Free Drinks, Bagels, and More! Having Fun Saving With the Family!

Ok well that was FUN!

I had my husband and 5 kids with me- and I spent less than $40!

First-we all chose pajama pants from Old Navy for $5-ordered them online from home before we left!

We all have the Panera App– we signed up for their rewards so we all got a FREE BAGEL from Panera (Free Bagel DAILY through December) + We got a FREE Sweet Treat for signing up-some chose cinnamon rolls, scones, cookies, etc. 

THEN- we went to the Barnes and Noble Cafe and got a FREE COFFEE- or Hot Chocolate, Frappuccino-everyone got something different-BUT THEY WERE ALL FREE! DETAILS HERE

So for $5 each we got pants, bagel, cinnamon roll, and a Starbucks drink- plus we had a fun time together! Oh, and I didn’t have to hear “Mom, I am hungry-or can we get a drink” from anyone -that was my favorite part!


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