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Raleys Shopping Trip!

This was an awesome deal at Raleys today. It was not all free, I spent $32. But By using the coupons at   I saved $5 off $15 of produce, I saved $1.30 on each watermelon, and $.30 on each cantaloupe. I used the buy 5 cheese save $5 coupon and then the Arrowhead waters were $3.33 a case, I used the Raleys E-Coupon for $2.00 and then the Peel off $2.00 on the water (making them $1.33 ea.!)  Then you get free buns when you spend $10 (another E-Coupon). The coolest thing was that you can only buy 2 waters at a time wih the Raleys coupon and After paying I received $2 off my next purchase with each 2 waters I bought!!! So the 3rd transaction was only $1.06 for 2 cases of water! The corn was 5/$1 and there is an E-Coupon for $.99 Doritos!. By using the sales and coupons I saved 70% off of my shopping!  I AM DONATING THE BOTTLED WATER TO MY LOCAL CHURCH FOR AN UPCOMING OUTREACH EVENT.


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Send me your pictures and stories!

If you have a great shopping picture and scenario I would like to feature it on my page!  Also what I am REALLY looking for is shopping trips you have made where you have given away what you have purchased. Just let me know what/where/how much and WHO you gave it to-local church, neighbor,co-worker, etc. That is really what I want to promote with this site. Thanks for being patient while we get this all set-up!Laughing

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$1 Kraft Cheese at Raleys!

Kraft bags of shredded cheese are $2 at Raleys. Click HERE for a coupon to get $5 off 5 Kraft items making them $1 a bag!

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I wanted to get some Thrifty Ice Cream while it was on sale for $2!

I did 2 transactions (with Steve’s card since I bought some of this with mine already!) Click on READ MORE to see how I did it!


I bought 2 Purex Laundry Sheets, 2 Nivea Mens Wash, 1 Gain, 1 Pantene Solutions


$5 off $25 purchase

$4/2 Nivea body wash

$2 of Pantene Hair Restoratives $1 off Gain dish soap

2-$3 off Purex  $0.17 and I recieved $4 +Rewards back. (I paid with my $10 Gift Card I received for The Oral Care Rebate!)


5 Thrifty Ice Creams and 1 Scunci Hair Accessory Pack, 1 gain dish soap- $13.18

Use 5 $.55 off any product carrying the Real California Milk Symbol

$1 off gain Dish Soap

$4 + Rewards

Total $4.10 -used my gift card again!


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