Coupons Safeway Stores

Multiple FREE Items at Safeway With Monopoly Free Item Tickets and Buy One Get One Sales!

Safeway Monopoly Players…

Do you have FREE ITEM game pieces for Buy One Get One FREE Sale Items??

We had a FREE Signature Select Bag of Candy Coupon
They are on sale Buy One Get One Free

Here are other items that have FREE game pieces that are Buy 1 Get One Free, or Buy 2 Get One Free that I have seen or had someone else tell me.



Safeway Batteries are Buy 2 Get 1 free- There are FREE 4 Pack Battery tickets
French Bread Loaf- Buy One Get One Free-FREE Loaf tickets
Safeway Antacids -Buy 2 get 1 Free- I had 2 FREE Bottles-so 3 free (not sure what I will do with them though!)

There may be more, leave a comment if you know of any!

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