5 Steps For a Successful Christmas Party on a Budget!!

Are you having a Christmas Party? Would you like to throw a Christmas Party, but it seems like it would cost a little too much? 

I love getting together with family and friends, but with gifts, and other expenses in December, adding on a party could seem a little overwhelming, 

Here are some ideas for having a party that can give you the same enjoyment without the financial pressure!

#1 Potluck
Have your guests bring the food! You can even make it a theme. Here are some suggestions
Soups-everyone bring your favorite soup-Bread and Drinks provided
Pastas-Bring your favorite pasta dish-salad and bread will be provided
If you have specific dishes you want people to bring, it is easier for them to participate. For me, coming up with something to bring makes me waste a lot of time on Pinterest-but if you tell me to bring a soup, or a pasta dish I am on there for half the time!

#2 Theme Party
Think outside of the box! It doesn’t have to be a full dinner. Most of the time everyone is too busy to get together for dinner, let alone cook one!
Here are some ideas-
Movie night-Pick a cheesy Christmas movie and provide the popcorn and let everyone bring their favorite movie snacks.
Game Night-Bring your favorite game and snack.
Hot Chocolate and Cookies-Bring your favorite cookies or warm drink!

#3 Desserts Only
If you invite guests over for a Christmas dessert party you can cut your budget way down, Most desserts you make can feed multiple people! If you want you can even ask that they bring their favorite dessert to share. You can provide the drinks! If you have paper plates, silverware, and cups it will make clean up easy too!

#4 Get Outside!
Just because you want to get together doesn’t mean you have to do it at home! If you don’t have time to cook, clean, or prepare think of something else!
Christmas Lights-Get some families together and go look at Christmas lights! You can stop and get hot chocolate before, after or during for $1-$2 per person!
Bake cookies and pass them out together to neighbors, businesses, or people you know!
Ice Skating (or similar)-have everyone meet you at the ice skating rink. Tell each person how much it will be and then not only will you not have an expense, but you will all get to do a fun activity together!
This will save you from having to clean, decorate, cook, and shop!

#5 Change the Date
If a Christmas party seems overwhelming or too expensive, think about having a New Years Dinner or Party.
I have family birthdays, church parties, school parties, work parties, and all of the regular stuff going on which is making Decmeber fill up VERY fast. Yet, January is pretty open!
This could give your busy family and freinds something to look forward to after the holidays, You could even have a gift exchage and have people bring a gift they received during Christmas to trade!

I have way more ideas, and I am sure you do too, but hopefully this will get you started. Spending time with your family and friends as we close out the year is important, and it shouldn’t add any pressure to our lives financially. So don’t make excuses not to do it, or spend more than you should and regret it later. Find what works for you and everyone else so you can celebrate TOGETHER!

You can also read my previous article 5 Steps to Save Money and Time on Christmas Dinner

If you have any other tips on Christmas Parties-send them in Diana@PantryOverflow.com
or share them on the Facebook Page!



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