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Oreo Candy Bars Snack Size Only $1.16 at Target With Checkout 51 Cash Back!

Here is a great deal on Halloween Candy- or  candy in general!

Oreo Snack Size Candy Bags $2.66

Buy 5 Bags
Pay $13.30

Submit for $1.50 Cash Back per bag from Checkout 51 (up to 5 bags)
Receive $7.50 Cash Back

=$1.16 per bag -no coupons needed!

If you have not dowloaded the Checkout 51 App yet- you can get a $5 Bonus by using this link and starting now!!!


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Coupons Safeway

Safeway Ice Cream Stock Up Deal!


Check your Safeway Just For U accounts for this deal..
Safeway Select Ice Cream $2.99
Buy One Get One Free Sale
=$1.50 each!

Also check you accounts to see if you have  the 10% Off Frozen offer to add!


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Walgreens Best Deals This Week Through 10/21!


Here is an easy deal-
Buy 1 Black Forest, Trolli, or Now and Later Candy for $1.99 –
Receive $1.99 Register Rewards Back!! 

Here is what I would do with them-
Buy 1 Trolli for $1.99
Get $1.99 Register Rewards

Buy 1 Kit Kat Snack Size Candy for $1.99
Use $1.99 Register Rewards 

So for $1.99 you get a bag of candy for Halloween, and a bag of candy for kids, or whatever. 
For right now the $1.99 for the bag of Kit Kats is the best price for the individual wrapped candy without any coupons or anything. 


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Awesome Finds at the 99 Cent Only Store This Week!

Here are a few reasons why I just LOVE the 99 Cent Only Store!!

I used to really dislike this store- but now, I can’t resist when I drive by one!

It is awesome to find name brand items you are used to paying full price for and paying ONE DOLLAR!!! 

Every week or so (hopefully not much more than that..) I run into to see if there are items to throw in the kids’ lunches, or to stock up on any staples like bacon, cheese, cereal, etc that work out great to cut my budget. 
You all know I am a fan of using coupons, but seriously-no coupon cutting or scanning makes it so much easier!

Now, it doesn’t work out every time I come here, and it is easy to buy more than you actually need, but with a little self control-and right timing-you can save some good money and time shopping here!

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FREE First Man Movie Showing For Military With ID on October 11!


October 11 at Regal Theaters!

FREE Ticket for Military (with ID) for the FIRST Showing of First Man movie!!!


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Coupons Safeway

Safeway Stock Up Deals Using Just For U App!

Safeway is having a stock up sale for the next 2 weeks starting Wednesday 10/10!

What is so great is that most of the deals are WITHOUT any coupons!

Just add these deals/coupons to your Safeway Just For U card and grab these deals! 


Cottonelle, Viva, or Kleenex $5.99
Load $6 off 3 Safeway Just For U Coupon
=$3.99 each
If you want to buy more
$.50 off from 10/7 SS

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent $2.99
Load $1 off for Safeway Just For U 
If you want more than 1-
Print $1 off Arm & Hammer Liquid
Print $1 off Arm & Hammer Packs

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Decorating a Tiered Tray For the Fall on a Budget!

Do you have one of these Tiered Trays?? 
I used to be so intimidated by them, but now it is the easiest thing!

You just pick some basic items that are neutral- I used my Rae Dunn bowls, sugar, and cream set that are black and white. 

Then I bought some of the Fall Decor at the 99 Cent only store, a few items from Michael’s 50% off sale, and the Fall Leaf Garlands and flowers from the Dollar Tree- about $10 or so totally decorates it!

For Christmas I use poinsettias, ornaments, colored straws, cocoa mugs with the same sales. 
For Spring- bright colored flowers, candles and little signs.  Once you decorate it once for a season it gets easier to switch it out by season. This tiered stand was $20 at Home Goods awhile back! You can also find REALLY cute ones at Walmart and Hobby Lobby!

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Target Dollar Spot Crafts For $1 and $3!


I am not sure how items that are $1 and $3 can add up to $40…. but the Target Dollar Spot had some SUPER CUTE Fall Craft items that just about convinced me that I could actually make something myself!!








Look at this burlap garland-$3 and then Orange Burlap Letters-$3
This should be easy right??? Well then how come 5 hours later as I am typing this I STILL haven’t decided what I am going to SPELL on this banner!!!






Well-these little pumpkins and this big white pumpkin should turn out OK since it is just a matter of sticking the embellishments and stickers on them…I am hoping. 

If you don’t see them on my Fall Decor segment of Studio 40 Friday- then you know they didn’t turn out. But at least it was only a few bucks right??





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Add a Pop of Color to What You Have to Make Inexpensive Fall Decor!

 Any Rae Dunn fans/collectors? 

The one thing that I love about all of my Rae Dunn items is that they are so simple that I can just add a little something for each season. 

At the Dollar Tree I bought some colored twine $1
Bag of 50 Fake Fall Leaves $1
Punched a hole in the leaves and tied them around the coasters and I think it looks cute! Adds that pop of fall color without being too much!


Tip: You don’t always have to buy more decorations, just add a little something to what you have! At Christmas time I do the red twine and a poinsettia flower-KEEP IT SIMPLE!

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50% Off ALL Fall Decor at Michael’s Stores!


Ok anyone besides me have their kids use a 50% off Michael’s coupon in line behind you so you can get more than one deal? Well NOT THIS WEEK! 

ALL Fall Decor is 50% off so I can buy more than one item and NOT USE COUPONS! 

That worked really well because I bought WAY MORE than one or two items….. but they were 50% off!





Tune into my Fox Studio 40 Segment on Friday 9/21 at 11 am to see what I ended up with–at least some of it…  

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