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Grocery Outlet Deals Week of 10/31/18 -Save on School Lunches!

I stop into the Grocery Outlet every once in awhile just to check out the deals!

Between there and the $.99 Cent Only Sotre I can get some good snacks and lunch items for the kids’ lunches and sports! Paying full prices for these things would definitely break my budget!


$.99 Nutri Grain Bars! My kids only like apple, so this is awesome. I buy 1-2 boxes of each item that are great deals. I also check the dates-some items are lower priced because they expire soon, you can’t really stock up for the year with these deals. 


One thing I have learned here and at the 99 Cent Only Sttore-there will ALWAYS be good deals. i used to buy a TON of every deal, then the next week buy a TON, then by the end of the month I had way more food than my kids could eat, and I spent more money because it was “such a good deal”. There will always be good deals, so f you buy extras -skip the next week! 

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