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New Ibotta Users Get a $20 Bonus When You Redeem 10 Offers!! PLUS a Scenario For Current Users!


I took a friend shopping at Sprouts to show her how to use Ibotta-now she is hooked!

When you download and use Ibotta for the first time you get an offer for $20 Cash Back when you redeem 10 offers! That is $2 back per item! At Sprouts many of the items were less than $2-so she got those offers PLUS the bonus! She spent $16 and got $10.48 and $20 Back!



Here is what we bought-
Pacific Almond Milk 32 oz. $2.46 -$1.50 Cash Back
Tazo Tea $1 -$.50 Cash Back
Zevia Tea $1.67 -$1.99 Cash Back
Zevia Energy $1.67- $1.99 Cash Back
C20 water $1.67-$.5 Cash Back
Caveman Bar $1.25-$.5 Cash Back
Essentia $1.67-$.5 Cash Back
Justin’s Nut Butter $1.50-$.5 Cash Back
Rx Nut Butter $1.59-$.50 Cash Back 
Flow Water $1.25-$.75 Cash Back
1 Banana-$.25 Cash Back
$.50 Cash Back any item

Paid $16.37 and received $10.48 Cash Back for the items, $.50 Cash Back Bonus for Teamwork, and $20 Cash Back for 10 Item Bonus
=$14.61 Profit + all the items!!

Here is how Ibotta works-

Download the Ibotta App HERE-here is my referral code-MPJXKQ.I have a lot of people on my team, so you will always make the team bonus Cash when you redeem offers!
Choose the store you are shopping at
Choose the offers you want to redeem
Buy the items at the store
Redeem your receipt-take a picture-scan the items-receive the cash back!

You can cash out with Paypal, Venmo, or gift cards once you reach $20-and that is easily done

Do you already have Ibotta?
While I was with my friend I redeemed these offers and here is what I bought

Almond Milk $2.46 -$1.50 Cash Back
Tazo Tea $1 -$.50 Cash Back
Colombe Draft Latte $2.29- $1 off from Sprouts App, $1 Cash Back
Flow Water $1.25-$.25 Cash Back
Esssentia Water $1.67- $.50 Cash Back
No Cow Bar $2.79-Used Buy One Get One Free Sprouts App Coupon -Plus $1 each Cash Back 
Justin’s Almond Butter $1.50-$.50 Cash Back
Rx Nut Butter $1.59-$.60 Cash Back

I paid $12.56 and received $9.85 back! 
It was perfect timing because we are on the way to the beach so I had drinks and snacks!




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