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Time to Stock Your Pantry at Foods Co With These Stock Up Prices!

Foods Co Shoppers!

Here is a way to get your pantry overflowing by spending the least!

These items are at the LOWEST prices of the year!

Swanson Chicken and Beef Broth $.49 each
Campbell’s Cream of Chicken and Cream of Mushroom Soups $.49

Ragu Pasta Sauce $.99
Del Monte Canned Vegetables $.50

These items have LONG shelf lives, so you can buy enough to get you through unitl these deals next year. That is what I do with the cream Soups. I hate when I have to spend 2-3 times that amount later in the year!

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November 11 Daily Deal at Safeway!

Nov 11 at Safeway
7 Up and A& W 2 Liters $.49 each
Submit for $.55 cash back from Checkout 51 app! 
=$22 each!
Limit 2

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November 10 Daily Deal at Safeway!

Nov 10 at Safeway
Fritos or Cheetos Chips $.99 each
Limit 2

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Large Pumpkins Only $.98 at Sprouts!

Having a party? Throw in a pumpkin carving contest! We carved ours too early and they went bad, so for $.98 we can do it again!

$.98 for Pumpkins at Sprouts today and they had LOTS! 

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Red Vines and Sour Punch Straws Only $.34 Each at Target With Cartwheel and Checkout 51!

Grab 2 Boxes of Red Vines and 2 Packs of Sour Punch for $.34 Each at Target!

Here’s how ==>

Buy 2 Red Vines $.99 each
Buy 2 Sour Punch $.99 each

Use Target Cartwheel 15 % off Offer for Sour Punch and Red Vines

Pay $.84 each

Submit for $1 Cash Back for 2 Sour Punch from Checkout 51
Submit for $1 Cash Back for 2 Red Vines from Checkout 51


=$.34 each!


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Oreo Candy Bars Snack Size Only $.90 at Target With Checkout 51 Cash Back!

Here is a great deal on Halloween Candy- or  candy in general!

Oreo Snack Size Candy Bags $2.66

Buy 5 Bags
Add 10% off to your Target Cartwheel App
Pay $12.00

Submit for $1.50 Cash Back per bag from Checkout 51 (up to 5 bags)
Receive $7.50 Cash Back

=$.90 per bag -no coupons needed!

If you have not dowloaded the Checkout 51 App yet- you can get a $5 Bonus by using this link and starting now!!!


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FREE Pumpkin at Safeway When You Spend $20 in Produce!

If you plan on spending $20  in produce at Safew-add this offer to your Just For U account!

FREE Pumpkin when you spend $20 or more in produce!


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Pumpkin Cream Cheese $.99 and Pumpkin Cereal For $.79 at Safeway -NO COUPONS NEEDED!

Add these coupons to your Safeway Just For U Accont!

Signature Select Pumpkin O’s Cereal $1.79
$1 off Signature Select Pumpkin O’s

Lucerne Soft Cream Cheese $1.99
$1 off Lucerne Pumpkin Soft Cream Cheese


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Foods Co

Foods Co Deals 10/17-10/23

Foods Co has Kool Aid Jammers for $.99 this week!


Download the Foods Co app if you haven’t and add these coupons-
$.30 off American Beauty Pasta and get up to 5 bags of Pasta for $.49 each!

Also on FRIDAY you can download 1 FREE Reese’s Outrageous Bar!

More deals-
2 Dozen Extra Large Eggs $2.99
Starkist Tuna $.50
Kellogg’s Cereal Family Size $2.99
Foster Farms Corn Dogs and Chicken Strips $3.99


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Halloween Costumes Buy One Get One 50% Off at Target!


Looking for an easy way to buy multiple costumes?


At Target ALL costumes are Buy One Get One 50% Off!!

They have costumes for all different price ranges too. I also found that if you have some accessories of your own, you don’t have to buy the more expensive costume!

Example- Super Heroes
My son has a Captain America Shield and Mask already from his toys!
There is a costume that is higher priced that comes with it, or there is a less expensive costume that doesn’t. If you have the extra items, buy the least expensive!

Also, if your kids aren’t going to wear the mask of an outfit because they will be outside walking around,  you can buy the costume that is $10 less!

**Costume Tip**
Costumes will get marked down drastically after Halloween-and even go to 90% off. This is the best time to buy them! Especially if you have kids that play dress up. 
Super Heroes are ALWAYS popular, so they won’t go out of style-plus a new Avengers movie will be out soon. Girls costumes like princesses and butterflies are great CHRISTMAS gifts for little girls! So plan ahead you will be so glad you did next year!

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