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Cash Back Coupons Ibotta Sprouts Sprouts Stores

FREE Honey Stinger Waffles at Sprouts With Cash Back From Ibotta!


Grab your Free Honey Stinger Waffles at Sprouts through Wednesday 4/10!

Honey StingerWaffles $.50 each
Buy up to 5
Submit for $.50 Cash Back for each Stinger from Ibotta!
=FREE after cash back from Ibotta!

Even without Ibotta, $.50 is a very LOW price for these-at least 50% off!

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Grocery Printable Coupons Available!! Print 2 Per Computer!

Headed to the grocery store? Here are some grocery printable coupons that are available to print!

You can print 2 per computer!

Save $1.00 ONE (1) bag of Seattle’s Best Coffee® packaged coffee
Save $1.00 on ONE (1) Silk® Almond Creamer
Save $2.25 on any TWO (2) Seattle’s Best Coffee® K-Cup® pods (10 ct or 18 ct carton)
Save $1.00 when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor/variety 5 COUNT OR LARGER Nature Valley™ Granola Bars, Biscuits, Granola Cups,…
Save $1.00 when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor Protein One™ 90 Calorie Bars
Save $1.00 when you buy ONE any flavor EPIC® Bar (excludes EPIC® Performance Bars)
Save $1.00 when you buy any THREE Pillsbury™ Refrigerated Baked Goods Products
Save $1.00 when you buy ONE any flavor LÄRABAR™ multipack OR LÄRABAR™ Truffles
Save $0.50 when you buy TWO BOXES of any Annie’s™ Organic Fruit Snacks
Save $1.00 when you buy ONE any flavor Yoplait® Go-GURT® Dunkers multipack
Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) Silk® Oat Yeah™ Oatmilk Half Gallon, any flavor.
Save $1.00 on any TWO (2) Jimmy Dean® Fresh Sausage Products
Save $1.00 when you buy ONE BOX Fiber One™ Strawberries & Vanilla Clusters cereal
Save $0.75 when you buy ONE PACKAGE 125 COUNT any flavor Totino’s™ Pizza Rolls™ Mini Snack Bites
Save $1.00 when you buy any TWO (2) Mars Wrigley Confectionary Easter products (3 OZ. – 46.2 OZ)
Save $1.50 any TWO (2) Lightlife Refrigerated Plant-Based Protein Products
Save $1.00 when you buy ONE BOX any flavor LÄRABAR™ Kid Brownie

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Get Ready For Allergy Season With These Claritin and Zyrtec Printable Coupons!

Here are some Zyrtec and Claritin Allergy Med Coupons!

Save $1.00 when you buy ONE (1) Adult ZYRTEC® product, any variety (12-14ct). Excludes trial & travel sizes

Save $4.00 when you buy ONE (1) Adult ZYRTEC® product, any variety (24-45ct). Excludes trial & travel sizes

Save $4.00 on any ONE (1) Non-Drowsy Claritin® Liqui-Gels® or RediTabs® (30 count or larger)
Save $8.00 on any ONE (1) Non-Drowsy Claritin® Tablets (70ct or larger)
Save $4.00 on any Children’s Claritin® (8oz or 20 count or larger) or RediTabs® for Juniors (30 count)
Save $4.00 on any ONE (1) Non-Drowsy Claritin-D® (15 count or larger)
Save $4.00 on any ONE (1) Non-Drowsy Claritin® (30 count or larger)

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What I Learned From 1 Year on the Keto Diet

I just completed 1 Year on the Keto Diet!

I lost 40 pounds and 60 inches of FAT!

When I started, I  made the commitment of doing this for a year-minimum. I had started and stopped so many other diets for years, and I knew that I needed to do something long term.  

Weight loss has always been a struggle with me. I wasn’t a fat kid-but was never skinny either. I was in great physical shape when I got married, but even then I had to work VERY hard to stay that way. Then I had 5 kids in 9 years and workouts and diets were just a real struggle for me. I was overweight but very busy, tired, frustrated-you name it.

Now it was 2018- my youngest was 8 years old and I was just struggling with hating the way I looked, and I was SO tired all the time. Then I heard about Keto. I committed to 1 year because I had so much to lose that I knew a quick 10 pound weight loss wasn’t even going to be noticeable.

Now it is one year later and I look like a completely different person. The best part is that I FEEL like a completely different person. I can stay up late, get up early, stay active ALL day  (I NEVER take naps anymore) and I have energy all the time. Now that it has been a year and I just had my birthday I am going out clothes shopping and I am actually EXCITED about it. That has not happened for YEARS.

I do want to share with you some of the things I learned from this lifestyle in the past year.

  1. IT IS NOT ABOUT THE SCALE. This was the biggest lesson I learned. It is also why people struggle with keto and quit. The first few weeks I lost like 8 pounds and was like “This is the best diet ever!” But then.. plateau. That 8 pounds was just all the water that  the carbs were holding in. After that I would lose like .5 pounds in a week. I went almost 4 months and lost ZERO pounds. You would think that would be discouraging right? NOPE I took measurements at the beginning, and then remeasured every 2-3 weeks. Even though I was not experiencing any difference on the scale -I was decreasing in my actual size-in every part of my body-every time I measured myself. People constantly would say “How much weight have you lost??” because they could see a difference- I would say none really, but I have lost 30 inches so far…or whatever I was at that point.
    Many times you start a diet and say “I need to lose _____ pounds. Then when the scale doesn’t move you think it isn’t working and just go back to what you were doing before (which didn’t work). I strongly encourage another way to measure progress besides a scale. Yes I still weighed myself, but my measurements and the way my clothes fit were my motivation. Take a picture of yourself too, because then you can see how you looked before and the difference in how you look now and that has nothing to do with a scale.
  2.  IT IS MY CHOICE. Once I started Keto, everyone around me became the biggest overeating, out to eat, junk food addicts (Probably not true, but it really seemed like it) It seemed like there were more parties, more dinner invitations and more people that said they were ‘on a diet’ but eating junk food around me than ever before.  It was HARD. It took me a couple months to realize that I had to just CHOOSE that I am going to do this no matter what anyone else says or does. If I had to go to a party and eat nothing, I would (and I did this many times). I ate before I went places, ate after, or just ate nothing-sometimes this made me really sad too. After a few months I was used to it and I do not struggle with that anymore. I realized that each time I did not compromise in social situations like this, it made me stronger. Now I try to make it about the people and try to see what my purpose is at the events go to, and not about what I am going to eat when I get there. I recently went to an event and the menu was pizza and soda.  I did not eat or drink anything in there, but because I was not eating I was able to talk to a few people I had not met before and still talk to them now-then I ate when I got home.  It helps that I am not hungry all the time either!
  3.  IT DOES NOT COST MORE. I used to think that it costs more to eat healthy.  It doesn’t. My grocery budget still stayed the same-and sometimes it became lower. When you aren’t buying ice cream, cookies, pop tarts, potatoes, rice, beans, bread, tortillas, cereal, etc, etc, etc and only buying fresh veggies, meats and fats you can easily spend less.  I have spent $5-$10 on ice cream, but now for $5 I can buy  3-5 Avocados, 1lb of Grass Fed Beef, or 3 lbs of Philadelphia Cream Cheese! At my house I have 5 kids and my husband as well to feed. My husband started Keto with me too (which helped SO MUCH) and my kids are NOT on the keto plan. For example-I would usually make tacos for dinner- they can have the tortillas, but we would just make a taco salad. If I made burgers, we would eat ours without a bun and then instead of chips or fries I would slice some cucumbers and celery up and even though my kids would say they didn’t like them, they would eat them because they were available. So Fries would be $3 and for $3 I could get Celery and cucumbers instead. I wasn’t spending anymore money than usual. When you buy all the healthy stuff AND all the junk stuff you will spend more-you will also probably struggle with eating it since it is there too.  Also, I did not purchase any supplements or any special “Keto products” I did it just by the foods I ate.
  4. TRACKING, TRACKING, TRACKING!! Probably everyone’s least favorite I know-but it worked for me. I like to track my money, so I just applied it in the food area. I didn’t just eat everything that was low carbs-I also tracked my calories too. Yes, Heavy Whipping Cream and Cream Cheese have practically ZERO CARBS but they have LOTS of calories. I stayed between 10-20 carbs a day, and stayed at about 1400 calories. After a few months of tracking foods I got into a great habit of knowing how much I could or couldn’t eat in a day. ALso, when it seemed like it wasn’t working, I could look at what I was eating and notice I had picked up a habit of not tracking, not measuring and was eating or drinking too many calories! I could just make a few adjustments and keep going.
  5. STOP LOOKING AT FOOD! I unfollowed all Facebook, Instagram and social media posts that constantly showed all the best looking desserts and food I was never going to make anyways! By continually looking at that I would think about eating those things again one day! I joined some Keto Facebook groups and followed a bunch of #keto pages on Instagram. Then when I did see pictures I started to see things that I COULD do and examples of other people doing the same things that I was doing and I was always inspired to keep going and try new things. Then I even posted some of my own!

I learned lots, and I am still on Keto after almost 13 months and I still have more to go-but even then I just LOVE LOVE how I feel now. I spent a lot of years unhappy about how I looked and felt, and if I had quit at anytime during this past year-I would not be as happy with myself as I am now. Thank you for reading-if you have ANY questions or ANYTHING feel free to email me and let me know!

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Coupons Studio 40 Live Videos

Spring Decor Savings Segment 3/21 on Studio 40 Live

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$100 Spring Spruce Up Plan! Add Some Fresh Spring Looks to Your House While Staying on a Budget!

Spring is here!!
How does your home look? Are you a Spring Cleaning type of person?
Once the sun starts shining and the stores start carrying all the colorful spring items-I am READY for change and a fresh new start.

If I started buying everything the looks pretty and makes me feel good, I would be in BIG trouble. However-with a budget and some discipline-you can make quite a few changes to spruce up your home and get ready for Spring!

Here are a few changes I made to my house to prepare for Spring

#1 Spring Cleaning.
This one is FREE! Even if you need to buy some cleaners, use some coupons and your cost is minimal.
I like to go all out. Clean out the fridge, scrub the floors, wipe down walls, and clean as much as I can with spring scented cleaners!

Average Cost $10, but I had most items already!
For large cleaning days like this I like to buy a big thing of Mr Clean and just add water to it in a bucket and scrub EVERYTHING.

You can also switch out your hand soaps to a spring scent, and add some spring air fresheners around the house.

#2 Painting
Once everything is clean, I like to pull out the backup paint out of the garage and go through and touch up the walls, baseboards, and anything else I can find.  If that seems boring, you can always buy a quart or gallon of a light spring color and paint an accent wall, the pantry, or a bathroom!

I also have a few spring color cans of spray paint. You can re-purpose small shelves, tables, vases, or anything else you don’t really use and make it look brand new for spring! 

This year I did have to buy a small pack of paint supplies. Home Depot has a great $9.95 kit, Target and Walmart have some that are inexpensive as well. Make sure you check what you have first though to keep from buying what you already have. 
Cost $15

#3 Outside

You can get crazy with this one once you get going, but you can also keep it simple.
Buy a new Welcome Mat! I found this cute one for $8.48 at Walmart! They had some cute $10 ones at Michael’s and Target had some too. I like the way this goes with my front door.
Cost $9



I also grabbed a Spring Sign to hang up as well to greet my visitors.
Depending on the style of your front yard, you can also add some flowers in your planters. Walmart and Home Depot have lots of options for less than 4-$5 a plant and they are already in bloom. Adding splashes of color will increase your curb appeal, and you will enjoy pulling up to your house!

Cost $8



#4 Decorate the Inside
You don’t have to buy everything new!!! Just add splashes of color to what you have. I keep my basic stuff whites, beiges, and browns so that I can swap out different colors with the season. I spent $30 on these pillows from Michael’s.

Cost $32 for 2 pillows






I bought these Spring Towels from the Dollar Spot at Target-$3.

The Dollar Spot at Target has so many different spring items that will add splashes of color in lots of places. Little pots, towels, washcloths, plants, flowers, and more. I hung these towels on the oven in the kitchen and it looks nice.

Cost $6



I had this metal watering can i wasn’t using from an old decorating scheme. I bought a spring bouquet for it from Michael’s for $5 and it looks great on my counter!

If you have something similar, or an old ugly pot-paint it! Spray paint can do wonders. You can get white spray paint at Walmart for $1-this would look good painted white as well-maybe for Summer!

Cost $6



#5 Gardening
I used to HATE Gardening. Now I find it kind of fun-and the kids do too! In the garden sections of Target and Walmart they have these easy kits to grow seeds! Seeds at Walmart were as low as $.20 a pack! You don’t even have to buy potting soil if you don’t want to (until your seeds sprout and you have to put them in a larger pot/planter)

 I am going to re-purpose some old pots I have, but spray paint them spring colors!


You can also buy plants already growing and skip the whole seed planting and watering process! Home Depot has tomato, eggplant, jalapeno plants and more already growing!! It just depends on how much you want to experience and how much you want to pay! My kids get exciting when what they plant starts to grow, so we went with the seed kits.

I also bought potting soil and will paint colorful pots for when they need to be transferred.

Gardening Costs :$21 I bought Seed kits, seeds and potting soil.


Here is how they look once they started growing! Which took just a couple DAYS!




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Cash Back Checkout 51 Coupons Drop Fetch Food Maxx Food Maxx Stores

Great Deal On Cereal and Milk at FoodMaxx Through 4/2!

General Mills Cereals $1.99
Buy 4 Cereal and 1 Gallon Milk
Use 2-$1 off 2 General Mills Cereals Coupons from 3/3 SS
Pay $5.96 and get 1 Gallon Milk FREE!

Even without coupons $7.96 for 4 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk is a great deal!
Watch for $1 off GM Cereals coupons on the boxes-they have been spotted by other shoppers!

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$2 Tank Tops For Women and Girls at Old Navy-Saturday 3/23 In Store and Online!


This Saturday 3/23 Old Navy will have $2 Tank Tops for Girls and Women!!

They will be available in store and online! Plus grab a FREE pair of Flip Flops when you spend $50!


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Safeway Ad Coupons Make For a Budget Friendly Menu This Week Through 3/26


Safeway’s best deals this week are with their AD COUPONS!

$1.99 lb. 80% Lean Ground Beef!

Limit 2 Packages




Shredded Cheese 2lbs $4.99 Limit 2
Classico Pasta Sauce $1.77

Here are a couple ideas for a budget friendly menu this week-
Meat, Cheddar Cheese, $1 Avocados, Spanish Rice-A-Roni $.88-Tacos or Nachos??
Meat, Mozzarella Cheese, Marinara Sauce-Spaghetti or Lasagna?






Softly 12 Double Rolls $3.99
Thirsty paper Towels 6ct $3.99
Not name brand, but have used it before-great price if you need it!




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Cash Back Coupons Foods Co Ibotta Stores

Foods Co Deals Week of 3/20-3/26 $.79 Kool Aid Jammers!

Foods Co has Kool Aid Jammers for $.79 per box of 10!

You will need the Foods Co App. 
Then load the offer to your account. 
Use your phone number at Checkout
=$.79 up to 5 boxes!

They also have General Mills Cereals 3 for $5
Use $1 off 2 coupons from the 3/3 Smart Source

Every Friday there is a Digital Download available for a FREE item!
This week it is a Butterfinger! You can only add it on Friday, but you have unitl 4/7 to redeem the offer.

There is also the Buy More Save More Sale When You Buy 5 Items-
Crest Toothpaste $1.99
Crest Mouthwash $1.99
Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner $2.99
Dove Bar Soap 4ct. $3.49
Stayfree Pads $1.99
Suave Body Wash $.99



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