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Raisin Bran $.96 a box at CVS!



Right now CVS has Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, Corn Pops, Aplle Jacks, Froot Loops, Cocoa Krispies, and Rice Krispies for $1.66 each.  If you go over to, you can get $1 off 2 Krispies, $.70 off Raisin Bran, and $1 off 2 Corn Flakes Printable Coupons! 

You can do this-

Raisin Bran $1.66
Use $.70 off Raisin Bran Printable Coupon
=$.96 each

Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies $1.66 each
Use $1 off 2 Rice Krispies or Corn Flakes Printable Coupon
=$1.16 each!

You will have to sign up for to be able to access the coupons.

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Like CVS Beauty Club on Facebook for Free Item!







CVS Beauty Club is now on Facebook! If you head over there and “Like” them, you can get a coupon for a FREE Essence of Beauty product!! When you are there, if you get the $4 off $2 purchase from the coupon machine, you can use that, and your FREE item coupon to add to your total to get some deals!! You will need your CVS card # to get your coupon.



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What are the Great Deals at CVS???





Here is a shopping list for you for CVS!  Let me just tell you that i went to CVS on my way to church this morning and I had to share my quiet little CVS with other couponers who were VERY serious about their shopping!! Since my kids weren’t quick enough getting ready, I  missed out on the Air Wick deal, but that’s what rainchecks are for right? So if you are not a Sunday shopper, there are still PLENTY of deals for you. The good thing about CVS is that there are limits so they don’t run out as quick as Rite Aid.  View the full post for the best deals, what coupons to pull, and transaction ideas….

First of all when I shop at CVS, I always get the items that are free after the Extra Bucks.
This week there are 2, Russell Stovers Egg, and Super Bubbles. (Easter Baskets!)
Also, scan your Extra Care card at the coupon scanner to get some great coupons. You should get a $4 off $20!!

Here are the coupons you need for the BEST deals at CVS

$4 off  Air Wick Freshmatic and
$1 off Pretzel M&M’s
Free Biore Cleanser when you buy Pore Strips SS 3/6
$1 off 2 Fuze Drinks 4/10 RP

Transaction #1
1 Bubbles
1 Candy Egg
4 Fuze Drinks

Use 2 $1 off 2 Fuze Coupons
Pay $4.73 and get $3.74 in Extra Bucks Back

Transaction #2
Buy Biore Cleanser $7.50
Buy Biore Pore Strips $7.50
Use coupon
Use $3.74 from Transaction #1
Pay $3.76 and get $5 back!

Transaction #3
Buy 4 Air Wick Air Fresheners
Use 4-$4 off Air WIck
Use $4 off $20 Purchase from Machine
Use $5 from Transaction #2
Pay $3 and get $10 back!

Transaction #4
1 Gallon of Milk $2.99
2 Dozen Eggs $3
4 bags of M&Ms
Use $10 Extra Bucks from Transaction #3
Use 4-$1 off Pretzel M&M Coupons
=FREE  (you can skip this if you want to save your $10 for next week, I just don’t want to spend the cash on these items. The eggs are $1.98 at Raleys and $1.79 at Target.)

So for $11.49 (less if you had Extra Bucks to start with!) you can get
Bubbles, candy egg, 4 Fuze Drinks, 4 bags of M&Ms, 4 Air Wick Air fresheners, gallon of milk, 2 dozen eggs, Biore Cleanser, Biore Strips-$59.79 of stuff for $11.79.
This is over 80% savings! Even more if you had Extra Bucks to start with! This is very good because eggs and milk are usually an expense for me, so when I can get them with Extra Bucks and they aren’tsuper high priced, it is worthh it to me because then i can use my actual cash for meat and produce.

CVS Tips-

**If they are out of anything you wanted to buy, GET A RAINCHECK. Then you can get it at yoru convenience and not have to fight with the Extreme Couponing inspired people that were there when they opened on Sunday!
** When you are paying with Extra Bucks, if you can figure out your cost BEFORE you give your coupons and EBs, GIVE YOUR EXTRA BUCKS FIRST. They will reduce the amount of your tax, then your coupons will take of the rest. This will help you spend less out of pocket on taxable items!
**Sometimes I shop a week or two behind. This week at CVS the Clean and Clear Body Wash was $4.99. I have a raincheck for $2.99 but they were out. Since it is on sale again (much higher) it is in stock, and I was able to get them for $.49 each, just a couple weeks later. I didn’t need the body wash, and it wasn’t one of the items people were going after when I was shopping! So don’t get hung up on having to get your deals at a specific time, because it will either come around again, or you can get it a couple weeks later!


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ALL Laundry Detergent Deals This Week!


All Laundry Detergent is on sale at CVS and Walgreens this week. It is a better deal at Walgreens, but it depends on where you are shopping. 


Buy 1 All Laundry Detergent $6.99, get 1 Free
Use 2-$1 off All from 4/10 Red Plum (you can use a coupon on the free one!)
Pay $4.99 for 2
=$2.50 each!


All Laundry Detergent $3.99 each
Use $1 off All from 4/10 Red Plum
=$2.99 each

Since there are not any Extra Bucks or Register Rewards attached to the sale price, you can get rainchecks at the stores when they run out and get them later if you want. 



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Great Air Wick Coupons to Print!



Next week at CVS there will be a great deal for Air Wick. You will need to print the $4 off Air Wick Freshmatic coupons. The deal looks like this-


Air Wick Freshmatic Starter $6 Spend $20 and get $10 Extra Bucks back.
Buy 4 use 4-$4 off  
pay $8 and get $10 Back
=$2 Money maker!

$4 off Air Wick –
$4 off Air Wick-


While you are on the Air Wick page, print the $1 off 2 Air Wick aerosol coupon as well, and use it with 2 of your Buy One Get One Free Air Wick Aerosol coupons from the 3/6 Smart Source!


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New Candy Coupon on



Right now on there is a new $1 off 2 Mars Easter Candy Coupon! You can use this to get FREE Snickers Eggs at Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS until Easter!

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Get Ready for CVS on 4/3


GUM Flossers are $2 with $2 Extra Bucks
Use 2-$.75 off GUM flossers printable coupon
Pay $2.50 and get $4 Extra Bucks Back
=$1.50 Money Maker!






Complete Contact Solution $8.99 with $8.99 Extra Bucks
Use $1 off SS 4/3
Pay $7.99 get $8.99 Extra Bucks back
=$1 Money Maker






Oral B Toothbrushes $2.99 with $.99 Extra Bucks
$2 off from 4/3 inserts
Pay $.99 get $.99 Extra Bucks





I have been waiting for a deal like this again, because I have a lot of Extra Bucks from this week, and we need toilet paper!!!

VIEW THE FULL POST to see how I am going to do my transactions, and what coupons you need to have ready!

Here are the transactins I am going to be doing at CVS this week-if anyone else has any suggestions, please leave a comment!!


Transaction #1
Buy 2 GUM Flossers
Buy 2 Oral B Toothbrushes
Use 2-$.75 off Flossers
2-$2 off Oral B Toothbrushes
Pay $4.48 and get $$5.98 Extra Bucks Back

Transaction #2
Buy Complete Contact Solution
Use $1 off Coupon
Use $5.98 Extra Bucks
Pay $2 get $8.99 Extra Bucks

Transaction #3
Buy 4 Herbal Essence Shamppoo/Stylers
Buy 3 Charmin 12 ct. Toilet Paper
Buy 1 Bounty 8 Pack Paper Towels
3-$.25 off Charmin 4/3 PG
Use 2 BOGO free Herbal Essnece 3/13 Smart Source
Use $1 off 2 Herbal Essence from 4/3 PG
Use $8.99 Extra Bucks
(Also if you have your CVS card registered at, you should h av received an email for $4 off a $20 purchase good until Sunday)
=$13.21(or less if you have previous Extra Bucks!) and you get $10 back!!!!!

You can then use your $10 to get anything you want at CVS, or you can save it and no thave to spend any money out of pocket the NEXT week!

All together without any previous Extra Bucks, this is $52 of products for $19 (with $10 to spend later). This includes toilet paper and Paper towels, so this is an AWESOME deal!!!

Well, I was kind of in a hurry, so I did two transactions. I ended up paying $19 Out of pocket and getting $23 of Extra Bucks back!
I could have done better, but I was on my way to church! I am happpy though! I won’t have to spend anything next week!







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FREE Wheat Thins at CVS




If you have your Facebook $1 off Wheat Thins Printable Coupon, you can get the small boxes FREE at CVS this week!! The coupon may no longer be available, but if you didn’t use yours at Target, at least you can get them for free!

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CVS Extra Bucks Tip-Use Extra Bucks BEFORE coupons!

     I found a way to save money at CVS using your Extra Bucks, and hopefully I can explain it correctly.
When you do your coupon transaction, you may do this-
Get your total, hand them your coupons, and then use your Extra Bucks to pay the difference, and then you have to pay CASH for the tax.
If you do your transaction in this order-which requires a little more thinking-
Get your total-
Hand them your EXTRA BUCKS FIRST then hand them your coupons. Then the Extra Bucks will take the tax off your total, and the coupons will be taken off after. Today my total should have had $3 or more in tax, but I gave my $18.99 Extra Bucks from last week, and my birthday Extra Bucks, and I only had to pay $.19.

I am not sure yet if it works like this at Rite Aid, but I will try this and let you know later this week-or let me know if you know. It has been kind of lame to go to Rite Aid because they are always out of stuff by the time I can go, so I have been avoiding them lately!


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CVS Shopping Trip and Deals for 3/28




CVS limits their Extra Bucks Deals, the good thing about that is they are in stock when you get there! The only thing they were out of that I wanted to get was the Clean and Clear Body Wash, and I got a raincheck for that.


This is a picture of what I bought (minus 1 bag of M&Ms for my 3 yr old shopping helper!)
The total before coupons was $33.04
After Coupons-
4-$1 off Pledge Printable Coupons
2-$1.50 off Colgate Max Fresh 3/27 SS (if it came to your door and you got all 3 inserts)
3-$.50 off Stove Top Stuffing Printable
1-Buy 2 M&Ms and Get One Free from 3/13 RP
1-$.25 off 2 M&Ms from CVS coupon machine
1-$.55 off  Skintimate Shave Gel 3/28 SS(I didn’t get to use mine because the coupon is for the CAN and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of switching)
 Total After Coupons $22.75
I had Extra Bucks from last weeks medicine, so I used them
and I got $17.49 in Extra Bucks

You can do the same but do multiple transactions!
I did not have a coupon for the Physicians Formula, but the concealer was $6.29 and I got a $7 Extra Bucks!


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