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November 10 Daily Deal at Safeway!

Nov 10 at Safeway
Fritos or Cheetos Chips $.99 each
Limit 2

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FREE Pumpkin at Safeway When You Spend $20 in Produce!

If you plan on spending $20  in produce at Safew-add this offer to your Just For U account!

FREE Pumpkin when you spend $20 or more in produce!


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Pumpkin Cream Cheese $.99 and Pumpkin Cereal For $.79 at Safeway -NO COUPONS NEEDED!

Add these coupons to your Safeway Just For U Accont!

Signature Select Pumpkin O’s Cereal $1.79
$1 off Signature Select Pumpkin O’s

Lucerne Soft Cream Cheese $1.99
$1 off Lucerne Pumpkin Soft Cream Cheese


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Get Up to $3 Back When You Buy Nestle Brand Candy at Safeway!

Do you buy the small bags of individual wrapped candy? Even if you don’t have any coupons, you can at least get some money back when you buy the Nestle Brand!

This includes, Nestle Crunch, Butter Finger, 100 Grand, Sweet Tarts (these I know for Sure)
Buy 3 Bags 9oz or larger get $2 back
Buy 4 get $2.50
Buy 5 or more and get $3 Back

I know this works at Foods Co and Safeway, it may be at other stores, but I cannot confirm it there. If you receive this deal at another store-leave a comment to share with others!


@ Safeway
Buy 3 Bags Nestle Candy $3 each
Add $2 off 3 Nestle Candy Bags Coupon to your Just For U
Pay $7 and get $2 Back
=$1.67 per bag!

If you have the $2 off 3 coupon from the paper, you can do this multiple times. It works best in multiples of 3. 

$3 Per bag is the lowest right now-I am hoping next week the candy goes LOWER! It often does, so I am holding on to my coupons. This Catalina coupon deal goes through 10/28, so check back 10/23 and I will let you know if the deal gets better!


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Safeway Ice Cream Stock Up Deal!


Check your Safeway Just For U accounts for this deal..
Safeway Select Ice Cream $2.99
Buy One Get One Free Sale
=$1.50 each!

Also check you accounts to see if you have  the 10% Off Frozen offer to add!


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Safeway Stock Up Deals Using Just For U App!

Safeway is having a stock up sale for the next 2 weeks starting Wednesday 10/10!

What is so great is that most of the deals are WITHOUT any coupons!

Just add these deals/coupons to your Safeway Just For U card and grab these deals! 


Cottonelle, Viva, or Kleenex $5.99
Load $6 off 3 Safeway Just For U Coupon
=$3.99 each
If you want to buy more
$.50 off from 10/7 SS

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent $2.99
Load $1 off for Safeway Just For U 
If you want more than 1-
Print $1 off Arm & Hammer Liquid
Print $1 off Arm & Hammer Packs

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Chex and General Mills Cereals are $1.19 at Safeway This Week Through 8/29!

@Safeway Chex Cereal $1.69
Print $.50 off Chex Cereal

General Mills Cereals $1.69
Print $1 off 2 General Mills Cereals
Print $.50 off Lucky Charms
Print $.50 off Reese’s Puffs
Also you can load a $1 off 2 to your Safeway card!


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FREE Del MonteFruit and Oats at Safeway Through 8/28 With Coupons and Ibotta!


Del Monte Fruit Cups Chia and Oats are $1.50 Each!!
Print $.75 off from
=$.75 each

THEN… Submit for $.75 Cash Back from Ibotta =FREE!
The Fruit and Oats will earn you $.75 Cash Back=FREE
Fruit & Chia will earn you $.50 Cash Back= $.25 each

When you redeem more than one Del Monte Rebate you will get a $.25 Bonus too!




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$5 Friday at Safeway 8/17 Only!

It is $5 Friday at Safeway!

 Here are the best deals!

$5 PIE Day!
8 Inch Fruit Pies
9 Inch Cream Pies
11 Inch Fruit Pies

Tony’s Frozen Pizzas 3 for $5
Edward’s Pie Slices 3 for $5

Extra Jumbo Raw Shrimp $5 lb.
Roasted Turkey eat in Deli $5 lb
Medium Cheddar Cheese $5 lb.

80% Ground Beef 2lb for $5
Pork Loin Back Ribs 2 lbs. $5
Whole Pork Tenderloin $5

Talenti Gelato 2 for $5
Print $4 off 2 Talenti
Print $1.75 off 1 Talenti
=$.50-$.75 each!!

Oreo Cookies 3 for $5
Use $.75 off 2 from 8/12 SS
=$1.29 each

On the Border Tortilla Chips 3 for $5
Lay’s Kettle Chips 3 for $5
Popcorn Indiana 3 for $5

Starkist Tuna Pouches and Cans 4 for $5
Golden Star Jasmine Rice 5 lb. $5

Navel Oranges 5lbs. $5
Large Avocados 3 for $5

Clorox Bleach 55-64 oz. 2 for $5
Listerine Mouthwash 33.8 oz $5
Brawny Paper Towels $5
Angel Soft Bath Tissue $5

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Top Deals at Safeway Week of August 1-August 7!

Here are the top deals at Safeway this week!

These deals are good 8/1-8/7!

Yopliat Yogurts $.29 w/ad coupon Limit 10
Print $.50 off 5 Yoplait Yogurts
=$.19 each

Philadelphia Bagel Chips and Cream Cheese Dips $1.49

Print $1 off 2 Philadelphia Bagel Chips and Dips

Red Baron Pizza and Singles 3 for $10
Load $2 off 3 Red Baron to Safeway Card
Also-Print $2 off 3 Red Baron Pizzas if you want more!
=$2.66 each

Buy 5 Lysol Products and save $5!
This makes the wipes $.99 each

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner $.99
Use $.50 off 2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner from 7/22 SS
=$.74 each

All Purpose Cleaners $1.99
Use $.50 off 2 Lysol All Purpose Cleaners
=$1.74 each

ZONE Perfect Bars $1
Print Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Coupon
=$.50 each!


Zevia Soda 3 for $10
Print $2 off Zevia
Submit for $.70 Cash Back from Ibotta
=$.63 each!

Best Foods Mayonnaise Buy 1 Get 1 FREE $5.99
Buy 2-Submit for $1.50 Cash Back from Ibotta
=$1.50 each

Chex Mix, Bugles, or Gardetto’s $.99 with ad coupon
Print $.50 off 2 Chex Mix
=$.74 each

Quaker Cerael-Cap’n Crunch, Oatmeal Squares, and Life Cereal $1.38
w/ad coupon Limit 4

Spend $10 in Greeting Cards and wrapping and receive a $5 Reward at checkout= 50% off!

Red and Green Grapes 3 lbs $4.88
refreshe Bottled Water 24 pk. $1.78 w/ad coupon
Rotisserie Chicken 30 oz. $4.88 w/ad coupon
Value Corner Milk Gallon $2.38 w/ad coupon
O Organics Almond, Soy, and Coconut Milk Half Gallon $2.38 w/ad coupon
Quaker Oats and Instant Oatmeal $1.38
Pasta Roni and Rice-A-Roni $.88 each
Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix and Syrup $1.38




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