Coupon Lingo- What Do These Abbreviations Mean??

BOGO, WYB, PG, SS,  What do all these abbreviations mean??? Well. couponers have our own language really!. When you follow coupon blogs and get most of your coupon information online, you will see lots of abbreviations and terms that only make sense to couponers! Here is a list of common terms and their definitions-

SS=Smart Source-the name of one type of coupon insert in the newspaper. You will most likely see 7/31 SS, which means the Smart Source coupon insert from July 31.

RMN=Retail Me Not-Retail Me Not is another coupon insert that comes in the paper.
PG=Procter and Gamble=Coupon insert that comes monthly in the newspaper with Procter and Gamble brand items.
wyb=when you buy-sometimes coupons are $1 off 2 items, so the price shown will be wyb 2(when you buy 2).
BOGO=Buy one get one free-this means you have to buy 2, and one is free. You can only use your coupon on the one you are paying for.
OOP=out of pocket-after coupons, rewards and discounts, oop is what you actually will spend in cash
wyb=when you buy-there are sales where you get the sale price by buying multiple items, buy 4 and pay $1.99 each. =$1.99 wyb4
MIR=mail in rebate-sometimes products have promotions where you can mail your receipt and a form in to get a rebate.
Ymmv=your mileage may vary-this means someone found a great deal, but it may not work at every store, so you have to determine if you want to try it for yourself
Drugstore Terms
ECB, EB-CVS has Extra Care Bucks as part of their reward system. In coupon blog scenarios, they will often be referred to as ECB or EB, and they are just like having cash to spend in CVS.

RR-Register Rewards-Walgreens offers Register Rewards as part of their reward system
Overage-if an item is $1 and you have a $1.50 coupon, $.50 is considered overage. This is a VERY happy word for Target and Walmart shopping!

If you are just starting out couponing, following coupon blogs will give you LOTS of examples to get you started. To avoid being overwhelmed, start with one store at a time, one deal at a time and once you get the hang of it you can increase your stores, deals, and savings.


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