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Get Your Rainchecks!!




I have heard from lots of people how frustrating it is to read about all of these good deals, and then when you go to the store, they are out of the really good stuff. I can tell you this-GET A RAINCHECK. I actually don’t mind at all getting a raincheck, because then there is not this URGENCY that I have to hurry up and get a deal before they run out. There are some deals that are like that, but the more you start stocking up, the less you need things. Most of the time, I wait until Saturday to do my shopping. Yes, most places are oout of the really HOT coupon items, but I buy the items I had rainchecks for from the weeks before, and get my rainchecks for later. Often, the stores have restocked by Saturday and they have the items again.  Sometimes, even if it is an item I do not want, I get a raincheck anyways because there might be a really good coupon for it by the time it is back in stock!

Here are the raincheck policies for each of these stores CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens..

CVS will give you a raincheck for their in ad sale items. They will also give you a raincheck for their Extra Bucks. CVS Rainchecks never expire, so you can use them anytime after the sale (Just remember to use it before your coupons expire!)
So if you go in there and they don’t have it, ask for a raincheck and you can go back and get it any time you want!
Sometimes if I don’t make it to a store in the beginning of the week, I stop by on Saturday and just get rainchecks for the items they are out of. Sometiems a better coupon comes along.

Rite Aid will give you a raincheck for their sale items as well. They try to encourage you to come back on Friday when they get their next shipment in, but I just tell them I might not be able to do that. They will give you a raincheck with the ad price with the amount of +Up Rewards you should get for the purchase.
Then when you redeem your raincheck, they lower the price of the item by the amount of the +Up Rewards! In most cases, this works out better because you spend less out of pocket, the downside is you do not get any +Up Rewards for later.
1-800-RITE-AID is their phone number and they can answer any questions you have as well.

Walgreens is my LEAST favorint store. They rarely have all the items they have advertised in stock, and they do NOT raincheck their Register Rewards. They will only raincheck their sale price. So, if you really want something at Walgreens, you have to get there early on Sunday or find one that stocks up on sale items (let me know if you ever found one!)



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Deals at Rite Aid 4/10-4/16-Stock up on Biore and John Frieda!


Here are 2 really good deals at Rite Aid this week! These are definitely stockpiling prices, especially because they are a higher price brand items! I had some +Up Rewards from last week so I got all these items ($54 value) for less than $5 +tax!! View the Full Post for the scenario..
John Frieda Hair Care Products $5 each
Buy 4 and get $10+Up Reward
Use $2 off any John Frieda 3/6 Smart Source or use $2 off John Frieda Full Repair item 3/6Smart Source
Use $1 off John Frieda Full Repair item Rite Aid Video Values
Pay $11 and get $10 +Up Reward!
=$.25 each!!!

Biore Cleanser and Pore Strips $7.79-$9.99
Buy 2 Biore Cleansers $7.99 each
Buy 2 Biore Strips $7.99 each (I bought the $9.99 strips because I get 20%off and they did not have the smaller size)

Use 2 coupons  Free Biore Cleanser when you buy Pore Strips 3/6 Smart Source
If your box of strips are open, there is a $1 off coupon inside for the strips-use 2
Use $10 +Up Reward from John Frieda purchase
Pay $3.98 and get $10 +Up Reward!!!
=$.50 each!  If you can buy 3 of each, you can get 2-$10 +Up Rewards for a better deal! You just have to find a store where they are in stock!

Hopefully you have some +Up Rewards to start out with so that you have less out of pocket, but if not, you will have $10+Up rewards to start with next time!

If you have MORE coupons, you can do these transactions over again! To get John Frieda products for $.25-$.50 each is more than 90% off!!!

The key to shopping at Rite Aid is to get +Up Rewards and to keep using them to buy items that you have coupons for, AND that you get MORE +Up Rewards after you buy them. This is how you stockpile your household, personal, and beauty items. Most of them end up free! To learn the basics of shopping at Rite Aid, go HERE!

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New Candy Coupon on



Right now on there is a new $1 off 2 Mars Easter Candy Coupon! You can use this to get FREE Snickers Eggs at Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS until Easter!

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Hershey and Reese’s Candy Deal at Rite Aid!!


Well, thanks to KCL, I was able to score a GREAT deal on some candy at Rite Aid tonight!!  They have 2 different deals going on.




Hershey’s, Reese’s, Nestle, and Cadbury Bags 2 for $4.88 $1 +Up Reward when you buy 2
AND Buy $20 of Hershey and/or Reese’s Easter candy and get a $10 +Up Reward
There is a LIMIT of ONE, so I did it once on my card, and once on my husbands!

Buy 2 Hershey’s Snapsy Bunnies
Buy 6 Bags of Reese’s or Hersheys candy
Buy 2 Cadbury Eggs

Coupons used-
$.50 off 2 Cadbury Eggs -Rite Aid Video Coupon
2-$1 off 3 Hesheys, Reeses, Cadbury candy 4/3 Smart Source
$1 off 2 Hersheys Bunnnies 4/3 Smart Source (these coupons were connected to each other)
Pay $16.88 (or use previous +Up Rewards) and get 3-$1 +Up Rewards from the bagged candy, and 1-$10 +Up Reward for $20 of candy
=$3.88 for ALL 

When I bought the candy, on the bottom of my receipt there was an offer to do an online survey to get $3 off a $15 purchase I did the survey, printed the coupon, and did the same transaction on my husband’s card.

Transaction #2
Same items
Same Coupons
Used $3 off $15 Survey coupon
Used $13 +Up Rewards from Transaction #1
=$.88 for all!!!!!!!! PLUS I have $13 of +Up Rewards for next time-hopefully I can use a friend’s phone number if they aren’t doing the deal so I can donate the candy to my church for the kids on Easter!!!

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New Video Values Coupons from Rite Aid 3/27


Rite Aid has released new Video Values coupons for April! Video Value coupons are Rite Aid store coupons that you can stack WITH a manufacturers coupon! The way to get these, is by earning them. To earn them you have to watch liitle commercials and then put in a code after watching them. You can then save them in  your account, or print them out. When I do coupon matchups, these will be included. The Air Wick and Lysol coupons are the ones to start with this week! To watch Video Value coupons, GO HERE, to learn more about how to shop at Rite Aid, GO HERE.

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Pretzel M&Ms $1 at Rite Aid!




This week at Rite Aid the BIG bags of M&Ms are $3.99-Buy One get One Free

Buy 2 Bags of Pretzel M&Ms $3.99 BOGO
Use 2- $1 off  Pretzel M&Ms 9.9oz or larger 3/13 Red Plum
Pay $1.99 for both
=$1 each!
** These are good to put away for Easter Baskets!


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Best Deals at Rite Aid This Week! 3/13-3/19

Here are the BEST deals at Rite Aid this week! If you are new to shopping at Rite Aid, GO HERE and learn more  
Purex Fabric Softener Crystals $3.99 with $1 +Up Reward
Use $2 off from 3/13 Smart Source
Use $1 off Video Value Coupon
Pay $.99 and get $1 +Up Reward
Visine $5.99
Use $2 off from in ad coupon
Use $2 off Visine Printable coupon
Pay $1.99 and get $2 +Up Reward
Chloraseptic and Little Remedies $3.99 with $3 +Up Reward
Use $1 off Chloraseptic Printable Coupon
$1 off Little Remedies Printable Coupon
Pay $2.99 and get $3 +Up Reward

Motrin PM 40ct. $3.00 with $1 +Up Reward
Use $6 off 2 Motrin from 1/9 Smart Source
Pay $0 and get $2 +Up Reward when you buy 2
=$2 Money Maker!  



Dixie Plates -Various sizes $1.97
Use $5 off 3 Dixie Plates from March Rite AId Video Values
=$.91 for 3-$.30 each!

If you get the chance to go to Rite Aid, and they are out of these items, GET A RAINCHECK! Then you can take advantage of these deals when the items are in stock-with less money out of pocket!!


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Rite Aid Video Values

If you have NOT completed watching your Rite Aid Video Value Coupons, you should go and do them. I will have the current Rite Aid deals up soon, and you at least want to watch the Dixie Plates and Purex Crystals!  If you just started couponing, or aren’t too sure about Rite Aid, I just finished a page on how to get started shopping at Rite Aid! GO HERE to read more.


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Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets $.74 at Rite Aid!

This is my favorinte new product of 2010, so when it goes on sale, I like to buy a LOT of it.  It is on sale at Rite Aid for $4.99 which is NOT a stock up price. It was at CVS 2 weeks ago, but I had to get rainchecks and they still are not restocked. BUT..there is a NON advertised +Up Reward on these at Rite Aid I heard about from  I went and tried it out last night, and it worked!!! Here is what I did~

Buy 4 Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets $4.99 each
Use 4 $3 off Purex 3-in-1 from  2/20 Red Plum Insert
Pay $7.96 and get $5 +Up Reward back (it says from your purchase of Dial and Right Guard)
=$.74 each!!!

This worked out better for me because I had +Up Rewards for the $7.96 so I had less out of pocket!
**For more deals at Rite Aid this week, go HERE, you can get free and cheap candy bars, tuna, vitamins, Thermacare, Colgate, and Air Wick air freshener spray!


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Bumble Bee Tuna $.12 at Rite Aid

  For the month of March, Rite Aid has lots of items that give you the $1 +Up with each one purchased! Bumble Bee Tuna is one of those items.

Bumble Bee Tuna Chunk Light in Water $1.49 Buy One Get One 50%
Buy 2 and pay $2.24 and get $2 +Up Rewards
=$.12 each!

View the Full Post for the complete list of food items that have the $1 +Up Reward promo going on!


Monthly UPR

• Orberto Beef Jerky
• Motts Apple Sauce
• Del Monte Fruit Cocktail
• Del Monte Chunk Pineapple
• Sardines  ~These are $1.29 each, so if you have the 20% off it is a great deal if you can find them!
• Bumble Bee Tuna
• Febreeze
• Buy 3 Ziploc Products
• Fanciful Rinse $.50 +Up
• Irish Spring $2.00 +UP wyb 3
• Icy Hot $1.00
• Riceworks
• Riceworks Salsa
• Water Balloons $1.00 wyb 2
• Ocu Fresh $1.00

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