Have a Fun Day at the Park With The Kids For $5!

Did you know you can plan a fun day at the park with the kids for just $5? You can even involve the kids in this one!

We have a Dollar store right by a nice big park in our neighborhood. I can go to the Dollar store with $5-$10 (depending on how many kids are with me that day!) and tell the kids they can pick some toys and a snack to bring with them!

Here are some items for ONLY $1 that make for a fun day at the park

  • Bubbles-they usually come on packs of 3
  • Frisbees -they are only $1, so it’s ok if it gets lost!
  • Jumpropes
  • Shovels and Pail sets-if your park or beach has a sand area
  • Balls-usually a variety of kinds
  • Kites
  • Play Doh
  • Plastic Swords
  • Chalk
  • Flying Toys
  • Crayons and Coloring Books ( I usually have 1 kids who gets “too hot” or “too bored” but everyone else still wants to stay, so I grab some things for them to do in the shade as well!

If you don’t like the idea of taking your kids to run crazy in the store, you can stop by and grab some of these items, put them in a basket and give it to the kids and say “We are going to the park”. Then if there is a kid who doesn’t always get excited about coming, this basket of goodies may change their mind!



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