Bunch O Balloons Deal at TJ Maxx- Cheaper Than Target!

My kids wanted to get Bunch O Balloons, the best deal was at Sam’s Club, but they were sold out when I went back. We were going to head to Target but stopped by TJ Maxx first-so glad I did!

Here is what we found

At Target-
100 Bunch O Balloons $9.49
Typhoon Thunder 3 Waterguns $14.99
100 Bunch O Balloons and a slingshot $20.99

100 Bunch of Balloons and 2 Typhoon Guns for $16.99!

They also had 100 Bunch of Balloons and a Slingshot for $12.99! $8 less than Target!!
They have been on sale before, and I might find them cheaper again, but my kids were excited to get all the extras when they were just planning to get the balloons.
Another reason why I love TJ Maxx!

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