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Raleys and Bel Air’s Best Deals for 9/15-9/21

Her are the best deals for Raleys/Bel Air this week. You can see more of what is on sale by reading the ad HERE , I am just listing what the best deals are using coupons and comparing the grocery ads.

White Peaches or Nectarines $.87lb
Sweet White Corn 4 for $1
Honeydew Melons $.37lb
Roma Tomatoes $.47lb
Ciliantro 5 for $1
Limes 10 for $1
Green Bell Peppers $.87lb.
Zucchini Squash $.87lb

Pork Roast $.97lb
$5 off Raley’s Black Angus Beef Roast with Raleys E-COUPON
$5 off Foster Farms Select Chicken Breasts E-COUPON
Jennie-O Turkey Sausage or Kielbasa $1.99  with E-COUPON

Johnsonville Smoked or Cooked Sausage or Bratwurst $1.99 WITH E-COUPON
PLUS use $.55 off HERE
 $1.44 (Limit 4)

Jennie-O Turkey Roast 2lb frozen $1.99  E-COUPON
Hormel Italian Style Roast Beef $3.99 E-COUPON
AND use $1 off PRINT = $2.99 Limit 4
Premium Ground Beef 80% Lean  $2.38lb.

Dairy and Refrigerated Items
Blue Diamond Almond Milk $2
Use $.55 off each PRINT
$1.45 each If you buy 2 you recieve $1 Catalina=$.95each

Dannon Activia Yogurt $2
$1 off manufacturer coupon
or $.75 PRINT
$1 or $1.25 each

Smart Balance Milk $2.99
Use $1/1 printable or use $1/1 from 9/12 RP

Pantry Items
Yakisoba noodles $.89
$.50 manufacturer Coupon
$.39 each

Fuze Drinks $.99 each PLUS get an 11oz. Fresh Fruit Cup FREE with purchase of 2!

Frozen Food
Starbucks Ice Cream $2.50
Use $1 off 1 
or $1 off 2 PRINT
$1.50 each

All Laundry Detergent $2.99 In ad coupon or E-COUPON
$1 off 8/1 Red Plum-EXPIRES 9/19

This is what I have found so far. I would suggest printing ALL of the E-COUPONS because there are more that maybe you would like to buy that I did not list. I will update this posting with any new deals I find so you can check back here before you go to Raleys or Bel Air. If I missed anything really good, leave a comment so I can add it. If you have a great shopping picture you would like me to post, send it to

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How Coupons really cut your Food Budget

Buying lots of items at VERY low-FREE will get you to the place where you have plenty of food in stock to make GREAT meals without having to run to the store, and then you will start to extremely reduce your budget-Here is an example;

This is what we are having for dinner tonight for 9 People-
2 boxes of pasta$.25 each
2 jars of sauce$.69 each
Johnsonville Italian SausagesFREE at Raleys with $20 purchase last weekend
2 bags Kraft Shredded pizza cheeese$1 each
1 package french bread for garlic bread- Free at Target when I bought Peanut butter a few weeks ago
2 bags of Steamfresh Green BeansFREE when I bought fishsticks 2 weeks ago)
So dinner for 9 people PLUS leftovers was
$3.88! ($.43 a person)

So my advice to you would beeven if you don’t need it on your menu this week, BUY IT if it is a stock up price, or if you can get things for free, save them up. Then, when you go to make your menu after a few weeks of doing this you will have many items to start with and your trips to the store will just be for fresh produce and meat-or more cheap-free items.

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Make Money At CVS !!!! 9/13-9/18

Here is the shopping trip at CVS where you can get MORE back then you spend!!! It is a GREAT transaction to get you started shopping at CVS and leave you with enough Extra Bucks to use next week and never have to spend a lot there again!

Buy These Items:

1 Alive Multi Vitamins for Women $9.99 (Receive $9.99 Extra Bucks back)
1 Nivea Mens Body Wash $4.99 (Recieve $4.99 EB) Make sure you choose the scent that has the tag that says you get $4.99 Extra Bucks back-there are other scents that are part of a different sale!
1 Bag of Brachs Candy Corn $.99.(Receive $.99 Extra Bucks)
Tylenol Precise $5.99 (Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks back)

You may be thinking...I don’t need any of this stuff..True, but someone you know might, or you can use the extra bucks to get what you want and need for free, or save the extra bucks for next weeks sale and there may be something you want and you can get extra bucks back for that and never have to spend your money again. A lot of what I buy at CVS and Rite Aid I give away because I get it for free. Just buying the Extra Buck items with your extra bucks and coupons each week you end up with more and more Extra Bucks each week. Sometimes when they have sales on milk and eggs, I use my Extra Bucks on that so it doesn’t come out of my regular shopping budget.

$22.04 BEFORE coupons. Use these;
$4 off $20 purchase (register your CVS card at and they will email it to you)
$ 1 off Alive Vitamins PRINT HERE
$1 off Nivea Mens Body Wash Red Plum 8/29
$2 off Tylenol Precise PRINT at
$2 off Tylenol Precise Manfacturers Coupon PRINT HERE

Pay $12.04 and Receive $17.97 Extra Bucks!
$5.93 Money Maker!!
(I had $10 EB, and $.99EB from last weeks diapers and gum, so I paid $1.05 and made $16.92!)
Then when you get another $4 off $20 you have enough Extra Bucks for a FREE Transaction!! OR you can divide your Extra Bucks.
If you have any Questions let me know!

Here is the link to the CVS ad in PDF format that you can print out. It has pictures of the items listed.

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So My mom flew in this morning from Southern CA, and she is flying back out tonight. SO I had an extra suitcase and let her go “shopping” through my stockpiled treasures! Of course I took her to Rite Aid and Target for a quick lesson before she left! The weight limit for Southwest is 50lbs, and her suitcase weighed 45lbs! It was so fun to fill that up as full as I could!

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Free Milk at CVS!

FREE Milk AND Sobe????

Many of us who have been getting Sobe all week at CVS have also been getting $3 off $10 grocery purchase when we scan our cards at the coupon kiosk.  Thanks to Christine at FullerFamilyFrugalities I have a picture for you!
Here is how to get free milk:

6 Sobe Life Water @ 1.59 each
B1G1F Sale
$5.07 for 6 (this includes the bottle deposit)

2 Gallons of Milk @ $2.79 each sale price
$5.58 for 2

Subtotal: $10.65
Used $3 off $10
Used 3 B1G1F Sobe MFG Q
Final Price:  $2.88 for everything

This was an awesome deal because we go through LOTS of milk and I received 3 coupons this week-I even bought butter at CVS which to me is SOO Funny that it was cheaper to buy my milk and butter at CVS this week!

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This MAY be worth Going to SAVE MART…..

On the back of the Save Mart ad there is a coupon for 5 for $5 Fritos Snacks. It includes the Fritos and the Fritos Bean Dip. IF you have the coupon Save $1 when you buy Fritos and Fritos Bean Dip, that would make them $.50 each!

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What to buy at Safeway This Week 9/8-9/14

I have looked over the Safeway ad (have not shopped yet) and here are some great deals for this week. Click on Read More for the full list!
If I am missing anything REALLY good PLEASE let me know!
Make sure you load your club card before you go!


Barilla Pasta $1.00
$.75 off coupon SS 8/29
$.25 each

Fage Greek Yogurt $1.25
$1 off Fage Yogurt  (
$.50 off (
$.25-$.50 each 

Hormel Lunchmeat $1.99 with In-ad Coupon
$.55 off
$1.44 each

Welch’s Healthy Start Fruit Juice $1.99 with In-ad coupon
$1.50 off ( click on Beverages
$.49 each

Kellogg’s Fruit Loops, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes, or Corn Pops-$1.99 with In Ad Coupon
$1.50 off 2 Kellogg’s cereal (
$1.25 each (these are the larger boxes)

Mission Tortilla Chips $1.29 with In ad Coupon
$.55 off any Mission product Green MDA coupon book from Safeway
$.55 off loaded on card (
$.19 each!

Nabisco Oreo or Nutter Butter Cookies $1.99 Saturday and Sunday only
$.75/2 SS 8/8
$3.23 for 2

Progresso Vegetable Classics Soup $1
$1 off 4 (
$.50 off 2 Load (
$.50 off 2 Load (
Or if you have the $.50/2
Buy 4 Soups=$2.00
$.50 each if you buy 4

If you go to Safeway and you find any other REALLY good deals, let me know! I would like to add them so everyone can do the same!


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What To Buy at Raley’s This Week 9/8-9/14

After looking through the ad, these are the items there are coupons for and/or they are REALLY great deals! Click on READ MORE. If there is a link to the coupon for you to print, I have provided it for you. Click on Read More

Red, Green, or Black Grapes $.87lb
London Broil-Buy One Get one Free. Ask the butcher to twice grind it for inexpensive ground beef!

Skippy Peanut Butter $1.49 If you buy TWO you get a FREE Raley’s grape jelly
Buy 2 Skippy Natural Use 2 $.50 off skippy Natural, get Free Jelly(print 2) PRINT
= $.67 each

Kraft Shredded, Cracker Cuts, or Chunk Cheese $2
Buy 5 and print $5 off 5 Kraft Cheese PRINT
=$1 each

Tony’s Crisp Crust Pizzas $.99
Buy 2, Print $1/2 Tony’s Pizza Tony’ click on Get Coupon
$.50 each

Almond Mild Blue Diamond half gallon refrigerated $2.00
$1 off in Curves coupon book
$.50 off Select Print Coupon
$1.50 or $1.00 each

Silk Soy Milk half gallon $2.50
$.75 coupon at
$1.75 each

Crunch Master Crackers $1.99
$1 off Coupon (if you have it)
$.99 each

Harris HomeStyle Roast Beef or other Fully Cooked Entrees $5.99
$1 off coupon if you have it
$4.99 each

Mission CORN tortillas 10ct. $1.25
$.75 one Mission tortillas
$.50 each

Sobe or Sobe Life Water $1.00
Play Sobe Heads or Tails Game for Buy one get one free coupons
$.50 eaach 
I know they are cheaper other places, but if you like the Regular Sobe or want more flavor options than CVS $.50 is a good deal.  (Safeway has them for $1 too.)

Also, Don’t forget to go to to print your ECOUPONS. If you are shopping Friday-Sunday and spend $20 you get FREE Johnsonville Sausage.

If you find any other good deals that I did not list PLEASE let me know so I can add them!

Thank You



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CVS– Good deals for giving!

If you are looking for a way to give some laundry soap away try this transaction..

Scan your CVS card at the kiosk. I received a $4 off $20 purchase and I did the following transactions;

Transaction $1
4 Bottles of Wisk Laundry Detergent $8.49 Buy one Get one Free, 1 Schick Hydro 5 Razor  $8.97, and 6 Sobe Life Waters (not pictured)

I used $4/$20 purchase
$5 off Schick Hydro Razor
4-$3 off Wisk Laundry Soap Q
3-BOGO Sobe Life Water Coupons

I paid $7.35 for ALL! Then recived $4 extra bucks back!

Transaction #2
1 Big Box of Huggies (82ct) $20
2 Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo 2/$5
I used a $4/$20 CVS coupons
$3 off box of Huggies
2-$1 off Johnson and Johnson Baby products
=$16+tax, but you get $10 Reward Bucks back. I had $12 reward bucks so I got a REALLY good deal. But $10 in Reward bucks is a good way to get started with CVS if you haven’t already! If you do Transcation #1 you can use those bucks towards transaction #2!

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Target Deals This Week

I went to Target to scope things out, and these are the best deals I came up with. You will need to print the coupons off of to stack with your Manufacturer coupons.

Market pantry Cheesy Chicken Nuggets (2lbs.) $3.99
$2 off Market Pantry frozen chicken=$1.99! (

Market Pantry 3lb Chicken Wings $4.99
$2 off Market Pantry Chicken=$2.99 (

Barilla Whole Grain Pasta $1.07
$.75 off Barilla Whole Grain Pasta SS or RP 8/29
$.32 each

Danimals Drinkable Yogurt Smoothies $1.50
$1 off Manufacturer Q
$.50 each

Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes $2.44 Buy 2 get 1 Free
3/$1 off coupon from MDA coupon book from Raleys
$1.88 for 3 bags of french fries or hashbrowns
$.63 each

Band Aids $1.60
$3 off 3 Band Aid products
$1.80 for 3 boxes
$.60 each

Glade Tough Odor Solution Spray $2.50
$1 off Target Q (
$1 off Manufacturer Q
$.50 each

Glade Seasonal Candle and Oil Refills $2.50
2$1 off Seasonal Glade Spray Target Q (
Buy one Seasonal Decorative Candle Get Refills for Free

$.50 for BOTH!

Old El Paso Refried Beans $1.02
Old El Paso Spanish Rice $1.54
Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce $1.14
$1 off 2 Old El Paso Products
Price varies depending on products.

There are a few more things that I have seen are a good deal, which I will post soon, but these
are the ones I have actually done and have worked just fine!

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