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LOTS of Great Deals This Week!!

Well, it is a great week for shopping again!!! I am going to put up a store by store post of the best deals. Took some time off to enjoy the holiday with my family! My food stockpile has become pretty sparse, so I am going to have to get back onto stockpiling again. It was nice not having to really shop for a couple months!
Make sure you print your coupons, and your Rite Aid Video Values!

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FREE Brownies at Raley’s!

Today through Sunday you can get These 4ct. Bakery Brownies for FREE when you spend $20 at Raley’s or Bel Air! All you need to do is print the E-Coupon! You do not have to actually spend $20, your total just has to be $20 BEFORE using coupons. Here is an example how to get your FREE brownies for less~Buy 6 Boxes of Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta $1 each
2 Bags of Doritos $5
2- 2ltrs. of Pepsi Max $.99 each
2 bags of Kettle Chips $1.69
2-Mission Flour Tortillas Soft Taco Size $1.25 each
2 Avocados $2
4ct Brownies from Bakery $3.99
Subtotal $24.85

Use these coupons~
FREE Brownies when you spend $20 (use this coupon first)
6-$1 off Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta 1/23 Smart Source 1/30 RP or 1/2 SS
Use 2 FREE Pesi Max when you buy Doritos PRINT HERE (These may take off $2.09 instead of the $.99)
Use 2-$1 off Kettle Chips
Pay $12.88 for ALL!
(If your Pepsi Coupon takes off $2.09 it would be $10.68, I am going to try this today and update.)

So you don’t have to do this same transaction, but I just wanted you to see how it can be fun to see how little you could pay to get the FREE item. On weeks when there are better deals I have done this for less. If you find any other great deals at Raleys to get the FREE brownies, leave a comment!

My total before coupons was $30.12! I paid $9.72 out of pocket. When they scanned the Free Pepsi Max coupon it only took off $.99~but the kids were excited about the new Pizza Doritos. Also, the brownies were HUGE and super rich, I cut them in half for the kids and they still couldn’t eat them! Good thing I bought milk too!

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Crest 3D White Strips on Clearance at Target!

  When I was at Target, I saw these on Clearance! It is a 10ct. of Crest 3D Whitestrips with mouthwash and toothpaste. It was origianally $24.99, but marked down to $17.70.  So this is what I used

Crest 3D Strips $17.70
Used $10 off from 1/16 PG (or 1/30PG, 2/13RP)
Paid $7.70

There is also a money back guarantee so I saved my receipt. I have wanted to try these out!

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FREE Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta at Raley’s!

   This week at Raley’s Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta is FREE!
Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta $1.00
Use $1 off Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta 1/23 SS


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Make Up and Hair Dye Clearance at CVS and Target

I went to CVS and Target yesterday (2/12) and I saw LOTS of clearance tags on Make Up and Hair Dye.
At CVS the Garnier and L’Oreal were marked down. The L’Oreal Excellence was $2.34 for lots of shades, and with the $2 off from the 1/30 Red Plum, they would be $.34 each! The Sally Hansen, Cover Girl, L’Oreal, Revlon and Physicians Formula make-up had LOTS of 50% and 75% off stickers on them, so it is a good time to pull your make-up coupons out and head over!
At Target there were a LOT of Revlon nail Polish on Clearance for $1.98 (you should have $1 off), and lots of L’Oreal make-up. So if you have the time to take your coupons with you, at least bring your make-up and hair dye ones there as well. I saw lots of both items on clearance there.
If anyone gets any good deals, or any good pictures, let me know!


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Rite Aid

Great Deals at Rite Aid This Week~2/13

Well, this is for sure the most random purchase I have made in awhile! But, ALL of these items were FREE! Here is what I did…
Uncle Bens Whole Grain White Rice $2.29 each
These are not on sale, BUT they are part of the $1 +Up Reward for Food items!
Used $1 off from 2/13 RP
Paid $1.29 (I actually get 20% off so it was $.85) and got $1 +Up Reward
=$.29 each, or FREE if you have the gold level discount!

Blink Gel Tears $7.99 with $4 +Up Reward
$4 off Peelie Sticker on the boxes!

Motrin PM 20ct. $5.99 , $3 +Up Reward when you spend $5 on Motrin
Buy 2, and use $6 off 2 from 1/9 Smart Source
Pay $6 and get $6 +Up Rewards!
= FREE for both! (Remember if you get the 20% off then you will only get ONE $3 +up because they will only bee $4.79 each)

Bengay Pain Relief Cream $5.49
Used $3 off coupon from ad
Used $2 off from 1/9 Smart Source
=$.49 (money maker if you are at Gold or Silver Level)

Gas Ex Prevention $6.99 with $3 +Up Reward
Used $4 off Printable (no longer available)

Colgate Sensitvie Toothpaste $3.50 with $3.50  +Up Reward~Limit 2 +Up Rewards
Used $1 off 1 from 2/6 Smart Source
Pay $2.50 and get $3.50 +Up Rewards back!
=$1 money maker!

Maalox Advance $7.99 with a $2 +Up Reward
Used $5 off from 1/9 Smart Source

**They were out of the Dove Deodorant, so if you can get this-if not get a raincheck!
Dove invisible Solid 2 for $4 with a $1 Up Reward when you buy 2

Use $2 off Dove Deodorant from 1/30 Red Plum
Pay $0 and get $1 +Up Reward!
=$1 Money Maker!! If they don’t have them in stock and you get a raincheck, then they will just be free since you can’t get the +Up Rewards later. Still Free though!

Most of these items were part of the Buy and Save promotion going on, so I earned $20 +Up Reward as well as what I earned for the transactions! Not sure who I am giving these items to, but it was fun to get a bunch of stuff, I paid with my +Up Rewards, and I had $2 out of pocket for tax, and ended up with more +Up Rewards!

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Print Your Target Coupons!!

Make sure you go to and print out their coupons! They have a lot of good manufacturer and Target Coupons available. You can use a Target Coupon and a Manufacturer coupon TOGETHER. This is what you call coupon stacking. 
Kraft Shredded Cheese $2.69 (prices may vary, or wait until they  are $2)
$1.50 off 2 Kraft Cheese from
Use with $1 off 2 Kraft cheese from Safeway Coupon Book
=$1.44 each. If you can wait until they are $2 each, =$.75 each!



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Target Deals!

  I did some quick shopping today at Target, and i saw a few deals you  might be interested in. I was able to take a couple pictures;
The 20 pack of Finish Powerball tabs are $3.79. If you Printed the $1.50 off from, and use the $2.25 off from 1/2 Smart Source, it comes to $.04 each!!

The Market Pantry Chicken Breasts and Chicken Tenderloin Strips are $4 a bag for 2.5lbs. Which comes to $1.60lb. I grabbed some for the freezer. These are nice when I just want to make chicken for myself.  It is also a quick way to stock your freezer!
I didn’t find any great cereal deals this week, but if you need cereal, The Maple Flavor Oatmeal Squares were $2.54 (the other flavors were $3.29) If you printed the $1 off 2 Target Coupon, and have the $1 off 1 from 1/30 Red Plum~ These come to $1.04 a box!

I did buy some Tostitos and got the FREE Salsa when you buy 2 bags. I used the $.55 off Tostitos Coupons, and the $.55 off the Salsa from 1/30 SS. However when I tried to use the $1 off Tostitos Dip when you buy Tostitos TARGET coupon, the screnn beeped and said~Cannot Use Coupon on FREE item.  Still, I paid $3.35 for 2 chips and a salsa!

Oh yeah~ At the end of an aisle there were some Keebler Cheesecake Middles cookies. They were not priced with a clearance sticker, but when I scanned them they were $.74! I had a $1 off 2 Keebler cookies coupon so I bought 2~Even without a coupon it’s a good deal though!

If anyone finds anything else really great, LEAVE A COMMENT!

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Free Salsa and Soda at Raley’s!!

Today through Sunday when you spend $20 at Raley’s you get a FREE Raley’s Picante Sauce, and a Free Raley’s brand 2 Liter Soda! The cool thing is, your total needs to be $20 BEFORE you use your coupons! So hand the cashier THIS coupon first, then the rest of your coupons! To print your E-Coupons, go to Raley’, and to see Raley’s Deals for 2/2-2/8 go HERE.

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Pilsbury Sweet Moments Coupon

If you go to the Pilsbury Facebook Page, You can get a $3 off Sweet Moments when you buy 3 Pilsbury Products Coupon.
If you have these coupons, this would be a good idea. You just  need to wait for the right sale.

Buy 3 Pilsbury Crescent Rolls(small) $1 each
Buy 1 Pilsbury Sweet Moments $2.99
Use 3-$.75 off Pilsbury Crescent Rolls from Safeway Coupon Book
Use $3 off Pilsbury Sweet Moments Facebook Coupon
=$.75 for all 4 items!

Now, I am not sure if the Crescent Rolls are $1 each now~they were last week, and I am sure they will go on sale again before the coupon expires. If not, Target has them at a good price for the larger ones! If anyone else knows of a good scenario for this coupon, leave a comment!

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