FREE From $.99 Cent Only Store With Checkout 51 App!

Ok- my new fun thing to do lately is to go to the $.99 Cent Only Store. I am finding SOO many deals I can grab without clipping a single coupon!

Then today… I got 20 items-$20 and then submitted my receipt to Checkout 51 AND GOT $20 Back!! Makes them FREE ( Nobody even likes fig newtons in my house, but when I find somebody who does they are going to  be BLESSED) I love giving good things away!


When you download the Checkout 51 App you will see the available offers. There was $1 Cashback in Honeymaid, Fig Newtons, Teddy Grahams, and Dole Frozen Fruit Small Bags-and UP TO 5 times! So of course I grabbed 5 of each!

I also scored these items too for $1 each!


I really just love going for the Lunchables! Often they have the Uploaded, or the ones with the snack and drink so for $1 its a score!

Also they had 20ct Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs-s so I grabbed 2 Sara Lee Buns!
Hilshire Farms Smokies
Cutting Board Lunchmeat Ham-and Sarah Lee Rolls for small sandwiches
MINT OREOS for $1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Figures when I stop eating them… 
Rice Krispies Treats
Oreo Dippers
Cheez-It Duoz
Avengers Sugar Cookies Dough
Plus all the items from the top! 

For the record, I have a lot of kids, and friends and we go to games and all that, so having snacks I can keep in the car really keeps  me from stopping for things that are more expensive. I make healthy breakfasts and dinners too! Plus when they are only $1-it is an easy way to buy things for other people!!



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