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Savemart 12 Deals of Christmas

There are 12 Days until Christmas, and Savemart has 12 Daily Deals for you!

December 13-$5 off Douglas Fir Christmas Tree
December 14- Double Reward Points Day!
December 15- $5 off Party Trays $29.99 or more.
December 16-$2 off Rotisserie Chicken 
December 17- 4 lb Bag of C&H Sugar $.99 
December 18- Box of Ritz Crackers $.99
December 19- $1 off King’s Hawaiian Rolls
December 20- $2 off 10 lb Bag of Potatoes
December 21- $1 off 16 oz. Cooked Shrimp Party Ring
December 22- $1 off 1 lb. of Strawberries
December 23- Cook’s Champagne $5.99
December 24- FREE Bottle of Martinelli’s!


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Great Deal on Vans! is having a great promotion!

Spend $65 and get FREE Shipping and $20 off your next purchase! You get the $20 credit right after your purchase -so if you need more than one pair for you or a gift it’s a great deal! 

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FREE Movie Cash When You Buy 3 Eggo Waffles! Just Text Your Receipt!


Get $6 Movie Cash for buying Eggo Waffles!!!

Just buy 3 Eggo items through 12/31


Text EGGOMOVIE with a picture of your receipt to 89332

and then you will get $6 towards a movie!! Super easy right??? Think of your kids being home for Winter Break-they will be able to eat waffles AND go to the movies!

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FREE Johnsonville Grilled Chicken Breasts at Safeway With Ibotta, Catalina, and Coupons!



Johnsonville Grilled Chicken Breasts $3.99 with Safeway ad coupon (load to card or get from Big Book of Coupons)
Use 2-$1.50 off Johnsonville Chicken Breasts from 11/5 SS
Pay $4.98
Receive $2 Catalina back
Then Submit for $1.50 (x2) Cash Back from Ibotta for each one!
=$.02 Moneymaker!

Even if You do not use Ibotta or have used the offer up, it will come to $1.49 each after the $2 back!

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Buy 2 Get 1 FREE DiGiorno Pizza Printable Coupon!


Buy 2 Digiorno Pizzas and get 1 FREE-up to $6.70!


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Are You MAKING TIME to Celebrate the Meaning of Christmas?

Well-it is Christmas (in 4 weeks, but it will go fast!)

Are you like me and have all of these grand plans and ideas of how you want your Christmas to be, and then the closer to Christmas you get you start rethinking EVERYTHING and then skip all the things that were SO important to you before you got busy??

Well let me tell you-that is pretty much me EVERY year. This year was going to be different, it was going to be THE YEAR. Christmas lights outside, decorations ALL over the house, trees in every room, and the most presents ever… And now it is December……

This year 5 out of 7 people in my house are in a major theater production of A Time for Christmas. This means LOTS of practices, trips back and forth-and coming up, 5 days (2 weekends) of performances. This is all great-but that means I have to altar some things that I had planned on. 

In our house we celebrate the birth of Christ as the meaning of Christmas, but as the day gets closer that seems to be less and less the reason we are doing everything- and I hate that. So how do you celebrate that? Do you just try to “fit in Jesus” and his birthday? On December 1st I was going to start the whole 25 days until Christmas Advent and we were going to do something EVERY day to prepare for Christmas and keep Jesus in the center of it all. Well- I forgot there is play practice, and birthday parties, and school events and activities we got invited to-and the Psych movie on December 7th…(I am very EXCITED about that one)

So I took some time to look at the list of everything that I wanted and planned to do, and compared it with the actual schedule of everyone in my family to figure out what will actually WORK.  If I stress everyone out and start yelling ” Christmas is about JESUS and we have to do all these things or else” everyone will just miss the point anyways and  not like me ( I have learned that by experience)

Here are some things I CHANGED on my Christmas plans for my family. It was hard at first because once I make plans, having to change them is a struggle, but I had to realize that things change all the time, and if I don’t flow with it I will end up being upset or miserable, and then that will spread to everyone else sooo here is what I did..

  1. Instead of doing 25 days of bringing Christ into Christmas devotional EVERY day..I switched to this..Advent Christmas Tree Devotional .  Each week (so 4 weekends in a row) you do a different thing for your Christmas tree. So this weekend we will get our tree..and if we don’t, I have a fake tree that I will do this with and then get our other tree later. But I can get started this weekend no matter what on the Advent AND the tree-this combines 2 things together for me.  Then we will read a daily scripture and talk about it in the morning during breakfast instead of at night. 
  2. Gifts for friends, teachers, etc.  I had this great idea of buying things and making baskets etc, but when? My husband and kids are in the play, so I am buying tickets to the play for people I see and would have bought a ticket(s) for instead of a gift. No wrapping and they will have a great time. 
  3.  My husband’s birthday is in the middle of December…anyone else have December birthdays? Well I planned a trip for January, and then ON his birthday he will find out about the trip as far as where we are going etc. No shopping, no spending money (until January) and he will still be very excited.
  4. I skipped Family Pictures. I am going to have someone take our picture as a family while we are at church on a Sunday and post it on facebook-lame? maybe, but trying to coordinate everyone’s schedule to do something only I wanted to do wasn’t worth it. We will do an actual family portrait in the spring.
  5. I really wanted to see the Psych movie that will be on Decmber 7th. (If you like Psych-you will understand) but with the play performances and practices-that is our only free night that week..
    So, I am going to have all of the cookie dough, recipes and decorations ready to go, and we will make cookies, decorate cookies, put together goodie packages for our neighbors, and do any gift wrapping that needs to be done together as a family WHILE we are watching the movie. 
  6. The Nativity Story- We always read it out of the Bible and watch the movie during Christmas, but there are only a few evenings we are home this month and I can’t guarantee that we all will be home at the same
    I am going to put the movie in the car and we will watch it while we drive back and forth to play practice, or shopping, etc. We should be able to fit it in a few times. 
  7. Christmas lights and activities-I wanted to do like 10 different things, but we will go to Old Sacramento and watch the Theater of Lights and drive through the Fab 40’s Christmas Light Display  .
  8. Planout AFTER Christmas. Christmas is on Monday, and then for the next 2 weeks my kids will be home from school, so it is going to go from BUSY BUSY BUSY to “I’m Bored” so instead of stressing everyone out trying to do everything, Some events can actually be done after Christmas. Also, keep this in mind if you haven’t finished shopping yet. Gift Cards, Movie Passes, and Activity Groupons are GREAT ideas to plan ahead for this time. Otherwise, you will have a whole separate expense AFTER Christmas.  I would rather my kids say “Can we go use my In N Out gift card today? Rather than Can we go out for lunch (which means I am paying for us to go out to eat after I spend so much money on Christmas already..) 
  9. Plan a trip for a day or two out of town, even if it is local. This can take up some vacation time. It can also be part of a Christmas gift. Taking my kids to a hotel is very exciting for them. They get to swim, eat a great breakfast, and enjoy doing things that are in the area. If you have points on a credit card, or find a good deal, this could be a great family gift. The Embassy Suites in Sacramento is $159 right  now for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and you get a night reception, free breakfast, indoor swimming, and you can walk around downtown or Old Sac-plus see the Festival of Lights at night. We did that a few years ago and it is still a great memory.

Once again-FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. You may celebrate in completely different ways or for different reasons, but having some sort of a plan to make some enjoyable memories will be worth it later. 



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FREE Nutella at Safeway and Foods Co With Coupon!

You can grab Nutella FREE at 2 stores this week!

@Foods Co
Nutella 13 oz. $1.99
Use $2 off from 11/12
* Foods Co will limit you 4 like coupons per transaction, so if you have more than that, you will have to go through the line again if your cashier sticks to that rule. 

Nutella 13 oz. $1.99 with coupon from Big Book of Savings
Load coupon to card from app, or get from book. 
Use $2 off Nutella from 11/12
Load $1 off Nutella coupon to your card from the Just For U.
=FREE or $.99 each


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Cyber Monday Del Taco Gift Card Deal!

Buy $100 Del Taco gift card and get 8 FREE Combo Meals!! That is a $52 Value!

Buy $30 of gift cards and get 2 FREE Combo Meals!

This deal is good Monday and Tuesday 11/27-11/28

Order your Del Taco Gift Cards HERE

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Cheesecake Factory Gift Card + 2 FREE Slices of Cheesecake!

From November 24, 2017 – November 27, 2017, for every $25 gift card purchased on our website or in restaurants, you will receive TWO Slice of Joy Cards, each redeemable for a complimentary slice of cheesecake from January 1, 2018 through March 31, 2018.

Order Your Card HERE

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Great Deal on Nike Merchandise With CVS Gift Card and Nike Promo! has 25 % Off Sale items with the promo code EPIC25!

CVS has Nike Gift Cards $15 Extra Care Bucks when you buy $50!

So you can grab a pair of shoes for $64.97 and they will be $48.73 AND you can have $15 Extra Bucks!

There are shoes for MORE and for LESS too!

The Nike Promo Code is through 11/28 and the CVS Gift Card promo is through 11/25.


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