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Get Your First Month of Rocksbox FREE ~Great Way to Find Your Style and Get Out of the Box!




 I have been hearing (and seeing) so many good reviews on Rocksbox I decided to sign up!  




rocksbox-1Reason #1ITS FREE to get started!! You can get 1 Month FREE by GOING HERE
Reason #2You can try necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets-wear them as long as you want, then send them back for your next box!!
Reason #3 I am so bad at picking out jewelry. I usually just wear the same things all the time because I can’t figure out what goes best with what-this way I can try some different looks out without spending money on items I wont use. When you do sign up, you get a credit towards a purchase as well! 



So why not try it for a month-Rocksbox members rent fashion designer jewelry – three pieces at a time, custom selected by a stylist. Use code SHOPROCKSXOXO to receive first month FREE!
 Go to , sign up, and choose the styles that you like! I will keep you posted with my box when it arrives!!








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Just Getting Started With Couponing? Here Are Some Organizational Methods!

If you have been to one of my coupon classes, read my article Where Do I Find Coupons?, or have piles of coupons laying around-you might want to know ” Now What??””
First you need to get organized.  If that is not your norm, tell yourself “The more organized I am, the more money I will save!” It is true. If you spend an hour a week organizing your coupons and it helps you save $100 or more shopping that week, then you just made $100 an hour! $100 an hour to organize coupons? Awesome right? I have watched a movie, listened to music, and helped my kids with homework while I have worked on my coupons, so it is not like I had to make any ‘extra’ time to do it, I used what I had.

To get organized, you need to pick a ‘system’ of keeping your coupons ready to use. There are different ways you can do it.

The Binder Method– I recommend this for those who want to start a stockpile of food, that are not used to all the products, or that are unfamiliar with products that you have coupons for.
With this method, you will cut out your coupons, put them in baseball card holders,  and keep them in a 3 ring binder (a large one!). Then use dividers to sort your coupons into categories. This way you can see the pictures on the coupon and will be able to find them quicker.
You will need
A 3 ring binder (3″ or larger)
Baseball card holder inserts-found in a 30 pack at Target in the baseball card section-around $5
Page Dividers-usually 1 or $2 each, I used 3 packs

Filing Method
With this method you do not cut your coupons until you are going to use them. If cutting coupons seems like a lot of work, you aren’t a really frequent shopper, or you don’t really want to start stockpiling, I would suggest this method for you.
How this works is when you get your coupon inserts you keep them whole. Write the date on the front of the insert and file them in a sheet protector in a binder, a hanging file crate, or a way you can keep them together for quick reference. Then, when you are going shopping you can check the internet (!) for the best deals for where you are shopping. There you will see the date of the coupon and which insert to find it in. Then, you just go and cut the ones you need for that trip. The only downfall of this is that if you are at the store and see a really great deal you won’t have your coupons with you and you would have to go home and figure out where it is and have to come back another time.

If you have some other way of keeping organized use that! Too many times I have heard people just letting their coupons pile up, getting frustrated and throwing them away. THEY ARE LIKE MONEY!! You wouldn’t just leave your money laying around in piles would you, or throw it away because you didn’t want to organize it? The important thing is to just find what works best for you. You may try one way and find out the other works better, or come up with something different,  and this is great. Once you get started you will find out what is the best for YOU! Once you get started and get organized is when the fun really begins!!

Email me if you have ANY questions or need any more help!!

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99 Cents Only Cash Back Coupons Drop Fetch Safeway Safeway

General Mills Cereals $.49 at Safeway! No Coupons Needed!

$.49 per box General Mills Cereal deal at Safeway!
1. Buy 5 Boxes of General Mills Cereal included in the $1.49 sale.
2. Enter your phone number AFTER THE CEREAL IS SCANNED. If you enter your phone number first then your total will not be high enough to trigger the $5 back coupon.
3. Pay $7.45 and get $5 back.
4. Follow steps 1-3 and pay with the $5 Catalina and pay $2.45 and get $5 back-as many times as you would like
5. If you do have coupons you can use them-there are also $1 off 2 coupons you can add to your Safeway card as well.
6-this can work with Nature Valley Granola Bars and the General Mills Fruit Snacks too- nobody really likes those in my house so I just did cereal.
** I recommend self-checkout. Just let the cashier know what you are doing and then you won’t be holding up a line of people.
There are $1 off 2 coupons you can add to your Safeway Card or that came in the paper to make it an even better deal!
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Napa Valley Day Trip on a Budget WITH Kids and WITHOUT Wine!

I love going on day trips! This summer has been a little different because the budget has been a little tighter and my kids have had different activities going on-so I have had to be a little creative because I HATE staying home-mostly because I hate battling my kids away from the TV.

So, I came up with some places we could go for a few hours or the day, and we set our budget and headed out!

One of our favorite places to go is Napa. It is a 1 hour and 10 minute drive from our house, so not too far. We love walking around their downtown area, looking in the shops, trying different foods, taking pictures and just enjoying a change of scenery. I have pictures from our recent and previous trips because each time we go we find a few different finds!

This trip, our first stop was Butter Cream Bakery. One side has a bunch of baked donuts, pastries, cupcakes, cakes etc-and the other side is a little diner area (And the food looked AMAZING!). We got DONUTS. My kids LOVE their maple bars with bacon on top. They say it is the best tasting bacon they have ever had. I admit I did not try it, but they were happy.

Next we headed over to the downtown area. We parked near the 9/11 memorial.

When they were clearing out the Twin Towers destruction, any city that wanted part of it could have it. Napa requested it and made their park. It has a list of names of people who were killed along with actual beams from the Towers.

There is a Starbucks nearby-as well as Napa Valley Coffee Roasters, they are both good, but I just love the outside seating area at the Starbucks. It is located on a corner and  it is shaded with a nice breeze-plus i could relax while everyone goes to the bathroom!

As you are walking through downtown  there are  murals and statues that you can take pictures of/with for memories. My kids enjoy taking goofy pictures or just pictures in general, so this keeps us entertained as we are walking (and it is FREE!)

As you walk you will see lots of restaurants and shops to look in, places to take pictures and more. It is just a really quiet and peaceful area to stroll through.

Next you can head over and walk along the riverfront.  There is the famous big Waterfront Chair which I have different pictures from different visits-more shops, restaurants and photo ops! 

Throughout our visits I have so many variations of kids in this chair!


My kids love the fountain along the river too! Once again-all FREE!

The Napa General store is on the end. It is a restaurant and there is also a store inside that has some unique Napa style gifts (no pictures were allowed inside!)

On the other side of the Riverwalk you can see the entrance to the Silo’s music venue. The ceiling is covered in records and the walls have the album covers. I remember my mom having some of these albums!


Next to that is Sweetie Pies and Vintage Sweet Shoppe! Both have a great variety of sweets if you are looking for a snack for your walk around town. If you are trying to keep on a tight budget-keep walking. But if you want to try something worth spending a little more-it is worth it!

After that you can head over to the Oxbow Market, which is one large building with all different vendors, stores, restaurants, etc all under one roof. 
I could not find all of my pictures from when I was there last-so now I have to go back! 
It is very interesting to walk through, but if you are budget conscious, walk fast!

On a trip I took there with my husband he ordered sushi from one of the spots inside and he said it was one of the best he has ever had! I don’t remember the exact price, but I remember for sushi-it was pretty reasonable-PLUS you get to watch them make it right there in front of you which is pretty cool!

Ok-so you have walked around, taken pictures, soaked up the quiet relaxing atmosphere, and now you are hungry right? Well, there is NO shortage of places to eat in Napa. Not only is it known for wine, but for their food also.
I took a Foodie Segway Tour in Napa with my husband a couple years ago for our anniversary and every place we tried food was AMAZING!

We didn’t even have to eat at a ‘fancy’ restaurant to find great food either. And, since we came back with our kids so often, it wasn’t in our budget to sit down and spend $100 + for a meal.
So, here are some recommendations for you.

I am not a big fan of picnics-mostly because I spend m ore money on packing food and drinks to bring with me than I would have if we ate somewhere else. Plus, it is often tempting to buy food when you get somewhere even if you brought it.
BUT- the places to have a picnic in Napa are beautiful. Lots of shade around the parks overlooking the river.

Fast Food
I showed you all the perks of downtown and the Oxbow market, but it is a real city too. We have stopped and ate at In-N-Out and McDonald’s, Taco Bell sometimes too. If you aren’t hungry walking around you don’t have to worry about food.
Most of the time we eat lunch before we leave, have a snack somewhere there, and are back home by dinner, so this saves some money too.

This may seem strange, but there are two of my family’s FAVORITE places to eat in Napa

1531 3rd St, Napa, CA 94559
Clemente’s is actually inside of Val’s liquor store! They built a kitchen into it just for them! They have a dish called Malfatti that is LEGENDARY-really! It is the husband and wife cooking together with their family-and they have been for decades. They will always talk to you, take pictures and just the NICEST people you will meet. They have a whole menu, but the Malfatti is something you can only get there (and a dozen is like $5!) My daughter wanted me to drive her there on her birthday one year just for that dish-of course I did it.. If you try it, you will understand!

My other daughter’s favorite is the Carne Asada tacos at the la Esperanza Taco Truck. The tacos are $2 each, and I still have not found tacos that taste better than this-and yes, we have drove out here just for the tacos before!! In my opinion-they deserve the sign that says Best Tacos!

My husband and son LOVE this place called MELTED. It is downtown as well. 
The owner came up with his own waffle kind of bread for the sandwiches (not like a thick waffle, but thin) and he has som many 80’s themed names of his sandwiches. They are DELICIOUS. How he came up with the flavors that just work together-I don’t know, but if you just want a REALLY GOOD sandwich that you will remember long after-  GO HERE!

While I am far from having tried everything, one place I have been and can recommend (on pretty much any budget) is Model Bakery. It is near the Oxbow Market, and their English Muffin was very good!  We tried this at one of our foodie stops on the Segway Tour and our tour guide gave us some Boysenberry jam to put on it. Absolutely the best English Muffin! They have cakes, breads, pastries and more too! It was very good and on the more affordable side. 


Here is one last cheesy picture of my husband and I. This was 2 years ago on our anniversary! We took a Segway Glide and Graze Tour through Napa with Gayle as our tour guide. We learned some of the history of Napa, met business owners, tried food at 10 different places (all without drinking wine!). It was one of our most memorable anniversaries too! It was only like $100 per person too! We have spent around that for a nice dinner-at ONE place on occasion, but this was 3 hours of fun! Definitely out of our box. It may not be a budget-friendly thing to do with your spouse, friends, or kids, but if you have the money and are looking for a fun idea-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

We have also stayed the night at the Embassy Suites hotel in Napa too. 
It is probably one of the nicest Embassy Suites I have stayed at. They have an inside pool and jacuuzi. Which the Jacuzzi is very large. 
There is an outside pool as well.
They also have a nice pond in the middle of the rooms with swans swimming in them. 
Their breakfast was just absolutely wonderful too. 
If you are planning to stay there, make reservations WAY ahead of time for spring and summer. 
We stayed there during Christmas time, and the prices were very reasonable-especially for everything they have there. 

If you want to drive a little further-
During one trip to Napa when we had a little bit of extra time, we stopped at 
Castello di Amorosa. 
 4045 St Helena Hwy, Calistoga, CA 94515

This is a winery, but it is also a castle! You can walk all around the outside and a little bit on the inside of it for FREE. You can also pay to take a tour. We chose the FREE option and took TONS of all different kinds of pictures there! There were vineyards, cellars, peacocks-and a variety of things to look at all around, but as a backdrop for pictures-WORTH THE DRIVE! It is about 30 minutes away from Downtown Napa.

Calistoga, Yountville, and St. Helena are all adorable towns surrounding Napa that you can travel through and spend some time there too!


If you have any suggestions or places in Napa you like, or would recommend PLEASE-Leave them in the comments or contact me!




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Budget Friendly Ideas For Your Summer WIth Kids!


Go to and find the participating bowling alley in your neighborhood!
You will get 2 free games per kid ALL SUMMER!  




Regal Cinemas $1 Summer Movies
Every year Regal Cinemas offer $1 movies for the Summer! They are $1 each on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 am! They start the first week of June!


Groupon Deals

Start now buying some really cool Groupon deals when you get those promo codes!

By the time Summer comes, everything the kids want to do starts adding up! If you start scanning through Groupon NOW, and grabbing some deals for Laser Tag, Bowling, Trampoline Parks, Pizza Restaurants, you will be ahead of the game on having fun things to do!

Head over to and you can sign your kids up to skate free all Summer! I REALLY wish my kids were excited about this one-I would much rather roller skate then go bowling, but we will see-maybe I can get some of their friends excited about it!

There are also ways to earn FREE MOVIE PASSES all Summer just by buying groceries!!

Buy 3 Blue Diamond Almond Milks
Go to
Submit your receipt and get a $12 Movie Ticket!

Here is a great deal too
Blue Diamond Almond Milk 96.oz (Large refrigerated) $4
Print $1 off Blue Diamond Almond Milk 96 oz.
Pay $3
Submit for $1 Cash Back from Ibotta!
If you have 3 coupons, you will pay $6 (after cash back) for 3 large almond milks and a Movie Pass!!

Either way, the smaller cartons are on sale for $2-$3 most places! You will still spend less than $12!



Buy 3 Dr Pepper 12 packs and get a Movie Ticket for Spider Man!!

Many times the tickets are for any movie, but if you want them for Spiderman-I would wait for a sale!





When you buy 2 Ziploc Avengers or Disney bags- you can submit your receipt for a $9 movie ticket~~

Go HERE to enter your receipt or get more details on this offer-ends 6/30





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Cash Back Coupons Ibotta Smart & Final Stores

Smart & Final Top Deals 6/5-6/11+ Gift Card Deal For Father’s Day and Graduation Gifts!

Here are the top deals at Smart & Final this week!
These deals run Wed June 5-Tuesday June 11

Tri-Tip Roast-Trimmed $3.99 lb
Foster Farms Chicken Grill Pack $.89 lb.
Foster Farms Whole Chicken $.89 lb.


  Farmer John Pork Shoulder Picnic Roast $.99 lb
(This is a STOCK UP Price!!!)
I grab these and make Carnitas in the crock pot with this!
Here is the recipe I use HERE
I also put another one in the crock pot and shred it up-then add BBQ Sauce for Pulled Pork or Slider Sandwiches on busy nights! SUPER Easy!

Raspberries 6 oz. $1.99
Honeydew Melon 2lbs for $1
Yellow Nectarines $1.49 lb.
Iceberg Lettuce $.99 each
Sun Harvest Baby Carrots 2lbs. $2.49
Gala Apples $.99 each
Blueberries 18 oz $2.49
Mangoes 3 for $.99

There is a Buy 4 Save $4 Sale Going on-

Pepsi or 7 Up 12 Packs $2.99 each
This includes Canada Dry. 
Ibotta Cash Back OFFERS
$.25 Cash Back on Pepsi or Mt. Dew 12 Packs
$1 Cash Back for Canada Dry Lemonade or Orange Variety
= as low as $1.99 each

First Street Water Bottles 24 pk. $1.99
Silk Almond or Soy MIlk 2 packs 64 oz $4.79 ($2.40 each!)
DiGiorno Pizza $3.99
California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas $3.99


Diet Snapple 6 pack $3.99
Submit for $1 Cash Back from Ibotta
=$2.99 ($.50 per bottle!)

Fiji 6 pk $3.99
Arizona Tea 12 pk $3.99





Get $10 off your next purchase when you buy $50 of participating gift cards

  • Lowes
  • Best Buy
  • Lucille’s BBQ
  • Spafinder
  • Happy-these cards are awesome because it gives the recipient a variety of places to choose from!

They had this promotion on Mother’s Day and it was a GREAT way to have a gift idea and save on groceries at the same time! I am glad to see it back for Father’s Day-and graduations! 

First Street Eggs Dozen $.99 Limit 4


Remember: Smart & Final offers GREAT deals on Club size groceries and household items without the membership prices!

Their First Street and Sun Harvest Brands are also excellent quality at a more affordable price point too! I have never been disappointed in any of these items I have tried!

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Coupons Students

FREE Breakfast and Summer Lunch Schedules and Locations 2019 For Natomas Unified, Sac City and Twin Rivers School Districts!

FREE Breakfast and Summer Lunch Program Schedules for Natomas Unified, Sac City and Twin Rivers School Districts! 



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Cash Back Coupons Fetch Ibotta Sprouts Sprouts Stores

Sprouts 72 Hour Sale + Top Weekly Deals Through 6/5

Today May 31 is the start of Sprouts 72 Hour Sale!

Make sure you grab them by Sunday!

Raw Almonds Bulk $3.99 lb.
Sprouts Hummus $2.99 each


Red Mangos 3 for $1
Cantaloupes $.98 each
Boneless Rump Roast $2.97 lb. (stock your freezer!!)
Salmon Fillets $8.99 lb
Sprouts Sparkling Water 8 pk. $2
Vans Frozen Waffles 3 for $5-load $1 off from Sprouts App
Sprouts Frozen Fruit 3 for $5
Boom Chicka Pop Buy 1 Get 2 Free=$3.99 for 3
Califa Farms Almond Milk Buy 1 Get 1 Free=$2.25 each



Top Weekly Deals-good through Wednesday 5

Strawberries 1 lb. $.98
Avocados 2 for $1
Green Beans $.98 lb.
Yellow Onions $.50 lb.
Red or Green Bell Peppers $.50 each
Yellow Peaches $.98 lb.

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.99lb
Chuck Roasts or London Broil-Buy 1 Get 1 FREE




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Cash Back Coupons Safeway Safeway SavingStar Stores

Magnum Ice Cream $1.27 Each With Coupons, SavingStar and Rewards!!

Here is a deal I got on Magnum Ice Cream 


Magnum Pints and Bars $2.98
I bought 8 Bars and 5 Pints



I had 5-$1.25 off Magnum Pints (1 loaded to card and 4 Printables)
And 4-$1.50 off 2 Magnum bars 
-there is also $.75 off 1 Magnum


Submitted for $5 at
Received $5 back from SavingStar App
You need to set this up and add the offer BEFORE you shop- once you put in your phone number from the app and Safeway card-it automatically gives you the rebate



Also went to for ANOTHER $5 Reward!


=$16.47 for 13 Magnum Items
(and I really suggest the white chocolate strawberry bars!)

=$1.27 each!


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Cash Back Checkout 51 Coupons Drop Fetch Ibotta Safeway SavingStar Stores

Top Deals at Safeway 5/29-6/4!

Here are my favorite deals at Safeway this week
Deals start 5/29 and go through 6/4

Pop Tarts $1.66
Print $2 off 4 Pop Tarts from Kellogg’s
=$1.16 each



Kellogg’s Cereals $1.66
Print $1 off 2 Kellogg’s Cereals from Kellogg’s
=$1.16 each
Submit for Cash Back on Apple Jacks with Ibotta

Cheez-Its $1.66
Print $.75 off Cheez-Its Snap’d
Submit for $.75 Cash Back for Cheez-Its Snap’d
=$.16 each

Chips Ahoy 3 for $9
-$6 off 3 with Just For U
Use $.75 off 2 Nabisco Cookies or Crackers from 5/19 SS
=$2.25 for 3 





Print $.75 off Magnum Bars
Print $1.50 off 2 Magnum Bars
Print $1.25 off Magnum Pints
Also when you buy $25 of Magnum items you can get a $5 Cash Back from Saving Star




Starbucks Coffee $5.99 when you buy 3
Use $2 off from 5/19
=$3.99 each





Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing $3 each
Buy 2-add $3 off 2 Just For U Coupon
=$1.50 each

Signature Select refreshe, Waters. Soda, or Soleil 4 for $9
Use $1 off from Just For U or SS
= $1.25 each


Nestle Drumsticks, Haagen Dazs or Ice Cream Novelties $3 each
Load $3 of 3 from Just For U
Print $1.50 off 3 Printable Coupon (if previously printed)
=$1.50 each

Arrowhead 1 Liter Sparkling Water 4 for $2 with Just For U Coupon

Also $.50 Cash back on 5 Yoplait Yogurts from Savings Star

Seattle’s Best Coffee $4.99
Add $1 off to Just For U Account
or Print $1 off Seattle’s Best Coffee
=$3.99 each

Also receive $5 Cash Back when you spend $25 on Seattle’s Best coffee
-also see the Seattle’s Best Coffee deal at Target-HERE

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