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Best Deals at Rite Aid This Week! 3/13-3/19

Here are the BEST deals at Rite Aid this week! If you are new to shopping at Rite Aid, GO HERE and learn more  
Purex Fabric Softener Crystals $3.99 with $1 +Up Reward
Use $2 off from 3/13 Smart Source
Use $1 off Video Value Coupon
Pay $.99 and get $1 +Up Reward
Visine $5.99
Use $2 off from in ad coupon
Use $2 off Visine Printable coupon
Pay $1.99 and get $2 +Up Reward
Chloraseptic and Little Remedies $3.99 with $3 +Up Reward
Use $1 off Chloraseptic Printable Coupon
$1 off Little Remedies Printable Coupon
Pay $2.99 and get $3 +Up Reward

Motrin PM 40ct. $3.00 with $1 +Up Reward
Use $6 off 2 Motrin from 1/9 Smart Source
Pay $0 and get $2 +Up Reward when you buy 2
=$2 Money Maker!  



Dixie Plates -Various sizes $1.97
Use $5 off 3 Dixie Plates from March Rite AId Video Values
=$.91 for 3-$.30 each!

If you get the chance to go to Rite Aid, and they are out of these items, GET A RAINCHECK! Then you can take advantage of these deals when the items are in stock-with less money out of pocket!!


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Rite Aid Video Values

If you have NOT completed watching your Rite Aid Video Value Coupons, you should go and do them. I will have the current Rite Aid deals up soon, and you at least want to watch the Dixie Plates and Purex Crystals!  If you just started couponing, or aren’t too sure about Rite Aid, I just finished a page on how to get started shopping at Rite Aid! GO HERE to read more.


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Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets $.74 at Rite Aid!

This is my favorinte new product of 2010, so when it goes on sale, I like to buy a LOT of it.  It is on sale at Rite Aid for $4.99 which is NOT a stock up price. It was at CVS 2 weeks ago, but I had to get rainchecks and they still are not restocked. BUT..there is a NON advertised +Up Reward on these at Rite Aid I heard about from  I went and tried it out last night, and it worked!!! Here is what I did~

Buy 4 Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets $4.99 each
Use 4 $3 off Purex 3-in-1 from  2/20 Red Plum Insert
Pay $7.96 and get $5 +Up Reward back (it says from your purchase of Dial and Right Guard)
=$.74 each!!!

This worked out better for me because I had +Up Rewards for the $7.96 so I had less out of pocket!
**For more deals at Rite Aid this week, go HERE, you can get free and cheap candy bars, tuna, vitamins, Thermacare, Colgate, and Air Wick air freshener spray!


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Bumble Bee Tuna $.12 at Rite Aid

  For the month of March, Rite Aid has lots of items that give you the $1 +Up with each one purchased! Bumble Bee Tuna is one of those items.

Bumble Bee Tuna Chunk Light in Water $1.49 Buy One Get One 50%
Buy 2 and pay $2.24 and get $2 +Up Rewards
=$.12 each!

View the Full Post for the complete list of food items that have the $1 +Up Reward promo going on!


Monthly UPR

• Orberto Beef Jerky
• Motts Apple Sauce
• Del Monte Fruit Cocktail
• Del Monte Chunk Pineapple
• Sardines  ~These are $1.29 each, so if you have the 20% off it is a great deal if you can find them!
• Bumble Bee Tuna
• Febreeze
• Buy 3 Ziploc Products
• Fanciful Rinse $.50 +Up
• Irish Spring $2.00 +UP wyb 3
• Icy Hot $1.00
• Riceworks
• Riceworks Salsa
• Water Balloons $1.00 wyb 2
• Ocu Fresh $1.00

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Rite Aid Deals Week of 3/6

When you are at Rite Aid this week, don’t forget your FREE SNickers!!! $.88 with $.88 +Up Reward!


Ester-C Chewable Vitamin C $6.49 or Vitamin C Drink Packets $5.99-Buy One Get One FREE and $2 +Up
Use $3 off from 3/6 Red Plum


Disney Vitamins $6.99 Buy One Get One Free
Use 2 $1 off
Pay $4.99 and get $2 +Up
=$1.50 each






This coupon is in the Rite Aid ad, it is available in the store if you do not have one. It will get you a FREE 1ct. Thermacare

Colgate Advanced $2.99 with $2 +Up Reward
Use $1 off from 3/6 Smart Source




AirWick Aerosol Spray Air Freshener $1.69-Buy One Get One FREE
Use Buy One Get One Free SS 3/7 (It says up to $1.39 )
=2 For $.30 -$.15 each!
*When I went to Rite Aid, they were almost out of these, I only got 6 but they have lots of different scents. I would get a raincheck if they are out.


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New March Rite Aid Video Values!

  It’s that time of the month again!!! There are new Rite Aid Video Values Coupons!! By going to and rgister or log in. Then you can watch short videos (they are usually 15-30 seconds each). You can use a Rite Aid Video Values coupon AND a manufacturer coupon for your purchase at Rite Aid. Once you watch the vidoes, you can prin the coupons at ANY time.  You also do not need to print them out right away.  If you have any questions, you can email me, or leave a question in the comment section

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Rite Aid Deals 2/27-3/5

Arm and Hammer Laundry Soap $3.99 with $1 +Up Reward
Print $1.25 off Arm and Hammer Laundry Soap
Pay $2.74 and get $1 +Up Reward





Nivea Lip Care $1each
Use Buy One Get One Free (expires Monday 2/28)
and Print $2 off 2 Nivea Lip Care






Affrin No Drip Nasal Spray $5.99 with $2 +Up Reward
Use $3 off from 2/6 Smart Source
=$.99 each


If I find anything else that is a really great deal, I will add it to this post.
I know that the Lays Stax are $1 again, but I am not sure if the $1 +Up Reward will print since for Rite Aid Sunday starts their month of March and the $1 Food reward was only for February. If anyone knows leave a comment! Otherwise, if you can only choose one store to shop at this week, I would choose CVS. I am working on the Walgreens post soon and there is some good stuff in there, but with coupons, it seems I end up with more out of pocket there. We shall see how the week unfolds!







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Nivea $2 off 2 Facebook Coupon=FREE at Rite Aid Next Week!

 Just in case your Nivea Lip Care stockpile is running low..The $2 off 2 is back! These are supposed to be $1 at Rite Aid Next week! Go here to print your $2 off 2 Nivea Lip Care Facebook Coupon!

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Rite Aid Deals 2/20-2/26

Here are the best deals for this week. First of all, let me just say this…RAINCHECK! There are some great deals, but if you didn’t get there when they opened, they are most likely gone. But that is good for this week because it will mean less money out of pocket!

Johnson and Johnson Baby Care products, Cotton Swabs, and Desitin $2.99 with $2 +Up
Use $1 Desitin from SS 1/9
$1 off any Johnson Baby Care from SS 1/9
$1 off  Desitin
$2 off 2 off Johnsons Bedtime Products
Pay $1.99 get $2 +Up Rewards

* If you get a raincheck, next week they will adjust the price to $.99 and then it will be free with your coupon, so if you don’t want to spend the money or don’t have +Up Rewards, then it is better to get the raincheck for this deal.

Sucrets $2.99 Buy 1 get a $2 +Up Reward
Use $1.50 off SS 1/23
$1 off SS 11/21
=Free or Money maker depending on coupon, and if they are in stock!

Huggies Diapers or Pull-Ups $8.99 with $2 +Up Reward
Use $3 off 2
$2 off
Pay $6.99 get $2 +Up Rewards
=$4.99 each

Dial Nutriskin Lotion $3.99 with $1 +Up Reward
Use $2 off from RP 2/20
Pay $1.99 get $1 +Up
=$.99 each

Dove Shampoo, Conditioner, and stylers $3.00 each- Buy 2 get $2 +Up Rewards
Use $1 off 1 RP 1/30
Pay $4 get $2+Up
=$1 each

Plaxtex Tampons or Personal Cleansing Cloths $3.99, Buy 2 Get $2 +Up Rewards
Use 2- $2 off Playtex Gentle Glide 1/2 SS
pay $3.98 get $2 +Up Rewards
=$.99 each

Right Guard Body Wash $3.99 with $$3 +Up Reward
(some people have found bottle siwth $1 peelies so be on the lookout)
*or get a raincheck if they are out, and you may get a coupon before it comes back in stock!

If anyone went shopping at Rite Aid this week and has a good bragging photo, sent it to me and I will post it!!!!!!
Or if you found any GREAT DEALS that I missed!


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LOTS of Great Deals This Week!!

Well, it is a great week for shopping again!!! I am going to put up a store by store post of the best deals. Took some time off to enjoy the holiday with my family! My food stockpile has become pretty sparse, so I am going to have to get back onto stockpiling again. It was nice not having to really shop for a couple months!
Make sure you print your coupons, and your Rite Aid Video Values!

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