My Honest Review of My Experience With DietBet App!


Have any of you tried the App DIETBET?? I tried it out for you all over the last 4 weeks and here is my honest take on what I think about it!

Here is what you do-
1. Download the App (easy)
2. You will see a variety of different DietBets you can “Play”
How it works is you “Play Now” on the Diet Betgame you want to join. There are bets for as low as $25 up to $100. Your goal is to lose 4 % of you weight in 4 weeks. There are also 10% and 6 months games too.  If you win, you get YOUR money back, and the participants who DO NOT lose their 4% is divided by the winners.
3. You follow the weigh in-directions. Take a picture of yourself on your scale, and a full body picture also. 
4. Lose your 4% (or game you choose)

You can be a part of 3 different Diet Bets at one time. 
I joined 3 different ones, just to see which was better

Game #1 $25 Bet. I lost the weight and received $41.09 back = $16.09 profit
Game #2 $30 Bet. I lost the weight and received $50.61 back=  $20.61 profit
Game #3 $100 Bet. I lost the weight and received $105.03 back =$5.03 profit
Total Diet Bet Winnings =$41.73!

Not a huge win, I know-BUT it did motivate me to stay on track because I wanted my money back! Plus that’s $10 a week to lose weight!

I won the most on the $25 and $30 bets-I am guessing it is because it was not as motivating if you only lose $25. I only won $5 on the $100 bet-and that is probably because nobody wants to lose $100!!


There is a community where people post updates and messages. Also if you pay $5 to become a “Member” There are giveaways each week that members can win in the games as well. I did not pay the $5 so I could never win, but I think next round I just might!

Would I sign up again-YES. I still have about 15 pounds I want to lose, and since this is a less extreme way of losing weight (and less pressure) I am going to go for another round!

Would I recommend it-YES! Just figure out what 4% of your body weight is, divide it by 4-that is how much you would need to lose each week. If it seems reasonable-I say go for it! You send your pictures in, but you don’t have to weigh in in front of strangers or friends, and you can update your weight at any time and see how much further you need to go. 

1- At your initial weigh-in don’t worry about the weight of your clothes. 
2-When you weight out-find the lightest shorts and tank tops you have.
3- Remember your phone weighs something. I weighed myself frequently without clothes and knew I had lost the weight, when I went to weigh out….my original outfit AND MY PHONE put me .1 OVER! I had to fast all day and find a lighter outfit! My phone added a .1, and I had not been weighing myself with clothes or with my phone during those 4 weeks. 
4-Join the lower priced games! It seemed to me that others were less motivated to get their smaller amounts back!

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