Decorating a Tiered Tray For the Fall on a Budget!

Do you have one of these Tiered Trays?? 
I used to be so intimidated by them, but now it is the easiest thing!

You just pick some basic items that are neutral- I used my Rae Dunn bowls, sugar, and cream set that are black and white. 

Then I bought some of the Fall Decor at the 99 Cent only store, a few items from Michael’s 50% off sale, and the Fall Leaf Garlands and flowers from the Dollar Tree- about $10 or so totally decorates it!

For Christmas I use poinsettias, ornaments, colored straws, cocoa mugs with the same sales. 
For Spring- bright colored flowers, candles and little signs.  Once you decorate it once for a season it gets easier to switch it out by season. This tiered stand was $20 at Home Goods awhile back! You can also find REALLY cute ones at Walmart and Hobby Lobby!

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