Plan Ahead and Stock Up For the Year With THESE Lowest Prices!

                                  November and December Holiday  Stock Up Prices List!

The stores will all be competing with each other for you to shop at their stores for your Holiday Meals. Take this time and use it to your advantage to not just save money for the holidays, but to save for the next year! Many of the items you can stock up on have expiration dates lasting well over a year-especially the canned goods. Once the holidays are over- these items will cost you almost double so think ahead and buy what you may use for the months ahead!


Frozen – $.29-$.49 lb May require a minimum purchase so check before you buy
Fresh $.99 lb.
Organic $1.99 lb.
Ham– Spiral $1.49 lb-$1.99 lb.(usually Smart & Final has the lowest price on these) 


Canned Vegetables $.50 per can
Canned Broths $.50 per can
Canned Cream Soups (chicken and mushroom) $.50 per can


Cake Mix $1
Brownie Mix $1

Marshmallows $1
Cool Whip $1



Potatoes– Fresh, 5lbs for $.99
Stuffing and Boxed Potatoes– $1 per box or less

Baking Items
This is also a time that Flour, Sugar, Butter, Marshmallows, Chocolate Chips, Evaporated Milk, Canned Pumpkin, Cake Mixes, are on sale at the lowest prices. 

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