What I Learned From 1 Year on the Keto Diet

I just completed 1 Year on the Keto Diet!

I lost 40 pounds and 60 inches of FAT!

When I started, I  made the commitment of doing this for a year-minimum. I had started and stopped so many other diets for years, and I knew that I needed to do something long term.  

Weight loss has always been a struggle with me. I wasn’t a fat kid-but was never skinny either. I was in great physical shape when I got married, but even then I had to work VERY hard to stay that way. Then I had 5 kids in 9 years and workouts and diets were just a real struggle for me. I was overweight but very busy, tired, frustrated-you name it.

Now it was 2018- my youngest was 8 years old and I was just struggling with hating the way I looked, and I was SO tired all the time. Then I heard about Keto. I committed to 1 year because I had so much to lose that I knew a quick 10 pound weight loss wasn’t even going to be noticeable.

Now it is one year later and I look like a completely different person. The best part is that I FEEL like a completely different person. I can stay up late, get up early, stay active ALL day  (I NEVER take naps anymore) and I have energy all the time. Now that it has been a year and I just had my birthday I am going out clothes shopping and I am actually EXCITED about it. That has not happened for YEARS.

I do want to share with you some of the things I learned from this lifestyle in the past year.

  1. IT IS NOT ABOUT THE SCALE. This was the biggest lesson I learned. It is also why people struggle with keto and quit. The first few weeks I lost like 8 pounds and was like “This is the best diet ever!” But then.. plateau. That 8 pounds was just all the water that  the carbs were holding in. After that I would lose like .5 pounds in a week. I went almost 4 months and lost ZERO pounds. You would think that would be discouraging right? NOPE I took measurements at the beginning, and then remeasured every 2-3 weeks. Even though I was not experiencing any difference on the scale -I was decreasing in my actual size-in every part of my body-every time I measured myself. People constantly would say “How much weight have you lost??” because they could see a difference- I would say none really, but I have lost 30 inches so far…or whatever I was at that point.
    Many times you start a diet and say “I need to lose _____ pounds. Then when the scale doesn’t move you think it isn’t working and just go back to what you were doing before (which didn’t work). I strongly encourage another way to measure progress besides a scale. Yes I still weighed myself, but my measurements and the way my clothes fit were my motivation. Take a picture of yourself too, because then you can see how you looked before and the difference in how you look now and that has nothing to do with a scale.
  2.  IT IS MY CHOICE. Once I started Keto, everyone around me became the biggest overeating, out to eat, junk food addicts (Probably not true, but it really seemed like it) It seemed like there were more parties, more dinner invitations and more people that said they were ‘on a diet’ but eating junk food around me than ever before.  It was HARD. It took me a couple months to realize that I had to just CHOOSE that I am going to do this no matter what anyone else says or does. If I had to go to a party and eat nothing, I would (and I did this many times). I ate before I went places, ate after, or just ate nothing-sometimes this made me really sad too. After a few months I was used to it and I do not struggle with that anymore. I realized that each time I did not compromise in social situations like this, it made me stronger. Now I try to make it about the people and try to see what my purpose is at the events go to, and not about what I am going to eat when I get there. I recently went to an event and the menu was pizza and soda.  I did not eat or drink anything in there, but because I was not eating I was able to talk to a few people I had not met before and still talk to them now-then I ate when I got home.  It helps that I am not hungry all the time either!
  3.  IT DOES NOT COST MORE. I used to think that it costs more to eat healthy.  It doesn’t. My grocery budget still stayed the same-and sometimes it became lower. When you aren’t buying ice cream, cookies, pop tarts, potatoes, rice, beans, bread, tortillas, cereal, etc, etc, etc and only buying fresh veggies, meats and fats you can easily spend less.  I have spent $5-$10 on ice cream, but now for $5 I can buy  3-5 Avocados, 1lb of Grass Fed Beef, or 3 lbs of Philadelphia Cream Cheese! At my house I have 5 kids and my husband as well to feed. My husband started Keto with me too (which helped SO MUCH) and my kids are NOT on the keto plan. For example-I would usually make tacos for dinner- they can have the tortillas, but we would just make a taco salad. If I made burgers, we would eat ours without a bun and then instead of chips or fries I would slice some cucumbers and celery up and even though my kids would say they didn’t like them, they would eat them because they were available. So Fries would be $3 and for $3 I could get Celery and cucumbers instead. I wasn’t spending anymore money than usual. When you buy all the healthy stuff AND all the junk stuff you will spend more-you will also probably struggle with eating it since it is there too.  Also, I did not purchase any supplements or any special “Keto products” I did it just by the foods I ate.
  4. TRACKING, TRACKING, TRACKING!! Probably everyone’s least favorite I know-but it worked for me. I like to track my money, so I just applied it in the food area. I didn’t just eat everything that was low carbs-I also tracked my calories too. Yes, Heavy Whipping Cream and Cream Cheese have practically ZERO CARBS but they have LOTS of calories. I stayed between 10-20 carbs a day, and stayed at about 1400 calories. After a few months of tracking foods I got into a great habit of knowing how much I could or couldn’t eat in a day. ALso, when it seemed like it wasn’t working, I could look at what I was eating and notice I had picked up a habit of not tracking, not measuring and was eating or drinking too many calories! I could just make a few adjustments and keep going.
  5. STOP LOOKING AT FOOD! I unfollowed all Facebook, Instagram and social media posts that constantly showed all the best looking desserts and food I was never going to make anyways! By continually looking at that I would think about eating those things again one day! I joined some Keto Facebook groups and followed a bunch of #keto pages on Instagram. Then when I did see pictures I started to see things that I COULD do and examples of other people doing the same things that I was doing and I was always inspired to keep going and try new things. Then I even posted some of my own!

I learned lots, and I am still on Keto after almost 13 months and I still have more to go-but even then I just LOVE LOVE how I feel now. I spent a lot of years unhappy about how I looked and felt, and if I had quit at anytime during this past year-I would not be as happy with myself as I am now. Thank you for reading-if you have ANY questions or ANYTHING feel free to email me and let me know!

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  • Donna
    March 29, 2019 at 11:22 am

    I love this and want to so bad jump on board! I’m just scared to fail again! I will have to put my foot down and just do it!!!! Thank you so much you encourage me!

    • March 29, 2019 at 12:11 pm

      I totally understand! That is why I was determined to do it at least one year. Let me know if you start again and I will encourage you-it is the hardest at the beginning

  • Robin Cope
    March 29, 2019 at 10:44 am

    I am sooo proud of you. I read your post and you are an inspiration. I would love to try this. I am still struggling. I was thinking all that keto would raise your bad cholesterol. I would like your daily menu. Lol…serious…thanks Diana..

    Thank you, Robin

    • March 29, 2019 at 12:09 pm

      I actually get a physical every year. This year ALL of my numbers improved!! You may see with keto that other people eat lots of bacon, butter, etc- that works, but I eat more veggies than anything. I get my fats from olive oil, cream cheese and nut butters instead of fatty meats. My husband even had his cholesterol go down, and he does eat most of his fats from meat more than anything. It is weird to imagine how eating fat helps you lose fat. I watched all of the BVOV episodes that Dr Colbert was on last year when he talked about his book-the Keto Zone- I read that first and it got me motivated

  • Emily
    March 29, 2019 at 10:00 am

    Love this!!!! Thank you for encouraging me 🙂

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