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AMAZING Deals at Safeway For 4th of July +Stock Up for the MONTH!!! Deals 6/27-7/4

SAFEWAY is MY #1 Recommendation for the store to shop at this holiday!! If you are hosting a 4th of July BBQ-everything is on sale at Safeway! These deals begin Wednesday 6/27 through July 4.

Not only am I shopping for the 4th of July, but I am DEFINITELY stocking up on ALL of these items this week for the rest of my month!!! These are the LOWEST prices around!


Signature Farms 80% Ground Beef $1.69! 
This will come in a Mega Pack, so around 10 lbs or so. You can ask them to divide it up for you, and they will. Most of the time I just make it into hamburger patties and then freeze them for later. 


Pork Spareribs for $.99 lb!!! 
You can buy 2 racks of ribs for this price! So many choices this week- I don’t know what I am going to cook first! 


Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $.99
Safeway Hot Dog Buns $.99
Lucerne Sliced Cheese $.99
Lucerne Shredded Cheese 8 oz. $.99
Lucerne Block Cheese 8 oz. $.99
LIMIT 2 ..bring your kids!

Refresh Bottled Water 24 pk. $.99
Doritos $.99
Lays Kettle Chips $.99
-Seriously, if you are invited to a potluck and you are on a budget-VOLUNTEER TO BRING CHIPS!!!!!

16 Piece Fried Chicken $8.88 LIMIT 2  (Great for beach trips, picnics, dinner, or if you are bringing something to a party and you don’t want to cook!)

Bomb Pop Novelty Popsicles $.99 each!!!! LIMIT 5

  Sweet Corn $.19 each-LIMIT 12!
If you  have an Instant Pot, I recommend this EASY way to cook your corn. 
-Cut the ears in half (peeled)
-Add 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of water to the pot
-Cook on manual for 2 Minutes
-DONE -every kernel is juicy and evenly cooked. 

These are AWESOME prices. Remember the limits, and don’t buy more than that at a time. If you want multiple items, self checkout is an easy way to do it, or separate your orders at the checkstand. Or, you can be like me and go multiple times in the week and grab the deals. I live closer though and pass by often. 

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