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Great Deal on Puppy and Dog Chow at Rite Aid!

I used my +Up Rewards and coupons at Rite Aid this week for DOG FOOD!

Puppy chow, Littel Bites, and Dog Chow 4lb bag $5
Buy 2 get $2 +Up Rewards
Use 2-$2 off Purina Dog Chow Varieties from 3/17 RP
Pay $6 and get $2 back
=$2 per bag!

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Rite Aid

Purex Laundry Detergent and Laundry Tabs $1 each at Rite Aid!

Don’t forget to grab this deal at Rite Aid this week!

Purex Laundry Detergent Liquid or Tabs 2 for $5
Buy 2 and get $1 +Up Reward (Limt 2 +Up Rewards
Buy 4-Use 4 $1 off Purex Detergent or Tabs 1/6 RP
Pay $6 and get $2 +Up Rewards
=$1 each!

If your store is out, grab a raincheck! At Rite Aid when you go to use your raincheck, they will deduct the +Up Rewards off of your amount due so that you will have less out of pocket!

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Bel Air Raley's Rite Aid

FREE Cepacol at Rite Aid, and Stock Up Price at Raley’s!


Stock up now with this $1 off Cepacol Coupon!  



These are so handy to already have around when you need them!

@ Raleys
Cepacol Hydra $1.50
Print $1 off Cepacol coupon

Cepacol Throat $2
Print $1 off Cepacol
=$1 each

@Rite Aid
Cepacol $3.99 with $2 +Up Reward

Use $3 off Cepacol Rite Aid Facebook Coupon
Use $1 off Cepacol Printable
=FREE +$2 +Up Reward!


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Bel Air Food Source Foods Co Raley's Rite Aid Safeway Save Mart Target

$1 off ONE Cream of Wheat Printable!!


You can get a $1 off ONE Cream of Wheat printable right now which is pretty rare.

There is a size printed on it, so you can’t use it on the $1 box, but it is still great if you are a Cream of Wheat lover like some of my kids! The best place to use it is Foods Co-

@Foods Co
Cream of Wheat $1.98
Use $1 off Cream of Wheat


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Rite Aid

Rite Aid Shopping Trips!

I went to Rite Aid today~And so did Laurie!!!
Here is what we have so far!!

4 Ricola Dual Action Cough Drops 2 For $3 w/$1 =Up Reward
4 Yeardley Bath Gel and Mang Cream Bar Soap 2 for $4 w $1 +Up Reward wyb 2

Used 4-$.75 off Ricola Dual Action from 11/11 Rp~EXP 12/11
Used 4-$1 off Yeardley Coupon from 11/18 SS 

Paid $7.54 (including tax) AND Received $8 +Up Rewards!
There is an overlapping +Up Rewards fro Ricola and Halls so $6 in +Up Rewards were from the Ricola-so even if you do NOT have the coupons for them they will be FREE

4 Bic Razors $3.99 and $1.99 each (Buy 1 get 1 50% off) AND get a $3 +Up Reward wyb 2
4 Ricola Cough Drops 2 for $3 +$1 +Up wyb 2
2 Pears Soap $2.29 w/$2 +Up Rewards
Used 4-$2 off Bic Razors from 12/9
Used 4-$.75 Ricola from 11/11 SS

Paid with $11 +Up Rewards and Received $16 +Up Rewards!



3 Musketeers are Buy 2 Get 2 Free
Use Buy 2 Get One Free 3 Musketeers Printable
=$.99 for 3 Bars!

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CVS Pharmacy Rite Aid Safeway Target Walgreens

$2 off 2 Hershey Kisses Coupon=$1 Each at Walgreens and TWO Free at Rite Aid!

There is a $2 off 2 Hershey Kisses, Rolo, Reeses, York, Hershey’s Bliss or Nuggets Coupon Available to print


Hershey Kisses 2 for $5
Use $1 off 2 from Walgreens Coupon Book
Use $2 off 2 Hershey Printable
=$1 each (unlimited)

@Rite Aid 
Hershey Kisses 2 for $5
Use $2 off 2 Hershey Kisses
Use $1 off 2 Video Values
Pay $2 and get $2 Up Rewards

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CVS Pharmacy Rite Aid Target

$2 off Pampers Printable Coupon!


There is a $2 off Pampers Diapers Printable Coupon available today! 

Even if you don’t need diapers, you can print them out and give them to someone who does-they will appreciate it!

The $3 off Huggies Coupon is still available too!

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Rite Aid

Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Mt Dew 2 Liters $.40 each at Rite Aid!!


Laurie scored a great deal on Pepsi 2 Liters at Rite Aid! You can do the same without any coupons!

Buy 20 2 Liters for $20 (+CRV)
Get $12 +Up Rewards Back!
=$.40 (+CRV) each bottle!

You can do this deal 1x per card!Dr Pepper, Mt Dew, and Crush are included. Mug Rootbeer is part of the sale, but not included in the +Ups.

If you have a shopping scenario for this week that you would like to share-
-Email me@
-Leave a comment on any post
-Share it on the PantryOverflow Facebook page




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Rite Aid

Rite Aid Shopping Trip!

My daughter needed some hair accesories for an event tonight. I buy hair items for them SO much, but then somehow when one of them needs something another will say “Those are mine!” I thought I bought them for everyone and started to talk about sharing, then I realized-I actually enjoy buying more-so the daughter who needed them took a trip to Rite Aid with me~which worked out better for her anyways!


I had a $10 +Up Reward and a $4 +Up Reward and this is what I did..

Transaction #1
$10 worth of Scunci and Conair Hair Items
Used $10 +Up Reward
Received $5 +Up Reward back, and will submit for $2 SCR( Rebate)

So, we had the hair items, but since we were there anyways…

Transaction #2
2 Stayfree Pads $3 w/$2 +Up Rewards~Used $2 off from 7/22 SS
2 4pk Starbucks Frappuccinos 2 for $9 w/$2 + Up Rewards Used $2 off 2 from 7/22 M2S
2 Revlon Nail Polish ~The Regular Kind is $4.99 Buy One Get One 50% off, but we bought the $7.99 double color ones
Used $2 off Revlon Nail Polish Video Value Coupon, and used 2-$1 off Revlon Nail Color from 6/24 SS
=$16.98, and used $5 +Up Reward and $4 +Up Reward
Paid $9 and received $4 +Up Reward and $2 +Up Reward

Transaction #3
Wet and Wild Nail Polish
40% Off and $3 +Up Rewards when you buy $8 of Wet and Wild
The Nail Polishes are $.99 and $1.99, but with 40% off they are $.59 and $1.19 So we bought some of those, used the +Up Rewards
Received $3 +Up Rewards Back for next week!!! (Unless someone else needs something…)

So-I did spend $13 for $57 worth of items, but my daughter needed a birthday present and the hair items anyways-so I was pretty happy about that!

Anyone else get anything good?
If you still have your $3 off bayer Aspirin Coupons there is Spend $20 and get $6 +Up Rewards. The lowest price Bayer was $3.49


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Rite Aid

Don’t Forget Your FREE Milky Way Bars!!


Milk Ways are still FREE this week! 

@Rite Aid $.50 each
Print $1 off 2 Milky Way Bars
=2 FREE per coupon

@Walmart, just tell them you are pricematching Rite Aid!

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