Modern Map Art Was a TOTAL Win as a Gift!!

I have been waiting to show this to you guys for awhile now!!!

I ordered this for my daughter’s 16th birthday for her room ..AND SHE LOVED IT! 
Modern Map Art makes birthday gifts (or any gift) SO SPECIAL-this is the star map of the night she was born!!! 

The first thing she said when she opened this was “OMG! I saw this on Instagram! ” Which translates “This is actually a cool gift for my age.”

My daughter just repainted and decorated her room in a very ‘simple’ gray and white, so this was a PERFECT addition to her walls. 

I recevied the poster-24×36 and I bought my own frame for it. You can buy a framed poster, or better yet-have yours printed on a canvas (that would be awesome!) The frame I bought has a reflection on it to be able to take a great picture, so for something this beautiful I would highly recommend the canvas. 

The fun part-you CREATE YOUR OWN! You pick your date, your title, your color, border, etc. I chose the day my daughter was born! She just repainted her room and this was just the picture that added a nice look to her light gray walls. 

Few more ideas-your wedding date, your first date, when you first met, or ANY other special date you want to remember in a special way!

They also have customized CITY MAPS! You can choose any city you would like to add to your decor, or that has a special meaning to you!


Anyways, I am just totally impressed and now that I see my daughter’s I am thinking about how cute it will be to get them for each of my kids-or for my room with my anniversary on it! It is just so special and my daughter loved it so much. 

The posters come in various sizes AND FREE SHIPPING! The container that the poster was shipped in was extremely sturdy and was packed very well. Overall, I am just very pleased and impressed with Modern Map Art! Go over and just try creating your own poster-you can customize yours and see what it will look like before you order!




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