How We Turned a Guest Room to a Teen Boy Room For $100!

My son turned 13 last week, and for his birthday I took him out of the room where he shared with his younger brothers (9 and 10) and turned the guest room into his own room.

Now, I didn’t really have this huge budget to do this, so my goal was to stay around $100. I was super excited about how much I was able to do with such a limit!

I took his bed, which was oak, and painted it BLACK. For some reason this made it cool because it made him feel older.  Cost of paint $6.

Then I bought a new gray comforter which was reversible to black at Walmart for $14! I wasn’t sure if there was a theme he was looking for so a basic color I figured would match anything. For now, I made him use the same sheets he already had, which he was fine with.

My husband and I went to Ikea and found some AWESOME deals!
This bookshelf was $19.99 and was already black! My son loves shoes, so he wanted a shelf to display shoes, and this shelf was cheaper than a shoe rack!


The rug that we found at Ikea was only $24.99 and covered a huge part of the floor (and he LOVED IT!)

I needed his brothers to keep the nightstands in their room, so I bought this side table-$8 at Ikea for him to set his alarm clock and glasses on! I had to buy an alarm clock too so that his brothers could keep theirs in their room.

At Ikea they have a clearance section, and I found this framed map picture on clearance for $10!! I knew he wouldn’t be super thrilled about the map, but he is ordering some kind of sports/shoe poster that will fit right in it-for $10 even just the frame was a good deal!

I also bought an over the door body mirror for $14.88 at Walmart
Alarm Clock for $5.48
Black Trash Can from Ikea $.79 (Cheaper than Dollar Tree!)
Black Window Valance from Walmart

I also spray painted a wicker basket I had black so that he could have a dirty laundry basket in his room. I didn’t realize how many things he shared with his brothers until I separated them!

My son’s bed has drawers underneath it, so we didn’t buy him a new dresser. that he has his own room, he has his whole closet to actually hang stuff up!
However, this dresser at IKEA was $39.99 and I totally recommend it! My husband and I each have one of these in our closets, and  I LOVE IT!



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