Target Halloween, Fall, and Football Clearance!


50 % Off Halloween Decor, Costumes, and Accesories!
30 % Off Candy and Food!

Yes-it will go lower-but the selection will decrease as well.  If there is something that you want-even though it could get to 90% off-I would grab it at 50% and not feel bad. 
YES it will probably be 70% off by Monday, but I have waited a few times and then GONE- and I wished I paid 50%. So, it is your choice. If you don’t care and you just want to grab some cheap deals-WAIT-it will get lower. 

Not only was the Halloween on sale for 50% off-but I found all of the Fall Dollar Spot items for 50 % off too! 

So much of this stuff I bought full price-so I was glad to grab a few more because next year it will be less to buy-and I know it will match!

They also have all of the Football, Game Day, and Sunday Funday stuff on clearance!
I got enough stuff to do a Super Bowl party, fun prizes for my youth class, and some stocking stuffers for my boys!



These pot holder and towel sets were $3-50% = $1.50 each! I grabbed lots of those because I prefer these potholders over the gloves and we go through them fast!

LOTS of socks were in this bin too, making them $.50 each . I love socks so I bought so many! 

Of course, different stores will vary.

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