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Foods Co Grocery Deals and Coupon Matchups For 8/31-9/6

Here are the best deals at Foods Co this week!  

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Coupon Deals

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage Rope $2.50
Use $.75 off 2 from 8/14 Red Plum
=$2.12 each

Kellogg’s Family Size Cereals $3 each
Use $1 off from

Nabisco Wheat Thins, and Triscuits, Ritz $1.98 each
Use $1 off Wheat Thins Printable Coupon
=$.98 each for Wheat Thins

Kingsford Charcoal 12.5-16.6lb $6.98
Use $3 off from Green MDA coupon Book


Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.87lb
Rib Eye Steaks $4.77lb
Beef Back Ribs $1.48lb
Pork Spareribs $2.28lb
Farmer John Hot Dogs $.88 each
Bar S bacon $2.78

Whole Watermelon $3.98 each
Green Grapes $.88lb
Roma Tomatoes $.33 lb
Strawberries 1lb $2
Red and Black Plums $.78lb
Green Beans $1.28 lb
Avocados $1.50 each
=$.98 each for Wheat Thins

Other Deals
Gatorade  32oz. $.68 each
7Up, Sunkist, and Hawaiian Punch 2 Liters $.78 each-must buy 4
Doritos $1.98 when you buy 2


Also, Michelle sent me this picture from Foods Co-



 Axe body wash $2.98, use BOGO coupon for 1.49 each, which I think is decent for Axe.  Also doves men face/body wash $2.98, used $1 off coupon for $1.98 each….and lastly, old spice wash 2.98…..use BOGO in PG 8/28!

Anyone else see any good deals??


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Foods Co

Foods Co Grocery Deals and Coupon Matchups-8/16-8/23


Here are the best deals at Foods Co! The Buy 10 and save $5 sale is back! 

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New York Steaks $4.97lb
Sirloin Tip Steaks $2.77lb
Chicken Wings $5.98 for 48-64oz.
Chicken Drumsticks $1.18lb


Bartlett Pears $.49lb
Mangoes $.98 each
Navel Oranges $.98lb
Yellow Onions $.33lb
Cantaloupe $.49lb
Gala Apples $.98lb
Green Beans $1.28lb


Buy 10 Save $5 Items-You can Mix and Match the items, it does NOT have to be 10 of the same thing. These are listed with the prices AFTER the $5 discount ($.50 per item)

Hansen’s Apple Juice $1.48
Use Possible $1 off 2 from 9/21 SS insert
=$.98 each

Spaghetti O’s $.48
Print $.50 off 5 Spahetti O’s Printable coupon
=$.38 each

Sunny Delight $.98
Use $.55 off Sunny Delight Printable Coupon
=$.43 each
Or use $.25 off from 8/7 SS
=$.73 each

Marie Callender’s Meals or Pot Pies $1.98
use $1 off 3 Marie Callendar’s Meals
=$1.65 each

Healthy Choice Dinners or Cafe Steamers $1.98

Arrowhead Bottled Water 24pk $2.98

Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water 24pk $2.98
Use $1 off 2 Nestle Pure Life Water from 7/31 Red Plum
=$2.48 each

Brawny Paper Towels 6-8 rolls $5.98
Use $.50 off from 8/14 Red Plum
=$5.48 each

Kotex Pads or Tampons 14-22ct. $2.28
Use $2 off 2 Pads from 8/7 SS= $1.28 each
Use $1.50 off 2 Ttampons=$1.53 each

Quilted Northern 12 Double Roll bath Tissue $5.98
Kroger Cheese Singles $1.48
Lawry’s Marinade $.98There were $1 off peelies at Safeway on the bottles a few weeks ago. I grabbed a couple, you may want to keep your eye out!
Red Baron Pizza $2.98
Nabisco Snack Size Cookies 12 ct
Del Monte Fruit Cups $1.48
Kroger Instant Oatmeal $1.48
Yoplait Yogurt 8pk. $3.98

Hi-C Drinks 10pk $1.48
Fritos $1.98
Cheetos $1.98
Frito Dip $1.98

Oscar Mayer Bologna $1.50

**Also, sometimes when you get to the store you may see more items included-let me know if you do!!

Other Deals

Michelina’s Gourmet Entrees $.50 each
Use $1 off 5 Michelina’s Printable coupon
=$.30 each

Pillsbury Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls $2
Use $.50 off 2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls Printable
or Use $.50 off 2 Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls Printable
=$1.75 each

Tia Rosa 30ct. White Corn Tortillas $1.38

Doritos $2.28

If anyone sees anything else exciting, leave a comment!!





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