Creative Cafe Barista Bar Will Make Such a Great Gift This Year!


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How cute is this for a special gift this season????

Creative Café is a line of food activity products that mimic on trend “real” cooking tools/machines that include real food (i.e. coffee maker, etc.). Creative Café Barista Bar is all about kids finding their inner Barista and making customized coffee-free latte drinks just like a barista does at their (or your) favorite local coffee shop!

Creative Cafe comes with powder to mix with milk (or milk alternatives) to make these amazing drinks! This is KID SAFE-no heat! They can froth milk by pulling the lever down, and it comes with stencils to design their creation with powder! The Creative Cafe even comes with recipes, or you can make up your own! There are many different syrups you can get at the store and come up with your own special creations. 





I just love gifts that inspire creativity for children- and this gives an answer to “What is for a snack?” I also love the fact that you use milk and powders to make the drinks. These are items that are very easy to have on hand, and inexpensive.  I can think of 2 people right now that this is a perfect gift for. I am so excited to see how happy they are to use it!

Check out Creativecafemyway.com for more details! You can find it online or in store at Amazon, Target or Walmart!

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