when I am running errands, or to prevent kids from asking for a snack
*Also I saw these today, the Simply Fruit Roll-ups, they actually have fruit snacks made of fruit!


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Cinnamon Burst Cheerios $.74 at Safeway!

  Safeway has a cereal sale going on right now;
Buy 4 or more boxes of selected cereals and pay $1.49 each.
Cinnamon Burst Cheerios are included!!
Use $.75 off 1 Box from 2/13 GM insert
=$.74 each!
**There were $1.25 printables available a couple weeks ago, so if you grabbed those, you will get an even better deal!
For other cereals included and coupon matchups for Safeway, go HERE


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Safeway Shopping Trip and Updates-FREE FRUIT SNACKS!

I just got back from Safeway and thought I would share my picture!! I bought 10 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, 3 Athenos Greek Yogurt, 2 Bags of El Monterrey Taquitos, 3 Boxes of Golden Grahams, 1 box of Cheerios, 2 personal size California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas, 1 Propel Water, 4 Deli Creations, 2 Deli Cracker Combos, and 2 avocados. $48.34 for $12.84 plus I have $5.50 for my next shopping trip!!!

***I loaded the free Dunksters Cookies from in the JustforU program. The cookies were in the bakery section and I really didn’t care about getting them at all-BUT I did, and I am SOOO glad I did, I got the chocolate ones dipped in white chocolate, and they were VERY good. So I would suggest getting them.

Here is how the fruit snacks end up being FREE!
Transaction #1
5 Boxes of Fruit Snacks @$.99 each
I used 2-$.50 off 2
Paid $3.96 and got $3.00 Catalina back
***The cool thing is that I ALSO got a Catalina coupon for $1.50 off 3 Fruit Snacks!
Transaction #2
I bought 5 more fruit snacks (and all the other stuff)
Used $1.50 off 3 Fruit Snacks
and $.50 off 2
Paid $2.96 and got $3 Catalina=FREE! PLUS I got another $1.50 off 3 coupon again!!!! (I had all my kids with me or I would have done more. (I used my $3 Catalina from Transaction #1 to pay since I had more than the fruit snacks in transaction 2)

*** The $1.25 Catalina is also printing for the small size CPK pizzas! You cannot use the CPK coupon in the Safeway book though. You need to have printed the $1.25 Facebook coupon (no longer available), or have the $1 off from the 2/27 Red Plum.
I bought 2 El Monterrey Taquitos
2 CPK Personal Pizzas
Used $5 off $15 frozen food Safeway ad coupon
Used BOGO El Monterey Coupon (facebook coupon)
Used 2-$1.25 CPK coupon
Paid $3.49 and get $2.50 in catalinas back!

*** If you printed the $1.25 off Cinnaburst Cheerios that was available previously (i have some that expire 3/4) This kind of Cheerios is included in the Buy 4 and get them for $1.49 each=$.24 each. So I will be going back later for those cereals and more fruit snacks. I would get more CPK pizzas, but I got the last two! I didn’t feel bad about clearing the shelves when there were only 2 left!

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Safeway Deals 3/2-3/8

If you go to before you go shopping, you can load the coupon for a FREE Dunksters ($.99 value) and Chicken of the Sea Tuna 3 for $.99.


Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $.99 each when you buy 4 or more.
There is also a Catalina promotion running right now, so here is the best deal for that.
Buy 5 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
Use 2 $.50 off 2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks,
Pay $3.95 and get a $3 Catalina
=$.19 a box!




Precious Mozzarella Cheese or Ricotta Cheese $2.99 with in ad coupon
$1 off from 2/27 Smart Source
=$1.99 each

Danimals Drinkable Yogurt $1.77 with in ad coupon
$1 off from 2/27 Smart Source
=$.77 each

In this weeks ad, and in the supplemental ad that came out on Sunday, there is a save $5 when you spend $15 in frozen food. The $15 is BEFORE coupons!!!


Safeway Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $6.68 for a 4lb. bag
=$1.67 lb.






Friday-Monday Oscar Mayer Deli Creations $.99
Use $1 off 2
=$.49 each





When you buy 4 or more of the cereals pictures, you will pay $1.49-$1.99 a box. Here are some coupons you can use to save even more;

$1 off 1 Quaker Oatmeal Squares 1/30 Red Plum
$1 off 2 Cheerios Printable coupon, =$.99 each
$.55 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch Printable Coupon =$.94 each
$1 off 2 Rice Krispies Printable Coupon=$1.49 each
$.75 off Golden Grahams Cereal Printable Coupon=$.74 each

If you see any other really great deals, leave a comment!!!


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CRAZY Frozen Food Deals at Safeway!!

There are some CRAZY frozen food deals going on at Safeway! It is time to stock the freezer!!!!!
In the supplemental ad, there is the coupon for $5 off $15 of Frozen Food-1 Coupon Per Transaction!
That means you can split up your purchases into $15 increments and get lots of food!
The coupon expires on 3/8, so it will be good for the sale next week as well. There are lots of these ads at customer service if you didn’t get multiple newspapers. I went to Safeway this morning to check it out and I bought 2 Transactions worth, but I will be going back later tonight to get the rest!
Here are some good deals to get you started;

California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas (lg ones) $5 each
Use $5 off $15
Use 3 $1 off from Safeway Coupon Book
or $1.25 off 1 Facebook Coupon
Pay $$6.25 and get 3-$1.25 Catalinas back! (2/28 is the last day of the Catalina)
=$.83 Each (I heard the Catalina was ending the 28th of Feb, but as of March 1st, they were still printing for readers!!)

Ore Ida Frozen fries and Hashbrowns (and other frozen potatoes) Buy 3 and save $3
This is what I did
5 Sweet Potato Fries, and 4 Hashbrowns
Used 5-$1 off from Safeway Book, and 2-$1 off 2 Hashbrowns
$5 off $15 coupon
=$5.91 for 9 bags!

Also if you printed the Buy One Get One Free El Monterey Coupon-
The Taquitos are $5.99 and the 8 pack of Burritos are $3.99
Buy 2 Taquitos
Buy 1 California Pizza Kitchen Pizza
Pay $4.99 and get $1.25 Catalina back!!
*If it is after Monday, the DiGiorno Pizza and Breadsticks are $5 and there is $1 off in the Safeway Book!

When I went, I bought the pizzas first and paid for my potatoes with the Catalina! If anyone knows of some other great frozen food deals with the $5 off $15 coupon, leave a comment!!!!!!!!!!!


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