STOP Paying 30 Times MORE For Your Allergy Medicine!

If you spend a ton on allergy medicine this time of year-this will help you save LOTS of money

I buy my allergy medicine at COSTCO and I buy the GENERIC brand. I am not a big generic brand buyer, but these have the EXACT same ingredients as the the name brand Allergy Medicines. 

365 ct. AllerClear (Kirkland Brand) $7.99
Active Ingredient Laratadine 10 mg
THE SAME active ingredient as Claritin
=$.02 per tablet!

Claritin 30 tablets at Target is $18.99!
That is $.63 per tablet.. 31 x MORE than the generic for the SAME thing!

Costco also sells Aller-Tec 365 ct. which is their version of Zyrtec $10.99
=$.03 per tablet


The 30 ct. Zyrtec at Target is $18.99 also. Same price as Claritin.
= $.63 each!


 They have the EXACT SAME ingredients. 

So not only am I paying LESS, but I am getting WAY MORE and one bottle for $7.99 lasts all year long, and is enough for the 3 people in my house that need these DAILY.   Running out of allergy medicine when you have allergies is torture and you will run to a Walgreens and pay any price to get relief-I totally understand that, but if you can grab a bottle of these, you won’t run out AND allergy season doesn’t have to cost you a ton-this is better than any coupon deal for allergy meds.

Plus, if you were contemplating getting a Costco  membership-you can get one with the money you are saving on allergy medicine!

However, if you do want the  actual ZYRTEC, at Costco, the 65 ct Zyrtec is on sale for $30.69
=$.47 each 


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